Burning Fight is Lucia's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick


Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Lucia hops in place as her feet produces alternating bursts of flames. This V-Trigger enhances all her kick-based special moves, including her V-Skill.



This V-Trigger is 3-bars, meaning that Lucia has to sacrifice a decent amount of health in order to obtain it. When this V-Trigger is active, Lucia's offensive pressure is amplified. Instead of sacrificing Critical Meter, each of her kicked-based special attacks consumes about 1/4 of her V-Gauge. This results in flashy combos that has tremendous corner carry and high damage output.

Lucia can cancel most of her attacks into her first V-Trigger to make even her most punishable moves safe on block. She can also cancel into Burning Fight from EX Rough Chase to put her opponent in a crumple state, giving Lucia a free opportunity. From her command run, her Tornado Spinner, Cyclone Spinner, and Nubbing Needle are also enhanced, inflicting more damage and stun than the EX versions.

Her Fire Spinner becomes safe on block and has better juggling properties, allowing Lucia to follow-up with another one of her enhanced special attacks. One of of them would be her amplified Hurricane Spinner. Even though it shares similar properties as her EX version, it inflicts more damage. Her V-Skill is also enhanced. While it is still unsafe on block, hitting her opponent with Tap-Kick results in a knockdown. Additionally, she regains a small amount of V-Meter by hitting her opponent with her first or second V-Skill.

Finally, Lucia's Firecracker and Flipper Shot are significantly improved. Besides the increased damage, each version of the projectile is amplified. The Light version causes the fireball to bounce on the ground to increase its range. The Medium version travels faster toward the opponent. The Heavy version also bounces on the ground, almost making a fullscreen projectile.

If she scores a Crush Counter hit with Crouching Heavy Kick, Lucia can immediatly cancel in to Burning Fight and perform Light Flipper Shot before her opponent wakes up, making the fireball shoot over and behind them. As they recover, she keep her opponent on their heels by pressuring them with normals and pushing them closer toward the bouncing projectile. Her shimmies and throws become even more of a threat since her opponent has to respect the fireball behind them and the pressure Lucia can potentially cause.


The name "Burning Fight" is also used for SNK's 1991 arcade game of the same name, which is coincidentally a beat 'em up game much like Lucia's original home series Final Fight. It's unknown on whether or not this was an intended shout-out to said arcade game on Capcom's part.


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