C'mon Spare Tire is Abigail's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Abigail faces the opposite direction, claps, and motions his hands toward themselves while rumbling incoherent car noises. By doing so, a tire bounces from Abigail's side of the stage and rolls toward the opponent. Abigail can use his attacks to hit the tire, causing it to bounce off the ground or rocket toward the opponent.

Tactics Edit

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Abigail's Tire.

This move has a total of 76 frames. This leaves Abigail vulnerable for more than a second as the game runs at 60FPS making 60 frames one second, making it difficult to use in the neutral game. However, the tire comes out on the 30th frame. Even though the opponent can punish Abigail as he is performing this move, it doesn't mean they can stop the tire from appearing on the screen. This can lead to potential trades with the tire. Additionally, even if the opponent manages to get in close to punish Abigail, the oncoming tire can potentially interrupt their offensive pressure and force them to retreat.

Abigail's second V-Skill gives him a psuedo-projectile that allows him to attack the opponent from a distance. It can be cancelled from his EX Abigail Punch. It inflicts the same damage as his Medium Punches and has a decent amount of hitstun. This opens up new combo routes that can be linked into or from the tire. It is also very useful when the opponent is stunned. Abigail can perform some high damaging or flashy juggle combos that involve the tire.

While the tire is on the screen, Abigail can use his normal or special moves to make the projectile act accordingly. Hitting the tire with Light or Medium normals cause it to bounce the tire up. By using a plethora of attacks to juggle the tire in the air, Abigail can change the trajectory of the projectile and make it more difficult for his opponent to defend or avoid.

Hitting the tire with Crouching Heavy Punch launches the projectile into the sky and off-screen for half-a-second before coming down. Using Giant Flip also shoots the tire out of the picture. This can potentially put the opponent on their heels since they have to anticipate where and when the tire is descending from. In the amidst of the confusion, Abigail can put the pressure back on his opponent. He can keep them on their heels with strong normals, or break through their defenses with throws or his command grab.

If Abigail hits the tire with any other Heavy normal, then the slow moving projectile zooms toward the opponent. It also works with Abi Scissors or Medium Abigail Punch. Hitting the opponent with the tire accelerating towards them results in a knockdown. It also inflicts more damage and builds more V-Meter, compared to a regular tire hit. This gives Abigail a way to attack his opponent, even at a fullscreen distance.

The opponent has a few ways to avoid the tire. They can try to jump over it or hit the projectile back at Abigail. However, it has no hitbox when the tire is rolling back toward Abigail. Of course, he can hit the tire back at his opponent just as they are about to make their approach. Some characters, such as M. Bison and Nash, can use their own V-Skill to absorb the projectile. However, Abigail's tire is very unique and doesn't behave like other projectiles. For example, Balrog cannot use his V-Skill to slip around the tire. Sagat can't even use his own projectiles.

While Abigail's first V-Skill equips him a 3-frame parry that can interrupt his opponent's frame traps, his second V-Skill gives him a projectile that can potentially causes problems for his opponent. The ceiling for damage potential, setups, and mix-ups utilized from this V-Skill is very high.



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