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This is a list of quotes used by Cammy.

Street Fighter II series[]

Super Street Fighter II[]

  • "You must enjoy being beat! Let me remodel your face one more time!"
  • "Your missing teeth will remind you of my victory!"

Win Quotes (Japanese)[]

  • "If it’s an opponent about like you, I’ve already thrown down hundreds. Don’t take this lightly!"
  • "Would you like to fight once again? Even though I’ve already won and all."
  • "An ugly face.... Something to curse your inexperience for."
  • "Oh? Is it okay to be giving in so soon?"
  • "Martial artist, eh? News to me. Can’t you come up with a better way to fight?"
  • "Glory to the British Empire!!"
  • "It seems your obsession for victory isn’t quite enough. That naïveté is your weak point."
  • "Being someone who has gone through so many scenes of carnage, those kind of cheap attacks won’t reach me!"
  • "For a little bit, I thought you were someone with a spine, but I guess appearances can be deceiving...."
  • "That was a perfect warm-up exercise. I’ll take you on again."
  • "You think I’m a kid and horse around, so you’ll meet with a painful experience!"
  • "Heh heh, taking it from a young gal like me is pretty disappointing, no?"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival[]

  • "Were my killer combos too much for you, huh?!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix[]

  • "I will keep fighting until I know who I truly am."
  • "My legs are deadliest when wrapped around your neck."
  • "You were just warming up, right? I'll spar with you again."
  • "I could get this scar removed if I wanted to, but it reminds me of who I am."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers[]

  • "You surrender? I accept."
  • "Britannia rules the waves!"
  • "You lost when you took me for an easy target!"
  • "Did you sleep through your mission briefing? Now you pay the price!"
  • "You remind me of the training dummies that I used to break."
  • "Looks like I need to update your dossier... from 'fighter' to 'loser'!"
  • "Don't curse me, curse your own lack of discipline."
  • "You fighters are all the same! You refuse to accept the inevitable."
  • "Time for some seek-and-destroy practice. I'll give you a ten-second head start!"

Street Fighter: The Movie[]

  • "You came up short, but I had heard that about you."
  • "That was far too easy... Shall we try again?"
  • "Nobody can be such a bad fighter."
  • "Painful, isn’t it."
  • "Your strength is impressive, but your skills are not."

Street Fighter Alpha series[]

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold[]

  • "Data evaluated! Target exhibited zero capability. Terminating..."
  • "Fighting data retrieved successfully!"
  • "Mission complete! Standing by for the next command!"
  • "Target destroyed! Remaining in secondary combat mode!"

Rival Dialogues[]

vs. Rose[]

Rose: "I can feel it... Your confusion... Your anguish... You possess the Psycho Power. The antithesis of my Soul Power!"

Cammy: "There is nothing causing me anguish... Who are you...?"

Rose: "It doesn't matter... It's my fate to fight your boss. It's time for your eternal slumber!"

vs. M. Bison[]

Cammy: "Fighting... Winning... Everything else is secondary... I always believed that... Until now. Now I want to know who I am... and why I fight!"

Bison: "Hmph... You've exceeded our expectations. Learned beyond our capacity to control you... It's time to reset you! I have no need for a free-thinker. I only need you to obey me!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

  • "Condition green! Motor functions operating at maximum efficiency!"
  • "Data evaluated! Target exhibiting zero capability. Terminating...!"
  • "Fighting data retrieved successfully!"
  • "Life readings confirmed. Power readings are negative!"
  • "Malfunction... Malfunction... Woah!? Did I just do that!?"
  • "Minor damage... Memory error! What am I doing here...?"
  • "Mission complete! Standing by for the next command!"
  • "Target destroyed! Remaining in secondary combat mode!"

Rival Dialogues[]

vs. Dhalsim[]

Cammy: "Target in range... Master of Yoga, Dhalsim... Standing by to measure his fighting data... Commencing..."

Dhalsim: "Is she an assassin of Shadaloo? Her aura is disturbing... Her eyes... They are not human. They are just like... a machine."

Cammy: "Your words... Useless...! And now I will extract your fighting data from you!"


Cammy: "Uhh... Ohhhh... My head......."

Dhalsim: "I can see inside your mind... Is that... confusion? Or fear..?"

Cammy: "I don't want to know! Never look into my mind!!"

Dhalsim: "I heard Shadaloo has technology that can control human minds... Perhaps your suppressed mind is trying to come out...?"

Cammy: "Shut up...! Go away...! Leave me alone...!"

vs. Vega[]

Cammy: "Designation... VEGA. You are disgusting."

Vega: "Heh heh... Just like a doll, yet so beautiful when in agony. I was ordered to bring back the guinea pig..."

