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"You must enjoy being beat. Let me remodel your face one more time."
—Cammy (Super Street Fighter II)

"Target acquired... Beginning mission!
(ターゲット捕捉… 任務開始! Tāgetto hosoku... Ninmu kaishi!?)
—Cammy (Street Fighter IV series)

"Standby all clear!"
—Cammy (Street Fighter × Tekken)

"For those who I wish to protect... I will fight you!
(守るべきもののために、 わたしは戦う! Mamorubekimono no tame ni, watashi wa tatakau!?)
—Cammy (Street Fighter V)

"Beginning operation!
(作戦 開始! Sakusen kaishi!?)
—Cammy (Street Fighter 6)

Cammy White (キャミィ・ホワイト Kyamī Howaito?), also known by the codename Killer Bee (キラービー Kirā Bī?)[11], is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter II. The second female fighter in the series, she was at one time a deadly clone assassin that was working for Shadaloo before breaking free and becoming an MI6 operative for the British government.



Wounded Man & Appleseed

Misty from Wounded Man (left) and the arm protectors used in Appleseed (right).

When creating Cammy, Akiman wanted her to contrast Chun-Li.[12] He modelled Cammy after the pigtail assassin Misty who appears in Wounded Man. Her arm protectors are based on the ones used in Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed.[13]


Cammy has light-blue eyes and long blonde hair that she styles into two braided pigtails, a large forelock, and a scar on her left cheek. She has a muscular body with a very fit physique and is of slightly below average height; Cammy's choice of clothing attire is a leotard as it gives her higher speed, mobility, and flexibility.

In Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Cammy wears her signature outfit: a turtleneck, sleeveless, green thong leotard that consists of a Delta Red triangle insignia on either the right or left breast (some promo art has it on the right while other instances, including her endings in SSFII, have it on the left), a red beret, red socks and black calf-high combat boots, and red gauntlets. Her legs were decorated with marks of green camouflage paint. This classic incarnation is known as "Delta Red Cammy." One of the earlier drafts of Cammy's character design has her wearing harnesses and a gun holster, details which were eventually incorporated into her Street Fighter V default design.

In Cannon Spike, Cammy wears an outfit similar to her SSFII incarnation, except she has knee pads and inline skates, as well as two sub-machine guns. In her right hand, she holds a standard Uzi sub-machine gun, and in her left, a Skorpion vz. 61. Both guns are depicted as comically larger in size compared to their real counterparts.

Alpha 01

Cammy in her Alpha costume.


Cammy's modern appearance.

In X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, and every subsequent game in which she appeared in her "Killer Bee" or "Shadaloo" persona, Cammy wore her light blue thong leotard that had a small yellow tie attached to the front of her turtleneck, a small blue garrison cap, knee-high brown boots, and red gauntlets similar to her classic incarnation. The leotard also had an opening in the upper back portion to reveal her upper back, just below her shoulder blades. Her legs were lightly adorned with a blue lightning bolt design. This outfit is a lighter version of the Shadaloo Doll uniform and swaps the standard tights for the bare-legged, lightning bolt design. This outfit is often referred to as her Alpha costume or Killer Bee outfit. She regains this costume in Season 5 of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Shadaloo Cammy's pre-fight intro has her wearing an oversized red cloak (the same seen in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie), which she quickly discards, revealing her previously hidden identity.

In the anime series Street Fighter II V, Cammy's hair is styled in a high ponytail instead of her braided pigtails (though she is seen in her style in a photograph in episode 17). She wears a black leather tank top, matching black leather tights, and a choker decorated with a crucifix, the latter which she used to conceal a deadly garrote to assassinate her victims. In the series, she usually works as a contract assassin.

In Final Fight: Streetwise, her attire reflects the game's urban aesthetics while retaining her trademark pigtails and red cap. In this game, she sports a sleeveless sweater top, silver and red gauntlets, and baggy fatigued cargo pants that sag slightly.

In Street Fighter IV, Cammy appears in her classic Delta Red attire. Her alternate attire, available as DLC, resembles her Killer Bee attire with some key differences. The top is a padded, collared, tight-fitting 'winter' jacket with fur trim and a Delta Red symbol on the chest. Cammy has a matching hat and tall knee lace-up boots, and retains her signature gauntlets; a variation of this outfit appears as her "nostalgia" costume in Street Fighter V. She appears to be wearing her thong leotard under the jacket while her legs are still painted with fatigue strips. Her third Super Street Fighter IV alternate costume resembles M. Bison's attire, and her new alternate costume resembles DC Comics' character Catwoman's suit with military touches.

