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The Bushin Gram - Teki is one of Zeku's special moves in Street Fighter V. It is one of the variants of Zeku's Bushin Gram technique.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle backward+Kick



Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing kick, Zeku pivots and twists his body away from the opponent. He then kicks diagonally upwards using a horizontal backwards heel kick, turning a near 360° upon completing the move. During the kick, a trail of energy projecting from Zeku's foot creates a black slashing wave. A high-pitched, slashing sound of a sword plays as Zeku kicks.


Zeku slashing his opponent with Bushin Gram-Teki.

Bushin Gram - Teki is not as versatile as Koku. This attack is mostly used to extend combos. Hitting the opponent with this move puts them in a juggle state, allowing Zeku to follow-up with another attack. Similar to the other variants of the Bushin Gram, the properties of the move change depending on where the move connects. Hitting the opponent with the kick not only results in additional damage, but it also causes them to fall much slower.

As the opponent descends, Zeku has an opportunity to inflict more damage. One of his options is to use Bushin Gram - Koku with the same intensity to knock the opponent back and reset the neutral game. He can also follow-up with Shukumyo or his V-Skill to safely switch to Young Zeku and deal some good damage while doing so.

Similar to the Bushin Gram - Koku, this attack is treated like a projectile. It can be used to neutralize other arching fireballs, such as Nishikyu or Yoga Fire. Despite its appearance as a wave slashing diagonally upwards, this move is a very poor anti-air attack. Due to its slow startup and fixed angle of the wave, the opponent can easily interrupt this attack and get a full jump-in combo of their own.

The startup, recovery, damage inflicted, and range is determined by the strength of the kick button pressed. The Light version has the fastest startup. However, it inflicts the least damage and covers about 1/4 of the screen. The Heavy version inflicts the most damage and covers more than half the screen. Conversely, it has the slowest startup and recovery. Regardless of which version is used, Bushin Gram - Teki whiffs if the opponent is crouching. To ensure that this move hits the opponent, Zeku can use Crouching Heavy Punch to put them in a standing state.

The EX version has the same range as the Medium version. However, it has a slightly faster startup . It also inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. Unlike the normal versions, EX Bushin Gram - Teki hits multiple times even after the wave has disappeared. The EX version also hits, even if the opponent is crouching. It is mainly used to juggle the opponent even more for additional damage. In the corner, Zeku can get a left-right mix-up by using Bushin Jakura as the opponent quick rises.