Cammy: "Guinea pig? I am an assassin of Shadaloo...!"

Vega: "Heh heh heh...! He doesn't need you anymore..."

Cammy: "What do you mean?"

Vega: "Resisting? Okay, let's see what the doll's blood looks like!"

Cammy: Stay where you are... I don't want to have to harm you!


Vega: "I underestimated you. It's a shame you'll be destroyed... You'll be terminated by the hit squad of Shadaloo..."

Cammy: "No! That can't be! You lie!"

Vega: "Heh heh heh... You will soon see the truth..".

Cammy: "I am to be terminated...? Why.....?!"

vs. Juli and Juni[]

Bison: "I didn't expect you to return, Cammy...!"

Cammy: "Master Bison!! Why me...?!"

Bison: "Answer this question first... Why didn't you finish Vega?"

Cammy: "B... Because..."

Bison: "You have become a conscious of yourself! You are useless to me! I'll leave these two dolls to eliminate you!!"

vs. M. Bison[]

Bison: "Impressive! Most impressive!! But it's just too annoying to see a mere copy of myself."

Cammy: "A copy? Am I... A copy... of Master Bison...?!"

Bison: "That's right. We have the same DNA. You're only a copy of me."

Cammy: "!!"

Bison: "But, you are a worthless defect! And now I will break you!"

X-Men vs. Street Fighter[]

Win Quotes[]

  • "Bison and I will laugh about this tonight..."
  • "Don't mess with me. I have Shadaloo on my side!"
  • "I am the strongest bodyguard in the world!"
  • "I have my instructions. Don't try to confuse me!"
  • "I'm young, but you're pathetic!"
  • "I've learned a lot from this. What about you?"
  • "Now that we've won, bow down to my master!"
  • "The plan will be executed soon..."
  • "Lord Bison must be protected!"

Capcom vs. SNK series[]

Capcom vs. SNK[]

Win Quotes[]

  • "Obedience leads to a stable victory..."
  • "Threats have no effect. I have no fear of death..."
  • "It is waste of my time to have to fight scum like you..."
  • "I'll finish the opponent in the shortest way possible!"
  • "Sympathy? Sympathy is for the weak..."
  • "Don't get so serious because you have no chance to win."
  • "Time's up! Retreat!"
  • "I didn't even try and you still failed."


  • "Assignment complete... Status normal."

Capcom vs. SNK 2[]

Before Finals[]


Win Quotes[]

  • "I didn't even try and you still failed. This should be your clue to stop trying!"
  • "I will finish the opponent in the shortest way possible!"
  • "Sympathy? Sympathy is for the weak..."
  • "Obedience leads to a stable victory..."
  • "It is waste of my time to have to fight scum like you..."
  • "Why do you get so serious when you have no chance to win?"
  • "Time's up! Retreat!"
  • "Threats have no effect on me. I have no fear of death..."

Street Fighter IV series[]

Street Fighter IV[]


  • "Target acquired... Beginning mission!"

Personal Action[]

  • "Is that all you can do?"
  • "Come on!"
  • "I'll let you have it!"
  • "Weak!"
  • "How banal."
  • "Not much of a workout."
  • "How disappointing."
  • "Exterminate!"
  • "I knew you were weak."
  • "How dreadful."

Round Win Quotes[]

  • "Finished already, are you?"
  • "I have my hopes for you."
  • "Don't underestimate me."
  • "Mission complete!"


  • "Nooo!!"


(The scene begins with Cammy and Hanna Ackerson in the park. Cammy is squatting down, petting a cat. The cat is then spooked and runs away when Colonel Wolfman appears.)

Colonel: "Sorry to bother you on your day off but I have a mission for you.

(Cuts to the next scene of a white van speeding down the road.)

Colonel: "Alright then. Do you recognize this?"

(Cammy looking at the photograph)

Cammy: "Of course...These are the bodies of fighters who were killed during experiments for the BLECE project."

(Colonel Wolfman hands another photograph to Cammy)

Colonel: "And this photo is from India...Here, you can see an S.I.N dam construction site. Take a look at their lapels. Anything look familiar to you?"

(Cammy's pupils dilate in shock)

Cammy: "God...Shadaloo..."

(Colonel Wolfman hands a folded flier to Cammy)

Colonel: "It gets worse. These flyers are popping up all over the world."

(She reads the flier as the camera tilts up and zoom out, catching Cammy's body.)

Cammy: "An international fighting tournament?"

Colonel: "This investigation will be quite dangerous. They'll be ready for you this time."

(Cammy chuckles)

Cammy: "Just leave it to me."