In the SSFIV OVA, she wears her Delta Gear, though her gauntlets are dark blue instead of red.

Cammy modern SF5

Cammy in Street Fighter V

Her Swap Attire in Street Fighter × Tekken is based on the Tekken character King , and alludes to her fondness for cats. Adding pro wrestling gear inspired by King, the most distinct feature is a jaguar hood with cat ears - similar to her own catsuit in SSFIV. She also has jaguar fur on her lower body. Her alternate attire is inspired by her apparent interest in punk rock music, a stereotypically British trait. She wears a leather skirt, leather vest with a pink midriff top underneath, black gauntlets and armbands, and knee-high black boots with red socks.

Cammy's appearance in Street Fighter V is mostly unaltered from her appearance in the Street Fighter IV series. There is an elbow guard attached to her left gauntlet. She loses the camouflage markings on her legs but gains a shoulder and a thigh gun holster on her right leg as an homage to Cannon Spike. Additionally, the Delta Red insignia on her chest is removed; likely for a comfortable fit for the harness. Her costume is more streamlined showing her abdominal muscles more clearly; she also has a significantly larger bust. Her fighting stance has also changed, resembling that of Evil Ryu's in SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium. This outfit became as her nostalgia costume in Street Fighter 6. She loses the elbow guard on her gauntlet, which has some faded white around the outsides. She regains her green camouflage markings on her legs while keeping the thigh gun holster around her right leg. This can be purchased online or unlocked in World Tour mode by giving Cammy "gifts" until the bond with her reaches 100.

She has fifteen alternate costumes in Street Fighter V. [14]

  • Story Costume: green military coat, white long-sleeve button shirt with a yellow tie, black panties underneath her coat and black knee-high military boots. She retains her classic red beret and Delta Red gauntlets.
    • Ad Style: the aforementioned costume above with the CPT logo embedded on her tie, shoulders, and gauntlets.
  • Battle Costume: blue long sleeve thong leotard with white thigh-high socks, black knee pads, and a matching pair of black boots. She gains a black nylon utility belt on her waist, a matching pair of black mid-arm gloves, and a green backpack. She also has brown camouflage markings on her legs and face. Her long blonde hair is loose, with red rider goggles on her forehead.
  • Halloween Costume: dressed as a zombie bride, complete with a tattered wedding dress and veil, along with roses with thorns across her waist and right arm, as well as a tiara atop her head.
  • School Costume: English boarding school student, donning a school jacket with vest and a button-up shirt as well as a tie underneath the vest, dark grey stockings and Mary Jane shoes. Her long blond hair is tied back into a ponytail with this school costume.
  • Nostalgia Costume: collared, tight-fitting winter jacket with fur trim, and a Delta Red emblem on the chest. She wears a matching hat, knee-high laced-up boots, and blue gauntlets. Her long blond hair is braided into a single pigtail.
  • Dolls Costume: dark blue long sleeve thong leotard with a yellow tie with a matching garrison cap. She also wears blue thigh-high socks and short black boots. She has a black nylon utility belt on her waist, with a black pouch next to her right leg. Over the thong leotard, she wears a half-zipped, teal jacket. She retains her red gauntlets from her default costume. Her long blonde hair tied into straight pigtails.
  • Holiday Costume: white blouse with a green bow tie and a red miniskirt with white outlines. She wears a sleeveless Santa coat. She also has a long Santa cap with cat ears in the front. She wears red gloves and white, furry knee-high boots.
  • CPT Costume: black mini dress with a matching choker. She wears a gold bracelet around her left wrist and a silver ring on her right. She also has black heels with ankle straps. Over the dress, she wears a short-sleeve white, frizzy coat. Her long blond hair is tied back into a ponytail, held by a matching, black bow.
  • Cannon Spike Costume: light green leotard similar to her SSFII incarnation, except she has red knee pads and matching inline skates. In addition to the gun holster on her right thigh, she gains a second holster on her left shoulder.
  • Swimsuit Costume: dark blue bikini with neon-green shoulder holsters and matching utility belt around her waist. She wears her signature red gauntlets with a matching garrison cap, but fights barefoot instead of wearing her boots. Her legs are lightly decorated with green camouflage paint.
  • Jill Costume: Jill Valentine's standard and most well-known outfit from the original Resident Evil series; a pair of blue assault pants with a light blue formfitting shirt and shoulder/neck armor, completed with a blue beret on her head and black leather gloves with outward finger inserts.
  • Fiona Costume: Fiona Belli's standard and most well-known outfit from the Haunting Ground series; a white shirt with a snowflake-like design. It also has a square collar and long puffed sleeves. She wears a blue brooch with a brown strip of cloth just over her collar. There are three similar strips on both sleeves. Her dark purple skirt begins around her stomach area and the upper half is simple and solid, while the lower half has folding and is slightly translucent. The skirt is rimmed with a flowery design and is quite short, ending well above her knees. Finally, she wears black translucent stockings with a solid edge and rusty brown knee-high boots. Rather oddly for an outfit, instead of changing specific features with the "Easter egg" variety Cammy instead gains Fiona Belli's "Texas Cowgirl" outfit.
  • Track Suit Costume: zipped up blue and white track jacket with red trimmings. Her blue sweatpants are pulled up to her knees. She wears white sneakers with no socks. She does, however, keep her red beret and gauntlets.
  • Blair Dame Costume: Blair Dame's outfit from Fighting EX Layer; a pale blue and black high-neck sleeveless leotard with a pale blue extra cloth to cover both of her shoulders, adorned with a blue belt; beneath her leotard are black cycling shorts, black and blue garter thigh-high socks and pale blue short boots that reach through her knees. She wears blue long fingerless gloves, and has a yellow bola tie. She also has a variety of armor covering various parts of her body including the shoulders, chest, forearms, and shins.
  • Killer Bee Costume: Cammy's Killer Bee costume from X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, and every subsequent game in which she appeared in her Shadaloo self.

