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The Bull Head (ブルヘッド Buru Heddo?) is one of Birdie's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha and in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter Alpha Charge backwardForward+Punch
Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF.png+Arcade Button Punch.png



Executed by charging backward, then pressing forward and punch, Birdie slides across the stage, rearing his head, and after a certain distance, headbutting his opponent in front of him. In Street Fighter V, the input for this move is performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch. 

This move is related to the Bull Horn, but is activated differently and has three different versions. Initially, Bull Head and Bull Horn were exactly the same in appearance, but Birdie's body glows red with anger in Street Fighter Alpha 2, as well as in Street Fighter V.


The length of the attack depends on the strength of the punch button pressed:

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LPunch.png Has the fastest startup, but inflicts the least amount of damage and travels the shortest distance.
Arcade-Button-MPunch.png Inflicts more damage than the Light version and travels further across the screen, but has a slower startup.
Arcade-Button-HPunch.png Has the slowest startup, but travels almost fullscreen and inflicts more damage.
Punch Hits the opponent twice. Travels fullscreen and inflicts the most damage.

This move serves as one of Birdie's combo ender. It sends the opponent across the screen, leading to a knockdown. This allows Birdie to build up V-Gauge, as well as resetting the neutral game. Birdie can also fish for a Crush Counter with his Standing Heavy Kick if the opponent quickly recovers. However, Birdie is defenseless if the Bull Head is blocked. 



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