Rival Dialogue[]

(The scene begins with Cammy performing a full twist layout before landing in the middle of Run-down Back Alley. As she stands up, she senses someone approaching behinds her. Cammy turns around and spots C. Viper.)

Cammy: "Who are you?"

C. Viper: "Who wants to know?"

(C. Viper steps forward and extends her arm out towards Cammy. However, Cammy slaps C. Vipers hand out of the way)

Cammy: "Funny, Chun-Li told me someone was getting in her way."

C. Viper: "Is that so?"

(Figuring that C. Viper could jeopardize her mission, Cammy drops in her stance.)

Cammy: "Out of my way!"

  • First Attack (Cammy): "What organization do you work for?"
  • First Attack (C.Viper): "How about that instead of a handshake?"
  • "Playing soldier there, cutie?" (C. Viper)
  • "Get in my way and pay the price!" (Cammy)
  • "Too slow!" (Cammy)
  • "Out of fuel?" (Cammy)
  • "Time for drastic measures!" (C. Viper)
  • "Done for now?" (Cammy, when C. Viper is stunned)
  • Super Combo Finish (Cammy): "Suspect in custody!"
  • Ultra Activation (Cammy): "It's over!"
  • Ultra Combo Finish (Cammy): "Well then, up for a little interrogation?"


(The scene begins with Cammy gazing at a computer screen in a dark laboratory)

Cammy: "Boiling Liquid Expanding Cell Explosion... BLECE... Wait. Is this the same Psycho Power that Bison used to brainwash me?"

(A dialogue box appears on the screen stating, This document is the first class confidential. A class validation code is necessary to delete it. Do you delete it? with the options as Accept or Deny)

Cammy: "If this research continues, it could be used to do to others what was done to me."

(Cammy is about to push the 'Enter' button on the keyboard, when C. Viper appears, point a gun toward the back of Cammy's head.)

C. Viper: "There you go, kid. Nice and easy. Get your fingers away from that key."

(Cammy instead pushes the 'Enter' button, destroying the entire BLECE data. C. Viper is stunned, giving Cammy an opportunity to deliver a backhanded fist to C. Viper. She steps out of the way to avoid the hit.)

C. Viper: "What's done is done. It's over. Years of investigation down the drain..."

(C. Viper shrugs and walks away. The scene fades out and in to a hillside, outside the laboratory engulfed in flames. Cammy watches along with Delta Red.)

Cammy: "Colonel... I'm afraid I disobeyed orders. I destroyed the BLECE data, sir."

Colonel: "I was monitoring your every move from here. Well done!"

Win Quotes[]

Versus Mode[]

  • "Did you take me for an amateur? I guess you paid for that mistake."
  • "How does it feel getting beaten up by a pretty little girl like me?"
  • "You can't escape my sting!"
  • "I didn't even break a sweat."
  • "You're far too slow to take me on."
  • "If all the fights are this easy, I'm gonna get bored real quick..."
  • "Mission accomplished! I'd better inform the colonel..."
  • "I could have this scar removed if I wanted, but it reminds me of who I am."
  • "How dreadfully dull."
  • "I may fight alone, but I can always call for backup. I simply can't be beat!"
  • "Size isn't everything."

Arcade Mode[]

  • "You're trying to recover your memories? I understand where you're coming from..."
  • "Are you always that loud? Don't people complain?"
  • "Don't feel bad. The military specializes in fighting. Cops can't help but lose."
  • "Do people in Hong Kong actually find you entertaining? I can't stand you!"
  • "Your stretchy limbs freaked me out at first, but I guess I'm used to them now."
  • "You do realize you're a horrible chef, right? Do the world a favor and give up!"
  • "To hear you boast, I would have thought you would have been more of a challenge."
  • "I can't let a dangerous man like you just walk away. You're under arrest!"
  • "Is it true that the US military doesn't let you take breaks for tea time?"
  • "Lord Bison!? Er, I mean... Bison! My mission is to take you out!"
  • "I am bound by neither my past nor my future!"
  • "Phew... I had to use all my strength to beat you!"
  • "Hmm... What a strange feeling. That was quite enjoyable! Thank you!"
  • "Stay away from me! I can't stand being covered in sweat!"

Super Street Fighter IV []


(The scene begins with a fade in of Cammy in her trench coat, squatting down next to her suitcase as she plays with a cat.)

Cammy: "I won't be able to see you for a while, I'm afraid. Take good care of yourself, now. Do try to stay out of trouble."

(Fades to the next scene of Cammy standing next to Juni, who is laying in a hospital, still in a coma.)

Cammy: "Shadaloo... S.I.N.... They trample on human beings like so much dirt beneath their boots. And now they announce a tournament to assemble the world's greatest fighters?"