Cammy in Street Fighter 6.

In Street Fighter 6, Cammy's appearance has significantly changed. While her forelock is still intact, she now has shoulder-length blonde hair. She wears a dark blue sports bra and black yoga pants that reach down to her shins with white trimmings. There are blue hexagonal patterns down the sides of each leg like a beehive. She also wears dark blue socks and red calf-high combat boots, and red gauntlets with her right glove protecting most of the forearm. Around her neck is a black choker with a Delta Red triangle emblem attached to the front. Cammy wears a light blue leather jacket with two long sagging straps along the sides. The United Kingdom flag is adorned on the back.

Her second outfit is a slightly modified version of her classic green leotard ensemble. She keeps her camouflage markings on her legs, as well as her shoulder and a thigh gun holster on her right leg.

Cammy's third outfit, inspired from the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie[15], is a striking red cloak-like trench coat with a hood, adorned with white and black accents. The coat boasts breast and hip pockets, as well as a triple vent design at the back. Cammy wears the coat unzipped, revealing her black sleeveless crop top with a turtleneck. A gold photo locket suspends from a delicate chain over her chest. It holds a cherished image of her Delta Red comrades. On her arms, Cammy sports two black sun protection glove sleeves with a red line, extending beneath her iconic red gauntlets (both at wrist length). For the bottom part, she opts for black cycling shorts with a belt. She dons a practical black utility bag strapped to her right thigh. Cammy completes her ensemble with a pair of calf-high black combat boots, featuring red laces and red soles.

Incarnation history[]

In Super Street Fighter II, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Cammy was a member of a British special forces team known as Delta Red. This classic incarnation is known as "Delta Red Cammy."

In the later games X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold (Cammy is a secret character in the latter), Cammy appears as her younger version featured in the prequel storyline of Street Fighter Alpha, detailing the time when she was affiliated with Shadaloo. Therefore, this version of Cammy is known as "Shadaloo Cammy", or "Doll Cammy". She is also referred to by her codename, "Killer Bee."

Since Shadaloo Cammy didn't have a storyline in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold (until the re-release version of the arcade port in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for the PS2; in SFA2 Gold she was only playable in the VS. and Training modes), and X-Men vs. Street Fighter is not considered a true part of the Street Fighter storyline, the Killer Bee's only canonical appearance is Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Shadaloo Cammy also appeared as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK, and Capcom vs. SNK 2, and made appearances in the endings of certain Street Fighter III 3rd Strike characters. Since the Shadaloo Cammy sprite was designed more recently than the Delta Red Cammy sprite, the former was larger and more detailed, therefore making it an obvious choice to use in other games; the sprite was also recycled in a similar fashion for use in the non-canon Capcom vs. SNK series. The most blatantly anachronistic appearance is in the 3rd Strike endings, where there was no reason to portray Shadaloo Cammy in a time far beyond Street Fighter Alpha 3 because in this appearance she is rendered in a drawing, rather than a reused sprite. It seems it was done purely as a joke.

