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The Bushin Sho (武神掌 Bushin Shou?, Martial God Palm) is one of Young Zeku's special moves, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle forward+Punch



Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Zeku steps forward with his outmost foot and delivers a palm strike that sends his opponent. The strength of the punch button pressed determines the number of hits. The Light version hits the opponent once. The Medium version hits the opponent twice. The Heavy version hits the opponent three times.


This move is Zeku's primary combo ender. Not only does it push the opponent back, but it also results in a knockdown. Despite its long startup and short range, it is one of Zeku's best mid-range pokes. It can be used to neutralize projectiles against zoning characters. On hit, Zeku can cancel into Shukumyo to safely change to his older form. Additionally, he can cancel Bushin Sho into his Critical Art.

The strength of the punch button pressed also determines the move's startup and damage output. Higher intensities will also increase the amount of hits it does. The Light version has the fastest startup and can link from most of Zeku's normals. However, it inflicts the least amount of damage. In addition, this version is -4 on block. The Medium version has a slower startup than the Light version. However, it deals a lot more damage and is -2 on block.

The Heavy version has the longest startup. It is difficult to use this version to end combos. However, it inflicts the most damage out of the normal versions. Zeku is also +2 on block with the Heavy version. It is a solid meaty option during his opponent's wake-up. Even after blocking Heavy Bushin Sho, Zeku is spaced enough to fish for a Counter Hit with Standing Medium Punch for to beat out 3-frame normals.

The EX version has a similar startup to the Heavy version. It also deals less damage than the Medium version. However, EX Bushin Sho puts the opponent into a crumple state, turning this move into a combo extender. From there, Zeku can follow up with Hozanto to launch them in the air, allowing finish the combo with another Bushin Sho.

Just like the relationship between Old Zeku's Bushin Gram Koku and Teki, this move combos with the corresponding intensity of the Hozanto (except the Heavy version of Hozanto will only combo into the Medium or Light version of the Bushin Sho,).



  • Guy utilizes the Bushin Sho as a special move in Final Fight 3, also performed with a quarter-circle forward motion along with an attack button.