(Fades to the last scene. The camera zooms out, showing Cammy running towards a Shadaloo Cruise ship.)

Cammy: "Make no mistake - This time I'll flush you from your hiding places and destroy you! And, Juri... I hope you're prepared to feel my hands around your neck! I haven't forgotten about the sisters of mine you've hurt!"

Rival Dialogue[]

(The scene begins with a fade in of Juri walking across the Snowy Rail Yard. She is suddenly approached by Cammy.)

Juri: "Hey there, kitten. Looking for someone?"

Cammy: "Juri... You'll pay for what you did to my sisters! Let's end this!"

(Cammy drops in her stance, ready to fight. Juri chuckles and paces back and forward, reminding Cammy of her sins.)

Juri: "Hah! I think you're the only one who's gonna be paying for her sins here. Or did you think you could use your brainwashing to avoid responsibility for what you've done?"

(Not wanting her past interfere with her duty, Cammy is determined to fight as Juri also gets in her stance.)

First Attack (Cammy): "I'll make you pay!"

First Attack (Juri): "You don't need to do this..."

"It's no use against me!" (Cammy)

"Too skilled for you, am I?" (Cammy)

"It's my turn." (Cammy)

"I'm ready!" (Cammy)

"Ready to run away?" (Juri)

"This is gonna feel good!" (Juri)

Normal Finish (Cammy): "So it's just a fluke that you seemed so strong before..."

Super Combo Finish (Cammy): "Don't expect any sympathy!"

Ultra Combo Activation (Cammy): "This is for my sisters!"

Ultra Combo Finish (Cammy): "You can wallow in the guilt of your sins!"

Ultra Combo Activation (Juri): "You don't need to do this..."

Ultra Combo Finish (Juri): "Go join your friends in hell!"


(The scene begins with a fade in of Juni with her eyes closed. A 'meow' awakens her from her coma, only to see a cat very close to her. Juni flinches as Cammy removes the cat off of her.)

Cammy: "Naughty kitty!"

(Cammy leans in to check on Juni. Juni gazes at Cammy with confusion.)

Cammy: "How's our patient doing? Any pain or discomfort?"

Juni: "Where... Where am I?"

Cammy: "Don't worry. Amnesia can be alarming - trust me, I know. But I'm here for you."

Juni: "It's you!"

Cammy: "Yes, that's right. I'm here to help you."

(Cammy finally smiles and holds the cat up in front of her.)

Cammy: "Actually... We'll both be watching over you!"

(Cammy and Juni smile share warm moment as the scene fades to black.)

Win Quotes[]

Versus Mode[]

  • "Mission accomplished!"
  • "How does it feel getting beaten by a tiny girl like me?"
  • "Size and strength are no use if you can't hit me."
  • "I'm thinking about adopting a cat when I get home."
  • "Off to find my next target!"
  • "Fighting amateurs like you is a waste of my precious time."
  • "How dreadfully dull!"
  • "You won't get anywhere until you learn a thing or two about fighting."
  • "A rematch? Maybe some other time when I don't have a mission to worry about."
  • "My friends are not my weakness, but my strength!"
  • "I've no time to waste teaching amateurs to fight."

Arcade Mode[]

  • "My commander always says to forget the past and live in the now."
  • "I thought you would be weak, but not as weak as that!"
  • "Am I supposed to be impressed? Get back to your cell, lowlife!"
  • "One of my mates is a fan of yours. Do you have time for an autograph?"
  • "You can't expect to surprise a Delta Red agent with moves like that."
  • "Street fighting is not a sport. I'm not obligated to follow your rules."
  • "Your moves weren't as eccentric as I'd presumed based on your looks."
  • "I'd rather go hungry than eat that slop!"
  • "I don't have time to waste on amateurs!"
  • "What kind of monster makes a living as an assassin? Your career is over!"
  • "I'll take it from here. You should help Chun-Li with her investigation."
  • "Your intentions are none of my concern. My mission takes priority!"
  • "Get away from me, you filthy man! Don't touch me with those oily hands!"
  • "Now you're gonna pay for every sin you've ever committed!"
  • "Still want to treat me like a child?"
  • "I'm not your doll any longer, Bison! I'll make you pay for what you've done!"
  • "How did an amateur like you manage to get into the tournament? Are you lost?"
  • "I don't fight alone. And I won't allow my destiny to be decided for me!"
  • "You've inspired me to better myself, Ryu. I want to walk your path."
  • "I can see why they call you the king."
  • "Ha! Looks like I won this time, Sakura!"
  • "Your goal is admirable, but you'll need to be stronger if you want to succeed."
  • "Novices like you cannot hope to keep up with me."
  • "You're not half as fast as you think you are."
  • "Sorry about that. When you get that close I can't resist the urge to kick."