In the futuristic 3D shooter Cannon Spike, Cammy is depicted as Delta Red for Player 1, and Shadaloo for Player 2.


Cammy in Street Fighter Legends - Cammy.

In the Street Fighter Legends - Cammy comic, she leads the Delta Blue special operations team. Her outfit is basically a pallet swap of her default costume in Street Fighter V. She wears a turtleneck, sleeveless, white thong leotard. She also wears a blue beret, blue socks and white calf-high combat boots, and blue gauntlets with an elbow pad attached on her right gauntlet. She is also equipped with gains a shoulder harness and a gun holster on her right thigh.

When she is not on missions, Cammy wears a woman's uniform which consists of a dark blue blazer with silver buttons. Underneath is a white long sleeve collared shirt with a black necktie. Her dark blue skirt reaches the upper-middle of Cammy's thighs. Below are a pair of black loafers with no socks. While Cammy is ready for a night out with her team, she is wearing a pink bathrobe with a white towel wrapped around her hair.

[16]Her choice of casual clothing consist of a long sleeve dress. The chest area and sleeves are light blue, while a black streak rounds out the collar and the cuff. The rest of the dress is black. Cammy also wears a pair of leggings and white cross-lined heels. For elegance, she also wears a pair of hanging purple earrings. Finally, Cammy brings with her a white purse.


Cammy is a strong, forceful, and determined young woman with a firm sense of justice, who is extremely polite, friendly, respectful, and enthusiastic towards those whom she knows and cares about including Delta Red, Chun-Li or Guile, even helping others she barely knew like Ryu. However, she can be very brutal and sometimes condescending to those whom she dislikes such as M. Bison or Vega. She refuses to go down without a fight, using her extensive training from both Delta Red and Shadaloo to her advantage in defeating her opponents. Enemies are usually aware of the threat Cammy presents, and few are foolish enough to underestimate her.

Though she does not believe in doing any more harm than necessary to her opponents, she employs some rather deadly techniques when they are needed. She is relentless and harsh on herself when she makes mistakes, and often shows irritation to comic relief characters. Cammy could be a girl that's torn between childhood and adulthood, struggling with the resultant stresses. However, through support and compassion from her friends and fellow Dolls, Cammy has gained more confidence and purpose in her life. Cammy is also fond of cats, especially street cats which she sometimes takes cares of.

Happy Cammy with a Cat 278

Cammy smiling while holding a cat.

Cammy doesn't believe that people with loved ones should fight. After seeing Ken with his son Mel, she believes that it might be best if he stays to protect his family. However, Chun-Li states that some battles cannot be avoided, especially when protecting someone, much like her father. Cammy claims that families "confuse her" since she doesn't have one.[17] Later on, upon seeing Laura and Sean Matsuda wrestling with each other, she asks Chun-Li whether their interaction is considered a normal brother-sister relationship.

Due to her connection with the Dolls, she is unwilling to hurt them (especially Decapre) and breaks ties with her friends in order to protect Bison's assassins, as Cammy attacked police officers and abandoned Chun-Li by fleeing with Juri and Decapre on a motorcycle when the latter two were being detained by the authorities, though Cammy quickly returned to Kanzuki Estate (home base) when Decapre was brought back to her senses.

Cammy also has a strong sense of military discipline and stern honor, to the point where even the more powerful fighters in the series ask her to "ease up" when they meet her, as she is a very driven person. It's because of this front-line soldier mindset that she has much respect for other soldiers like Guile and Charlie. Her hatred for Bison drives her though much of her appearances. However, at the end of Street Fighter V, Cammy mellows out, no longer pursuing vengeance against Shadaloo and mainly focused on the survival of her "sisters", the Dolls.

Cammy's extensive training and abilities allow her to perform incredible athletic maneuvers and feats such as flips, as well as special attacks like Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike or Hooligan Combination. This is apparent in her fighting style; Cammy holds pride in her speed and fighting abilities as noted in her dialogue with some of the other characters.

