Caine (ケイン Kein?) is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 3.



Caine is a tall man with a hunched posture, long arms, and abnormally large forearms and hands. His hair is stringy and orange (or gray/brown in promotional artwork), and he has a black horseshoe mustache. He wears a drab green baseball cap and matching uniform with ripped sleeves, as well as brown gloves, black boots, and a tool belt. He keeps his eyes covered with protective goggles and carries a large wrench that he uses as a weapon.


Since childhood, Caine had a compulsive hobby of disassembling machines and mechanisms, to where he would often sneak into the local car factory with his father's tools to dismantle and then reassemble the various parts and cars he got. To satiate his fixation, he ran away from home and stayed at a scrapyard, where he can dedicate his time for his hobby of destroying and restoring appliances and gadgets. Caine is also said to be antisocial and doesn't like to hang out with people.[1]


Final Fight 3Edit

Eventually coming to be known as "The Destroyer" for his manic habits, Caine is a mechanic hired by the Skull Cross Gang. When Haggar, Guy, Lucia, and Dean pursued the gang to a trainyard in Metro City, Caine fought them on top of a broken-down bus. However, he was defeated by them.

Fighting styleEdit

Due to his experience of handling machinery and makeshift engineering, Caine is said to have built strength to where he can easily bend steel, but has no fighting experience.[1] He has great reach with his wrench, and is fast on his feet in spite of his size. However, he has a poor depth perception, having trouble against nimble opponents.[2] He will also swing his wrench immediately after recovering from a knockdown, whether or not anyone is in front of him. If enemies get too close to him, he will grab them and bash them in the head with his wrench for major damage.


  • Depending on the path players choose to follow through Caine's stage, they may not encounter him.



Caine (FF3) Model


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