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The Bull Horn (ブルホーン Buru Hoon?) is one of Birdie's special attacks in the Street Fighter Alpha series and in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter Alpha Hold and release Punch or Kick
Street Fighter V Hold and release Arcade Button Punch.png or Arcade Button Kick.png



Executed by holding down either two or more punch buttons or two or more kick buttons, then releasing them, the attack sees Birdie turn away from his opponent. Depending on how long the buttons were held down, he will then shout "One!", "Two!", "Three!" or "Four!", then turn back and dash towards his opponent. When he reaches them, he will headbutt them the declared number of times.

The move is very similar to Bull Head, his other charging headbutt. The chief differences are in range (Bull Head has a much longer range and in vulnerability. Bull Head has a quick startup but long recovery if blocked, whereas Bull Horn has slow startup but comparatively brief recovery time. Due to Birdie turning away and shouting before the dash, the move is easy to see coming; nevertheless, it is still hard to counter if not stopped before the dash.

In Street Fighter V, it was changed into a leaping headbutt, executed by holding down one punch or kick button, before releasing them. If it is preformed as a EX Special by holding and releasing two or more punch of kick buttons, it deals a additional hit, launching them in the air. If Enjoy Time is active, it gains additional hits and armor. If the EX version is used, it becomes a dashing headbutt into some kind of head uppercut by arching his head.


This move is a great anti-air attack that stop the opponent's jump-in attempts. It can also be used to avoid fireballs. While it does have a slower startup compared to Bull Head, it makes the opponent think twice about jumping in, keeping the match on the ground where Birdie is very strong. If Birdie hits his opponent with the EX version of this move, he can cancel into V-Trigger, making it a solid combo extender and game changer.