In Street Fighter 6, Cammy still maintains her serious and straight-to-the-point persona, though her fondness of cats has become a running gag within the game to show Cammy's soft sides, especially in World Tour mode. In one particular example, Cammy assigned the Avatar to "gather an intelligence" and taking photos as a proof, only for them to eventually found out that all of the coordinates that Cammy gave them lead to various stray cats around Metro City. When being questioned, Cammy simply thanks the Avatar for the job well done without elaborating further.

In the Street Fighter animated series, Cammy becomes more flirtatious with Guile during or after their missions together. Despite her playfulness and forwardness, Guile remains loyal to his cause, the mission, and especially, to his love interest. Still, Cammy keeps herself available to the commander, reminding him that Lucinda is his past, while she is the future.

Character Relationships[]




Cammy and Chun-Li fighting together as partners in Street Fighter × Tekken.

Cammy and Chun-Li are close friends and stay in contact with each other. They mention each others' names frequently and usually team up with Guile when it comes to fighting Shadaloo. Chun-Li is also the one whom Cammy consults about "normal" life, such as when she asks Chun-Li about whether the bond between Laura and Sean can be considered a typical sibling relationship and asking why Ken was fighting for his family instead of staying behind and protecting them. There have been many times that the two face battles head-on with both friends watching each other backs, saving one another numerous times.

In Street Fighter × Tekken, Cammy and Chun-Li are partners. The two of them worked together to discover the secrets of the Pandora Box, as well as investigate why Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu are attempting to secure it. As they battle and defeat a variety of characters, Chun-Li thanks Cammy for backing her up, and compliments how she enjoys fighting with her. However, Cammy wants to take down her opponents as quickly as possible; since their battles are wasting their time while Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu are on the move. Chun-Li senses the tension within Cammy. In response, she requests for her partner to relax, and also come out a little faster when she's tagged in.


Cammy admires Ryu due to his great strength, fighting skills, and heroic traits. They share a common enemy, M. Bison, against whom they have worked together several times. In Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, Cammy stops Ryu from fighting C. Viper, warning him that she's trying to bring out his true power. When Cammy is knocked unconscious by C. Viper, it triggers Ryu's Satsui no Hado, resulting in Viper's retreat.

Ryu's inspiring words about fighting are one of the few things that give Cammy the resolve to keep moving forward and never give up, though she doesn't agree with there being a deeper purpose in the fight itself.



Cammy and Guile in Super Street Fighter IV OVA.

Cammy and Guile are friends and often team up together with Chun-Li for missions (mostly involving Shadaloo). In C. Viper's Street Fighter IV: Aftermath, the two of them, along with Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, confront M. Bison in the tournament and managed to defeat him in a fight that ensued in the wilderness. Closer to the end of Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, a bandaged Cammy is seen with Guile, implying that he was the one overseeing her recovery. In Super Street Fighter IV OVA, Cammy and Guile travel together to stop Juri after an attack put Chun-Li in the hospital. Ultimately, Juri defeats both Guile and Cammy before escaping with almost all of the Dolls.

Cammy's and Guile's relationship is more complex in the Street Fighter animated series. Cammy is recruited by Guile to be a part of his team; serving mainly as the pilot, although she does get involve in fights every so often. In contrast to the games, Cammy has a flirtatious relationship with Guile. During missions where they are together, Cammy either makes a coquettish comment about Guile or makes a move on him in general. For example, in the fifth episode, Cammy embraces Guile's arm and tries to kiss them while they try to infiltrate a base. When Guile pulls Cammy out of the way to avoid a searchlight, the two ended up in a compromising position.


Dhalsim was the one who made her aware that she was mind controlled by Shadaloo after she was sent to assassinate him in Street Fighter Alpha 3. They, along with others, teamed up to defeat Shadaloo in Street Fighter V.



Karin & Cammy in A Shadow Falls.

Cammy and Karin share a mutual respect for one another.[18] Karin also recognizes Cammy as one of the top-ranked fighters in the world. In Street Fighter V, Cammy is one of many fighters Karin has contacted to help stop Shadaloo. While assembling the other fighters, Cammy shares the information she has gathered with Karin regarding the Black Moons, the control 'pieces' made by the kidnapped hackers, and an undercover colleague who infiltrated Shadaloo. When Decapre and März‎ infiltrate the Kanzuki Estate, Cammy and Karin worked together to fight them off.

Delta Red[]

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Decapre and Cammy in A Shadow Falls.