Ultra Street Fighter IV[]

  • "Open your eyes, Decapre! Get a hold of yourself!"
  • "I'm not much for dancing, but I'll consider your offer of friendship."
  • "Only amateurs try to win a fight with strength alone. Pros rely on technique."
  • "No need for Delta Red bother ourselves with the likes of you."

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Character Select[]

  • "Let's begin."
  • "Mission Accepted!"

Arcade Mode[]


Narrator: "Cammy, the former brainwashed Shadaloo agent, now-turned Delta Red officer within MI-6,has discovered that Shadaloo has started to search for a mysterious box known as Pandora. However, due to her affiliation with the British secret service, she has been unable to act on any of the information she has acquired. Then one day, she receives a phone call."

Chun-Li: "Hello Cammy? It's Chun-Li..."

Narrator: "Just like Cammy, Interpol agent Chun-Li has also been keeping tabs on Shadaloo, and has sought her help. Chun-Li has learned that both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu are attempting to secure the box for their own purposes. Chun-Li has contacted Cammy in the hopes that they can work together in order to stop the two organizations from harming any more people."

Chun-Li: "We can't let them get their hands on the Pandora!"

Cammy: "Guess we better get to work then!"

Round 1[]

Chun-Li: "Looks like we need to start our investigation by looking into the Mishima Zaibatsu."

Cammy: "It seems as though they do things quite differently than Shadaloo."

Chun-Li: "Yeah, all their operations are out in the open. That'll give us plenty of opportunities."

Cammy: "In that case, let's split up the investigation."

Round 2[]

Chun-Li: "Thanks for the backup, Cammy. Fighting together is kind of nice."

Cammy: "It lets us take down these scum as quickly as possible."

Chun-Li: "Next time though, would you mind coming out a little faster after I tag you in?"

Cammy: "Understood."

Round 3[]

Chun-Li: "It's not like these battles are difficult or anything, but they sure do take up a lot of time."

Cammy: "And while we're wasting time here, both the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shadaloo have been on the move..."

Chun-Li: "Cammy, I understand how you feel, but maybe you should relax a little."

Cammy: "... You're right. Sorry, Chun-Li."

Round 4[]

Cammy: "I just received word from one of my mates that Jin Kazama in somewhere in the Antarctic."

Chun-Li: "The head of the Mishima Zaibatsu is personally involved? If this is true..."

Cammy: "Yes, we should be able to settle things with them once and for all."

Chun-Li: "We should also look into what Shadaoloo has been up to as soon as possible."

Round 5[]

Chun-Li: "Shadaloo's VTOL has been spotted in the Antarctic."

Cammy: "Well that's no surprise."

Chun-Li: "So everyone who is going after Pandora has gathered at the same location..."

Cammy: "Well, this is a chance for us to put a stop to their plans!"

Rival Cutscene[]

Chun-Li: "Hold it a second... What are the two of you doing here?"

Asuka: "Uh... Well..."

Lili: "What we're doing here doesn't concern you. Now take your leave!"

Asuka: "Ah! You just... Woah!"

Chun-Li: "Sorry little girl, I'm not "taking my leave" anywhere."

Lili: "So you intend to stand in our way?"

(Lili throws a spinning kick towards the two, but Cammy blocks the kick with her own. Cammy uses her leg to push Lili's leg out of the way, causing her to stumble to the ground in front of Asuka.)

Asuka: "Lili!"

Cammy: "Run on home to mommy, children."

Chun-Li: "Cammy! Calm down..."

Cammy: "Time's short, so let's get on with it."

Chun-Li: "Yeah, right... But why do I feel like we're the bad guys in this situation?"

Post Rival Battle[]

Chun-Li: "Those kids were pretty strong. I guess the new generation is already fighting for the future."

Cammy: "As long as they don't get in my way, I don't care. More importantly, we've lost time. Let's hurry!"

Chun-Li: "Right, we're almost there. Look sharp Cammy!"

Cammy: "Roger!"

vs. Jin Kazama & Ling Xiaoyu[]

Cammy: "To be able to continually use that power..."

Chun-Li: "They were pretty close to Pandora... So they were probably under its direct influence."

Cammy: "Its direct influence... Just what the hell is it?"

Chun-Li: "I have no idea. At any rate, let's keep going."

vs. Ogre[]

Cammy: "It's over. ...Right?"

Chun-Li: "I think so... I can't believe how strong that thing was."

Cammy: "I've never before faced a power such as that."

