Callman (コールマン Kōruman?, "Coleman") is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 3.



Callman is a bald man with a black mustache. He is large and powerfully built, especially in his upper body. He wears a red bow tie and a white dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves and metal armbands. He also wears brown and white dress shoes and blue-gray slacks and fist guards (which appear blue in promotional artwork).


Final FightEdit

Callman is the owner and lead bouncer of an upscale pub known as Club Sims (クラブ・シムス?) in the backstreets of Metro City, where he gathers information from the city. A thorough professional, Callman rigorously keeps the place in line as both its hard working boss and head of security, being called "Mr. Callman" by his subordinates. Based on British style dining experiences, Callman designed it after his hometown, and is a popular place for its fish and chips, being deep fried white fish in peanut oil that is said to go best with dark ales. While said to be scary when angry, he is otherwise gentle and calm.[1]

When Haggar, Guy, Lucia, and Dean pursued the Skull Cross Gang into the club, Callman tried to stop them from causing a scene, but was beaten into submission by them.

Fighting styleEdit

Callman is said to train a great deal on his upper body, making him slow but powerful, though he can sometimes surprise his enemies by leaping toward or behind them. He fights with punches and a grab and kick combo, as well as a shoulder tackle that he often uses after recovering from a knockdown. His moves are damaging, but relatively easy to avoid.


  • Depending on the path players choose to follow through Callman's stage, they may encounter him on the street instead of inside the club.
  • Callman has a very similar appearance to Dudley, and may even be a precursor to the latter.



Callman (FF3) Model


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