Decapre is an imperfect product of the Shadaloo cloning experiments that created Cammy. In Decapre's Ultra Street Fighter IV intro, Decapre tries to comfort Cammy and calls herself "big sister". Years later, Decapre, in the midst of a mental crisis and trying to break free from Bison's mind control, hates Cammy due to the re-adjustment of her thoughts. When they fight in Ultra Street Fighter IV, she becomes incapacitated due to being outside of her stasis pod for too long. M. Bison tells Cammy that the only way to save her is to take her back into her stasis pod, re-establishing his control of her mind. Cammy reluctantly accepts and Decapre is returned to full mind control.

Later, she encounters Decapre in Street Fighter V when Decapre attacks the Kanzuki Estate. As Karin subdues März, Cammy confronts and holds off Decapre; forcing her to retreat. Soon after, the two battled in Brazil. Cammy defeats Decapre, who then becomes incapacitated. However, when the police arrived to arrest the Doll, Cammy holds them off to prevent them from detaining Decapre. When Juri arrives, Cammy carries the unconscious Decapre as they ride away.

Decapre regains consciousness when they arrived at Union Station. Still under M. Bison's control, she attacks Cammy. After a brief struggle, Cammy remorsefully knocks Decapre unconscious. Later, back at the Shadaloo Base, Decapre eventually breaks free of M. Bison's mind control; saving Cammy from Vega's attack. As Juri and Vega battle, Cammy and Decapre take on the other mind-controlled Dolls and win.

Cammy reveals in SF6's World Tour mode that Decapre has joined Delta Red and has begun living an ordinary life as Cammy's twin sister. She and Cammy are shown sitting together as Decapre looks at something on her smartphone.


Screenshot of SSFIV Cammy's Ending 1

Juni and Cammy in Super Street Fighter IV.

While Cammy also considers her as one of her "sisters", Juni has deepest bond and closest relationship with her among the other Dolls. In Super Street Fighter IV, Juni awakens from her coma, only to find a cat staring at her. Cammy removes the kitten off of her and asks Juni if she's feeling any pain or discomfort. She reassures Juni that she's here for her since she is still recovering from amnesia. Despite her amnesia however, Juni recognizes Cammy, who ensures that she is here to help her, as well as the kitten, ending with the two exchanging smiles.

In Street Fighter V, Cammy and Juni are seen in Cammy's story mode, where Juni looks recovered and happy; Cammy also defends Juni from Shadaloo, who sought to recapture her presumably for use in F.A.N.G's Operation C.H.A.I.N.S alongside the other Dolls. Juni is also seen to be working as a Delta Blue agent in the UDON comics.


Juli is one of Cammy's "sisters" and was brainwashed by Shadaloo, which turned her to an assassin. In A Shadow Falls when Cammy infiltrated the Shadaloo base, she is confronted by Juli; who was under the influence of Psycho Power. Cammy managed to free her from M. Bison's mind control. Afterwards, Cammy and Juli become close. In Cammy's SFV Arcade Mode ending, Juli is seen with the other Dolls and Delta Red; welcoming Cammy and celebrating with a cake.

In UDON's Street Fighter Legends: Cammy, Juli is part of Delta Blue, under the leadership of Cammy. After thwarting a terrorist attack and nearly lose Juni from being brainwashed again, Juli suggests Delta Blue to take a break by going out as a team. When Cammy arrives at the pub and sits next to Juli, the two laughs at how neither of them have a life outside of work. Later on, when Killer Bee is under the M. Bison's control, Juli fights Cammy to help her break free. In the end, after successfully rescuing their comrades, Juli and Cammy discuss the aftermath of their mission.


M. Bison[]

Cammy was one of M. Bison's replacement bodies. M. Bison is the leader of Shadaloo. It is believed that when M. Bison dies, Cammy will either also die, or her body will be taken over by M. Bison; although neither of these things have happened since his possible death in A Shadow Falls.



Cammy vs. Juri in Super Street Fighter IV.

Cammy and Juri consider themselves enemies, mostly because of what they have done to each other in the past. In the SSFIV Juri OVA, Juri brutalizes the dolls and Chun-Li, with her wanting to get revenge. In her Super Street Fighter IV rival cut scene with Juri, Cammy claims she came to get revenge for what Juri has done to the dolls, while Juri claims Cammy used her "brainwashing" to avoid the responsibility of what she has done in the past with Shadaloo.