Chun-Li: "It must have also come here in search of Pandora..."


Cammy: "We've secured Pandora, and it's safe from enemy hands. This light... is this the secret that the box protected?"

Chun-Li: "Yes, I think the energy from the fight we just had, unlocked the box."

Cammy: "Seems to check out. All the readings indicate that this energy is harmless. There's something about all this I don't like, Chun-Li. What if the light's dangerous? Imagine what could happen to the world..."

Chun-Li: "Don't worry. Look at us. We were standing right next to the box, and nothing happened to us. And hey, if we do discover that someone was affected by it, we'll find a way to fix it. I promise."

Cammy: "Of course we will..."

Narrator: "The light from Pandora spread out from the Antarctic and had engulfed the entire globe. The light was seen by people across the entire world. It traversed the night sky before vanishing in a violent torrent. But instead of panic, many people simply viewed it as a natural and beautiful phenomenon, that lasted but a single night.

Unfortunately, as Chun-Li and Cammy had feared, there were people who were affected by the power of Pandora. As they began to appear, Chun-Li took action. Calling upon the help of skilled fighters from all over the world, she begins a new mission - to help out those who have been charmed by Pandora."


  • "Standby all clear!"
  • "Of course!" (when paired with Chun-Li)


  • "Exterminate!"

Pandora Mode[]

  • "My power's increasing!"

Pandora Sacrifice[]

  • "Why am I..."


  • "Mission Complete!"
  • "Well you're nothing special."


  • "Nooo!!"
  • "This will never stop me...!" (Chip KO)

Win Quotes (character-specific)[]

Street Fighter[]

  • "I like cats better than dogs. They're less persistent and far cuter."
  • "I'm a bit lacking in power... When I return, I should work on increasing my strength."
    • (Versus mode) "What an intense fight. I'll use everything I learned here in my next battle."
  • "Of I course I won. Your movements were simply just too predictable."
  • "Working together made it easy for me to study up on your moves. Sorry Chun-Li, but this fight is mine."
  • "Faith isn't enough to secure victory. You have to have your feet grounded in reality."
  • "There's no such thing as rules in a fight. The only thing that matters is victory and defeat."
  • "Friends... That's a nice, warm feeling."
  • "It's rare for you to make a mistake while fighting. Are you okay?"
  • "I thought American accents were already difficult, but I have no idea what you're saying."
  • "No matter how much confidence you have in your strength, you'll never land one at that speed."
  • "If this is the best you've got, your army must be pretty pathetic as well."
  • "You may hit harder than me, but I win in the speed department."
  • "So this is the power of the king... This has been a valuable learning experience."
  • "Always happy to accept a challenge from you. Shall we fight again someday?"


  • "You shouldn't worry. It's only natural for our fighting abilities to decrease as we age."
  • "A machine that moves according to its data is far too easy to read."
  • "Freeze. I'm taking you in."
  • "Your evil deeds have come to an end. Mission complete."
  • "...Do you also like cats?"
  • "Bears... are also kind of cute."
  • "Battle suits should be minimalist, functional. Your outfit is better geared towards the theatre."
  • "Your attacks are commendable, but your follow-ups leave much to be desired."
  • "You are completely ignorant of the world. I cannot even imagine your upbringing."
  • "I was expecting more from you. I hope you didn't underestimate me, grandma. I just look young."
  • "I overestimated you. I shouldn't judge strength based on looks alone."
  • "Stick to making claims closer to your actual abilities."
  • "All I need to do is be careful of your punches upon impact. Everything else was just show."
  • "Kids' playtime is over. Go home."
  • "Letting opponents like this slow me down... Delta Red will declare me unfit for operations."


  • "A little knowledge of physics is all I need to overcome your electric currents."
  • "! Huh? ...Bison!!"
  • "I’ve never seen a weapon like that before. What unit are you attached to?"

Street Fighter V[]

Character Selection[]

  • "I'll be on guard!"


  • "I will fight." (Reveal Trailer)
  • "I fight for those I want to protect!" (Demo)
  • "For those who I wish to protect... I will fight you!"
  • "Commence conditioning." (Training Mode)
  • "My mission is to..." (Training Mode)
  • "I can't escape from my past." (Character Story Mode)
  • "I will protect them, no matter what!" (Character Story Mode)
  • "If you interfere, then no mercy." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Beginning mission." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "Don't underestimate me!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Eliminate all obstacles!" (Extreme Survival Mode)
  • "I'll perform my duty!" (Character Voice Language)


  • "I'll make a move if you won't."


