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Guy is the Street Fighter series' most recurring Bushinryu user.

Bushinryu Ninjutsu (武神流忍術, Bushin-Ryuu Ninjutsu, "Martial God-Style Ninja Techiques/Spells"), also known simply as Bushinryu, is a fictional style of ninjutsu that appears in the Final Fight series, the Street Fighter series, and Captain Commando. Guy is a notable master of Bushinryu.


"When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin."

Its origin is said to date back about 550 years ago (1440 AD).[1][2] Since the Sengoku period of Japan. They have long since fought against the forces of evil from the shadows in order to protect the natural order of the world.

However, in the modern times after the Meiji era, the world no longer needs ninjutsu. It changed into a "dance" that was far from ninjutsu, and it was conveyed in detail as if it were a traditional performing art. However, in view of this current situation, a man who wishes for the true "Bushinryu" revival appears. That's the 38th clan leader, Zeku.[1]

Like many ninja clans, the Bushinryu pass on their inner most secrets via the practice of isshi soden (一子相伝? , "passed from father to child or master to disciple in every generation"). The teachings of the clan tradition requires that any potential clan leader must first defeat the current clan leader in a fight to the death, as there can only be one grandmaster at all times. Guy succeeded his master Zeku, the 38th clan leader after defeating him, though he did not kill Zeku. Proud of his student, Zeku stepped down, and Guy was ordained as the 39th Soke of the Bushinryu Ninja Sect.

Zeku's presence in the game initially contradicts Final Fight 2, which identifies Genryusai as Guy's sensei, as the designers of the Alpha games did not take into account the SNES Final Fight sequels when developing the games. When Maki was reintroduced in Capcom vs. SNK 2, Capcom provided the explanation that Maki belongs to the original clan that formed the Bushin style, and that Genryusai was Zeku's master, who in turned trained Guy and Maki.

In Capcom's beat em' up game Captain Commando, which takes place in Metro City in the future, Ginzu the Ninja (one of Captain Commando's comrades) is also a practitioner and future successor of Bushinryu.


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Known PractitionersEdit


A shared attack between Bushinryu users (each has their own variation on the take)




  • In the Street Fighter 1995 cartoon series, the Bushinryu style is said to originate from Tibet.


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