However, in Street Fighter V, after Cammy becomes a fugitive by assaulting police officers when they were trying to detain Decapre, Juri helps Cammy escape with Decapre from the police and earned the former's thanks. Though it is clear Cammy still hadn't forgiven her and warned not to hurt her "sisters" ever again. Juri was much less hostile, even fighting off Vega for her and in the process saving her. She brings Cammy to Russia where Helen and others have been meeting, but then comes back to the Kanzuki Estate with Karin and the other fighters.

Later, she helped Cammy and the Dolls in the final battle against Shadaloo, once again, along with Decapre, helping save Cammy from Vega. She can be seen during the ending standing triumphantly with Cammy and the rest of the Dolls after the fall of the Shadaloo compound.

While still cautious over Juri, she definitely acknowledges her help. It is assumed that Juri has no longer bothered her 'sisters' since the collapse of Shadaloo, as with the dolls being free of the brainwashing Juri no longer sees them as hostile. It's also unclear as to whether Cammy and Juri still consider themselves true enemies or just rivals at this point.

C. Viper[]


C. Viper holding Cammy at gunpoint.

Cammy and C. Viper are only rivals; Cammy sees her as an enemy because she works for the S.I.N. but is unaware of the fact that C. Viper is a CIA agent secretly trying to take down S.I.N. and Shadaloo. After Cammy defeats Viper for standing in her way, Viper then appears in her Street Fighter IV ending, holding her at gunpoint trying to get the BLECE files, but Cammy deletes them, not wanting to hurt anyone, and then Viper flees disappointed that her mission failed. In Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, Cammy is brutally tortured by Viper, and later reappears with Guile and Chun-Li, with a broken arm and a broken leg as well. In Street Fighter Legends: Cammy, Cammy and C. Viper momentarily become allies. While originally refusing allegiance with Delta Blue, C. Viper takes out several Shadaloo soldiers to save Cammy and her team.


Cammy hates Vega since he is a part of Shadaloo. While Vega does consider her a enemy, he has noted Cammy's beauty as he does that of most other female fighters. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy goes rogue from Shadaloo, and Vega is sent by M. Bison to find her and to take her back to him. When he finds her, he starts a fight with her, calling her a "guinea pig", which confuses Cammy, who is unaware of the situation.

Cammy wins and wonders what is going on and goes to M. Bison, who explains that she's a clone of him with his DNA. When she defeats him, he is killed and his original body disappears. When the Psycho Drive is blown up, she is near the explosion, but is saved by Vega, though she doesn't know that he saved her.

In UDON's Street Fighter comic series, Vega is the one who scars Cammy's left cheek, though this is non-canon.

He still shows interest in her in Street Fighter V, following her around during her character story. When Vega attacks her, Cammy fights back while protecting Juni. After defeating Vega, he falls back, but not before warning Cammy of the potential danger of the path she has chosen.


Cammy confronting Vega in Street Fighter V.

In A Shadow Falls, Vega watches as Cammy rides away with Juri on her motorbike, while carrying an unconscious Decapre. He follows them, still obsessed with Cammy and her beauty. After Cammy knocks out Decapre again at Union Station, Vega arrives and confronts her. Noticing the unconscious Doll, he chuckles and claims that Decapre still has a role to play, despite considering her to be an 'ugly' Doll. He attacks and defeats Cammy while flattering over her beauty. During his fight against Juri, Cammy reawakens and quickly kicks Vega's mask off of his face, causing him to retreat. Upon seeing Cammy coming to Decapre's defense, he leaves. Later on, after Cammy defeated Juli at the Shadaloo Base, Vega attacks Cammy once again. Just when he's about to finish her off, Cammy is saved by Decapre. When the Shadaloo base blows up, he throws his mask into the explosion, possibly deciding to abandon her.


JP and Amnesia organization are Cammy's target for answers on Shadaloo's possible remaining existence.