  • "Take this!" (Forward)
  • "Easy!" (Throw Escape)
  • "No." (Throw Miss)

Spiral Arrow[]

  • "Hit through!" (EX)

Cannon Spike[]

  • "Get down!" (EX)

Cannon Strike[]

  • "Attack!" (EX)

Hooligan Combination[]

  • "Allons-y"
  • "Lock on!" (EX)

V-Skill II[]

  • "Spinning!"
  • "Spinning Axe!"

V-Trigger I[]

  • "Shifting of gear!"

V-Trigger II []

  • "Take off!" (Delta Ambush)
  • "Now it's my turn!" (Delta Step)


  • "Where are you looking?"


  • "Shallow!"

V-Shift Break[]

  • "An open book!"

Critical Art activation[]

  • "Operation Start! Acceleration! Finish!"

Back Rise[]

  • "Weak!"


  • "Noooo!!!"
  • "Nng... Ugh..." (chip KO)

Win Quotes []

Round Win[]

  • "Mission Complete!"
  • "*sighs* Not yet..." (low health)

Versus Mode (Generic)[]

  • "That was a close match. You're not too bad."'
  • "I cannot afford to lose... Not until I rescue my sisters."
  • "Target has been silenced. On to the next mission."
  • "That feeling again... Is there nearby?"
  • "Nothing stands in the way of my mission."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific)[]

  • "Your crude moves won't work on a trained professional."
  • "I have a mission, and until I complete it, carefree days can wait!"
  • "I hope I never end up like you!"
  • "Your precision is amateurish at best. I could fight you a hundred times and not lose."
  • "Too slow! Did you think you could catch me?"
  • "Are you some sort of wild animal? You look like a giant cat..."
  • "You value size, and yet you lost."
  • "I've caught you! There's no escape . Now tell me where my sisters are!"
  • "Those Shadaloo bastards have gone too far..."
  • "Your counters versus my mobility... This time victory is mine."
  • "You were unlucky to have me as an opponent. I will not be beaten when it comes to speed."
  • "Consider us even now. Never come near my sisters again."
  • "I don't care who you are, I feel no fear."
  • "You might be an assassin, but you're nothing more than an amateur compared to me.
  • "In a fight, observation is more important than your moveset."
  • "A military man like yorself should know when you're outranked."
  • "I'll decide my own future. And I don't care what you have to say about it."
  • "I've heard about you. You're coming with me."
  • "A beast indeed. Fighting without reason. Just pure, raw power."
  • "What's that you have there? A cat? Oh, it's a turtle. Shame."
  • "Rashid of the Turbulent Wind? That's...different."
  • "I know the fight ahead. My future can start once it's done."
  • "Fighting is my job. I don't look to it for meaning. Not then or now."
  • "I gained a lot from this fight. I have to rethink how I train." (Beta Version)
  • "Thanks for the fight. I guess not all battles have to be so serious."
  • "I empathize with any victim of Bison. But if you stand in my way, I will eliminate you."
  • "I've never felt such power before... Just who is this guy?"
  • "Shut your mouth. I'm not here to listen to your drivel."
  • "Your power is formidable, but you need more than that to beat me."
  • "Ninjutsu is tricky, but it's nothing I can't handle."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific w/ Cannon Spike Costume)[]

  • "You haven't seen a cat around here, have you?"
  • "Last time I wore this, we were on the same side..."
  • "Shame you chose to deal in poisons instead of cures."
  • "This outfit saw me through a storm of bullets... It was quite the battlefield."
  • "You think you're faster than me? In these boots? Not a chance."
  • "This outfit? Oh, lets just say I'm geared up for a special mission."
  • "What's wrong? Not going to fly at me with your claws?"

Character Story Mode[]


(flashback of Cammy avoiding an attack from Decapre)

Cammy: "Please stop! Decapre!"

Decapre: "I hate your lying face! Hate you, hate you, hate you! Iiyaaaah!"

(back to present)

Cammy: (thinking) "So many people...I've hurt in the past. A person like me...probably doesn't deserve the right... to be a protector of others... (phone rings) But I..."

Cammy: "Yes. ...Shadaloo is on the move? Yes, right away."

Cammy: (thinking) "But I must... I must try..."

Stage 1: Apprentice Alley[]

Fight 1: Birdie[]

Post-Fight Interaction

Birdie: "Uh, I remember now! A doll, you was the one in the mask!"

Cammy: "Hugh!"

Birdie: "But you... I thought... you were... in for recalibrating."

Cammy: "Recalibrating... what the?"

(security enters)

Birdie: "Mmmh, they're already here?!"

Cammy: "Hey! Stop!"

Stage 2: Shadaloo Base, Rooftop[]

Fight 2: F.A.N.G[]

(Cammy dodges F.A.N.G's attack)

F.A.N.G: "Hoah!"

