The Bushin Sangoku Otoshi is one of Young Zeku's special moves, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle forward+Punch (During neutral/forward jump)(Near opponent in air)

Description[edit | edit source]

Zeku setting up Cammy for his Bushin Sangoku Otoshi.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch while in mid-air, Zeku grabs his opponent's wrists from behind them and pulls back on their arms to compress their shoulder blades. He then places one foot on the back of his opponent's neck as they descend straight toward the ground. Zeku drives his opponent face and stomach first into the ground. As his opponent bounces off of the ground, Zeku transitions to a cross-legged seated position. He ends the throw by sitting on top of his opponent's back to once again drive them into the ground.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Unlike his older form, Young Zeku does not have a reliable anti-air attack. Even though Light Hozanto has upper body invincibility, at has a long startup and needs to be spaced well so that it doesn't whiff. This aerial command grab serves as a decent anti-air attack. It is good for stuffing out close jump ins, resulting in a knockdown and solid damage. It also resets the neutral game where Zeku can either dash toward his opponent or use Shukumyo to safely change into his older form. While it doesn't have any sort of invincibility, it can be used to surprise the opponent due to its fast startup frames.

The strength of the punch button pressed determines the move's startup, range, and damage inflicted. Light version has the fastest startup. However, it has the shortest range and does the least damage. Conversely, the Heavy version has a longer range and inflicts more damage. While it has a slower startup than the Light version, its 6-frame startup still makes it fairly quick for his opponent to react. The EX version has the same startup as the Light version, but a longer range and higher damage output than the Heavy version.

Zeku can only use this move against an airborne opponent. He can anticipate them jumping and quickly intercept before his opponent performs an attack. An effective way to set up Bushin Sangoku Otoshi is by hitting his opponent with EX Hozanto. Not only does it launch them into the air, but Zeku can also jump cancel from the second hit, meaning that he's already in range to perform his aerial command throw.

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