The Bullfighter

The Bullfighter is a character concept that was initially drawn up for the roster of Street Fighter II. The character has earned some notoriety after appearing in YouTube videos and other video games such as Zubaz or the Baz.



The Bullfighter wears jeans, cowboy boots, spiked wristbands and a t-shirt with ripped sleeves with the word Zubaz across the front with three connecting leather straps across his torso. He also sports a full beard and wears facepaint around his eyes. Finally he carries a rope whip as his weapon of choice.


The Bullfighter is a clear homage to the professional wrestling tag team, Road Warriors due to his spiked clothing, facepaint and Zubaz being the name of the Road Warriors' clothing line. He also may be a predecessor to Vega as both characters are bullfighters.

Reemergence and Game AppearancesEdit

The Bullfighter, along several other Street Fighter II concept characters, were featured in the Machinima series Fighterpedia as hosts Woolie Madden and Matthew Kowalewski liked his design. After appearing in several more of their videos, Bullfighter, under the name the Baz made appearances in the fighting game Divekick and the retro platformer Shovel Knight.