Cammy: "Ugh!"

F.A.N.G: "Nyahahaha! You've just made the worst mistake of your life. You're the... defector... humph! A broken doll who's defied Bison's will... doesn't deserve to live!"

Pre-Fight Interaction

F.A.N.G: "I, the great F.A.N.G will see you personally terminated!"

Cammy: "That so. Are you Shadaloo's new best lackey?"

Post-Fight Interaction

Cammy: "Where is she! Decapre? No, where are all the Dolls?"

F.A.N.G: "Niiihehehehehehe! This is more than hilarious! You're trying to save those dolls? They're not yours to save. Even if you saved them, their minds would be overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and torment, just like you KILLER BEE."

Cammy: "I'm not a..."

F.A.N.G: "And that's the game!"

(alarm goes off, summoning Shadaloo guards)

Cammy: "Kyeha!"

F.A.N.G: "The Dolls are to serve an integral part of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S.! If you try to interfere, I'll show you no mercy."

Cammy: "Kyeha!"

Stage 3: Union Station[]

Fight 3: Vega[]

Juni: "Cammy!"

Cammy: "Juni, you got permission to go out?"

Juni: "They said it was okay. There was something I needed. I did some research. And each one seems to drink water at different temperatures. And! The amount of food that I should give them depends on their age and weight."

Cammy: "Oh, you're talking about cats."

Juni: "It's so much to learn about them. I feel like my world's getting bigger."

Cammy: "Hugh..."

Juni: "Cammy, you all right? Did something happen to you?"

Cammy: "Juni, can I ask... are you happy?"

Juni: "What?"

(Shadaloo guards enter)

Juni: "Shadaloo...! Why are they here?"

Cammy: "Stay here!"

(Vega attacks Cammy)

Vega: "Hu!"

Juni: "Cammy!"

(As Cammy glances at Juni, she sees a faint image of Decapre, reminding her of her past sins)

Cammy: "Not anymore! I'll never let any of you be used again!"

Pre-Fight Interaction

Cammy: "I'll save... them all!"


Cammy: "Teah!"

Vega: "I don't think you comprehend... The danger of the path you've chosen."

Cammy: "What?"

Vega: "Hahaha... You'll learn when the time comes."

(Vega leaves)

Juni: "... Did you get hurt?"

Cammy: "I'm all right."

Juni: "Thank goodness. I'm so glad. Has Shadaloo... gone on the attack?"

Cammy: "Operation C.H.A.I.N.S." that he mentioned. It seems to be in effect. I'm afraid that you may be in danger again. Stay safe and wait here."

Juni: "Cammy..."

Cammy: "I'll stop Shadaloo's plan, and rescue them. I swear, I'll make sure to save them... all of them. Trust me. However... I wonder if they actually may not want to be saved. No choice... I must face my past dead on... I have to save you all... no turning back."

Juni: "I'm not sure... if I'm happy now or not... it's hard to know. But now... the time I am spending with you... helps me learn how to enjoy this new life. Please don't let it worry you. I'm happy that you saved me and I know you can save them as well."

Cammy: "Juni... Thank you."

Juni: "Uh, haha, that's something I should say."

(Cammy makes her leave)

Juni: "Please come back."

Cammy: "I promise."

(Meanwhile, Juri stalks the two women)

Juri: Ahah! Looks like things are getting interesting.


Street Fighter II[]

  • "Cammy learns the shocking truth of her past evil deeds. But now, she has a place to call home, and a family."

Street Fighter Alpha[]

  • "Killer Bee, a member of Bison's elite artificially-created bodyguard unit, the Dolls. Somewhere deep within, her true self has been buried..."

Street Fighter IV[]

  • "Brainwashed into becoming assassins... And the terrible memories that surface as a result, Cammy vows to never let her sisters suffer again."

Street Fighter V[]

  • "After returning from another mission, she finds her friends waiting to give her a warm welcome. Slowly, her hardened exterior begins to soften."

A Shadow Falls[]

  • "I think not!"
  • "Let's go, Guile!"
  • "Yes. I've followed them since the Black Moons appeared. Shadaloo is involved with the destruction of New York."
  • "Chun-Li, you completely lost your head in that fight."

Street Fighter: The Animated Series[]

  • "Sorry I'm late Colonel! Had a few things to pick up: horrible transponder, electromagnetic field detector... scandalously small bikini. You've never seen me in a bikini, have you Colonel? I brought some suntan lotion too. And you have such nicely strong hands." (Episode 5)
  • "A person can't live in the past, Colonel. The past is filled with pain." (Episode 15)