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The Bushin Gram - Koku is one of Old Zeku's special moves, introduced in Street Fighter V. It is one of the variants of Zeku's Bushin Gram technique.

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Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing a kick button, Zeku pivots and twists his body away from the opponent. He then delivers a swift, roundhouse kick; rotating a near 360° upon completing the move. During the kick, a trail of energy projecting from Zeku's foot creates a black slashing wave. A high-pitched, slashing sound of a sword plays as Zeku kicks.


Bushin Gram - Koku is Zeku's primary special move. It is very versatile and can be difficult for his opponent to deal with. This attack is mostly used to end combos. Similar to the other variants of the Bushin Gram, the move takes on different properties, depending on where the move connects. Hitting the opponent with just the slashing wave leaves them in a standing, neutral state. However, if the opponent is hit by Zeku's kick, it results in a knockdown and additional damage dealt.

Contrary to its appearance, this attack is treated like a projectile. It can be used to neutralize other fireballs. However, this move differs quite a bit from traditional projectiles like the Hadoken. Instead of traveling across the screen, the energy wave functions like very much as a sword slash, swinging in an arc and damaging the opponent in all areas of the wave. This makes Bushin Gram - Koku harder to react to and jump over once the slash arc is active. It also has the added benefit of being able to cancel an incoming projectile and hit the opponent at the same time.

Besides being a good tool for zoning, Bushin Gram - Koku is a solid option to maintain pressure. Because of the projectile's generous amount of active frames, Zeku can use this move as a meaty. This forces his opponent to respect the projectile on wake-up. Even if the projectile is blocked, Zeku is usually at a safe position where it is hard for his opponent to punish him.

The startup, recovery, damage inflicted, and range is determined by the strength of the kick button pressed.

  • The Light version has the fastest startup and recovery. However, it inflicts the least amount of damage and stun. It also has the shortest range, covering about 1/3 of the screen. While it is the least safest on block up close at -6, it is only -3 if only the projectile is blocked. The Light version can be linked from most of Zeku's normals. Even though it is mainly used to end Light-confirm combos, the Light version gives him excellent meaty setups. If Zeku scores a Counter Hit with this version, he can link into Crouching Hard Punch for an extended combo.
  • The Medium version has a longer startup and recovery, compared to the Light version. The trade-off is that it deals more damage and has a slightly longer range. It can be linked from Zeku's Medium and Heavy normals. It is -4 if the kick and/or the projectile is blocked. The Medium version's projectile covers about halfscreen, making it a safe meaty tool to use on an opponent's quick rise.
  • The Heavy version has the longest startup and recovery. Because of this, this version can only be confirmed from Heavy normals or Heavy Bushin Gram - Teki. However, it inflicts the most damage and stun out of the three versions. It also has the longest range, covering about 2/3 of the screen. This is Zeku's longest poke. Despite its long startup, he can use the Heavy version as a zoning tool to keep his opponent at a distance. While blocking the projectile leaves Zeku vulnerable, he is -2 if his opponent blocks from up close, making the this version pretty safe on ending short-range combos.
  • The EX version has the same range as the Medium version. However, it has a slightly faster startup . It also inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. Unlike the normal versions, EX Bushin Gram - Koku hits multiple times even after the wave has disappeared. At the cost of 1-bar of meter, Zeku can neutralize multi-hitting projectiles. This includes EX fireballs or even Rashid's V-Trigger. The multiple hits happen whether or not the opponent is just hit by the wave or by the kick. Regardless, the EX version leads to a knockdown on hit.

This move can be used to hit the opponent after they are launched by Bushin Gram - Teki. Usually, the corresponding intensity will connect (i.e. a Medium Koku will hit an opponent launched by a Medium Teki).



  • This move looks similar to Nash's Medium Sonic Scythe. Each performs a kick that leaves behind a trailing blade of energy. However, Zeku delivers a roundhouse kick to perform the move, while Nash delivers a spinning heel kick.
  • This attack has a very similar "slice" effect to Ibuki's Tsumuji.
  • If Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is considered, this makes Zeku the third Capcom ninja who has a "slice" effect attack.