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The Bushin Gram Ban is one of Old Zeku's special moves in Street Fighter V. It's one of the variants of Zeku's Bushin Gram technique.

Street Fighter V Shoryuken motion+Kick



Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing kick, Zeku quickly jumps straight up while kicking upwards. A vertical energy wave trails his foot, forming a slashing arc. A high pitched sword swing sound will play during the move.


The move functions primarily as an anti-air. Sharing similar properties to that of a Shoryuken. It is solid for catching jump-ins. This is a more reliable anti-air attack, compared to Bushin Gram - Teki. Because of its invincible properties, this move is Zeku's best wakeup reversal option. However, it is very unsafe on block. During the recovery frames of this attack, Zeku is vulnerable in a Counter Hit state.

Bushin Gram - Ban is also a solid combo ender. While it inflicts similar damage to Bushin Gram - Koku, it has a faster startup, which makes it easier for Zeku to link from most of his normals and special attacks. It also deals more stun, compared to his other Bushin Gram attacks. On hit, it leads to a knockdown and creates separation between his opponent. This allows Zeku to follow-up with a meaty Koku or use Shukumyo to safely transform into Young Zeku. Also, he can cancel this move into his Critical Art.

The strength of the kick button determines the height of the jump, damage, startup, and invincibility properties. The Light version has a slightly faster startup and is invincible to throws during the startup frames. The Medium version makes Zeku invincible to projectiles during the startup frames. The Heavy version gives Zeku upper-body invincibility throughout the startup frames, making him impervious to jump-ins and overheads. The EX version has the same startup as the Light version with full invincibility and hits multiple times, inflicting more damage.

On a side note, the move has projectile properties, thus being able to clash and nullify with moves like Akuma's Zanku Hadoken or Kage's Airbone Hadoken.