The Bustling Side Street is a stage in Street Fighter V. The battle takes place in the middle of a Chinese city on a busy street sidewalk outside of a restaurant. It was the first stage used when the game was originally revealed. It is also the first to use special knockout zones.


The left and right edges of the stage can cause special cinematic knockouts, if the final blow is landed at the corners. On the right side, the opponent can be thrown into a double-decker bus, which drives off with them inside during the victory sequence. On the left side, they can be thrown through the door into the restaurant.

If the left side zone is triggered on a non-deciding round, the match continues within the restaurant. If the next knockout happens on the left corner when inside the restaurant, the victim is thrown into the kitchen and a bowl of noodles lands on their head. Should another round begin afterwards, the opponent starts the round with the bowl on their head, which can be knocked off during the fight.


  • The "finishing move" for the stage in which the character throws his/her opponent against the interior of a bus and ends up narrowed jammed between two seats may quite possibly be a homage towards the final scene of the fight between Billy Lo and Carl Miller[1] in the 1978 produced version of the renowned last Bruce Lee film Game of Death. The effect of opening more space and areas to fight in upon finishing blows nearest the edge of the screen is also similar to action and martial arts movies transitioning one on one duels into different sets, although arguably it is most similar to Rocky's final fight against his betrayed pupil Tommy "The Machine" Gunn in Rocky V.
  • The music for the 2nd round in both the Alpha and the Beta have differences. The Alpha had 2 versions in the game, while the beta had 3 versions for each round.[citation needed]

Gallery Edit

Off Camera SceneryEdit

  • Zoomed out view.
  • Right view of the zoomed out stage
  • Low Poly Offscreen Scenery.
  • A front view of the Stage KO bus.
  • Cracks on the street that are offscreen during normal gameplay.
  • Inside the stage ko bus.
  • Another inside view of the bus, this one shows the battle going on on the window.
  • Two spectators inside the bus.
  • View of a taxi from the Stage Ko's bus's exit door.
  • A picture that can't be seen during normal gameplay inside the bus.
  • Steps inside the bus that lead to the second floor.
  • Second Floor of the bus.
  • More Background Elements.
  • Even more scenery.
  • Side view of stage KO bus
  • Alley that ends
  • Shops in the alley
  • This is one side where the stage stops being rendered.
  • Held up traffic.
  • Food Stand
  • Entrance to the dining establishment
  • Alternate view of the Stage KO bus and battle.
  • Another food stand
  • Another Bus
  • Another end of render
  1. YouTube: Bruce Lee: Game of Death - Bruce Lee vs Carl Miller
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