Street Fighter Alpha series[]

Cammy's actual birthplace and early history are unknown; her first appearance in the Street Fighter chronology was in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, where she was a soulless Doll who seemingly broke free of her brainwashing and traveled the world to find out the truth. Eventually, she faced M. Bison and she asked him what her purpose was in life; he tells Cammy that she was to serve him, although he also realized that Cammy became much stronger during her journey. Cammy wins her battle against M. Bison but is hit by a bolt of electric current and knocked down. Once again she is brainwashed to erase her memories of whatever discovery she made during her journey.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy was sent to assassinate Dhalsim. Dhalsim used his spiritual powers to make her self-aware, and she realized that Shadaloo was controlling her. M. Bison sent Vega to observe her. When Vega confronted her, he revealed to her that she was an "experiment" and was no longer needed. As revealed in his own storyline Vega started having doubts about killing Cammy, asking himself if he really only cared about worthy foes, and after a fight where he admitted having underestimated Cammy, he allowed her to go. Vega also threatened Cammy by revealing that Shadaloo's hit squads were coming for her. Cammy wondered why Shadaloo wanted to destroy her since, as far as she was aware, she had never aligned herself against them.

She later encountered Juli and Juni, two other Shadaloo Dolls, who lacked the benefit of self-awareness. When Cammy confronted Bison, he told her that she was meant to become his next body, after his current physical manifestation was destroyed by his own Psycho Power. After Cammy managed to break the twelve Dolls free from Shadaloo's mind control, they confronted Bison together. He explained to Cammy that she was a clone of himself who possessed a small portion of his Psycho Power and that if he were to die, she would die as well. Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive.

Cammy got the Dolls out of the Shadaloo base and then fell unconscious, no longer a clone, but an independent human. Vega rescued her before the base was destroyed, as he did not want to allow a beautiful person to die. He deposited her on the doorstep of the British paramilitary government organization Delta Red.

Super Street Fighter II[]

Cammy awoke with amnesia, and Delta Red took her in. While she could not remember her past, she retained nearly all the fighting capabilities that were implanted in her during her tenure with Shadaloo. This made her a very valuable asset to the team. The second World Warrior tournament was announced and, discovering that Bison was part of it, Cammy felt a strange connection to him, and entered the tournament. She confronted Bison, who told her that she is a copy of him, that she killed for him, that he planted her in Delta Red (but didn't count on her losing her memories), and that he had no further use for her. She later joined in the battle against Bison along with her allies when the tournament ended. After Bison was defeated, her Delta Red teammates told her that she didn't need to live in the past; she had a new life to live.[19]

The Delta Red team consists of the leader, Colonel Keith Wolfman, ranged weapons expert Matthew McCoy, melee weapons expert Lita Luwanda, and young computer expert George Ginzu.

Street Fighter IV series[]

The Ties That Bind[]

Cammy the ties that bind animated movie

Cammy in Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind.

After the fall of Bison and Shadaloo, Cammy enjoys relative peace. However, while investigating strange energy readings coming from the Amazon River basin, she discovers dead animals everywhere and the shallow graves of various martial artists who have recently disappeared from around the world. The forensic analysis determines that the cells inside the animals were heated to the boiling point, at which point they exploded. She calls Guile to share the information as he and Chun-Li began investigating the disappearances.

Together, the three find and expose a lab that had been experimenting on further kidnapped martial artists. They discover from the lab's data that the experiments were authorized by an arms manufacturer called S.I.N., and that the unusual energy readings and boiled cells were part of a project called BLECE, which could harness ki energy and weaponize it. They also discover that Ryu, whose ki potential is incomparable, was the prime target for the project.

When they finally locate Ryu, Cammy rushes to warn him of the danger but fails to reach him before Crimson Viper, who at the time is believed to be a S.I.N. agent. Cammy arrives soon afterward. She warns Ryu not to use his power, as it might enable S.I.N. to capture its data. Cammy then confronts Viper instead. However, Viper surprises her with the abilities of her Battle Suit.

Cammy defeated

C. Viper defeats Cammy.

Cammy attacks Viper, despite Ryu's warning. Viper easily catches Cammy's kick and delivered a devastating punch to her midsection, knocking the air out of her. After giving a kick to her face, Viper hoists Cammy up, places a hand on her chest and electrocutes her. Cammy falls to the ground, in a lot of pain. Viper brutally tortures her by stepping on her head in an attempt to force Ryu to unleash the Satsui no Hado. After finishing Cammy off with a Burning kick and knocking her unconscious, Viper succeeds. However, the power surge destroys the monitoring equipment, and she was forced to flee.[20]

Cammy is evacuated for treatment and later appears wearing an arm sling. She, alongside Guile and the US Coast Guard surround Seth's cruise ship, only for Seth to escape via a Shadaloo helicopter. Chun-Li, Guile, and Cammy discuss the event at the docks, discovering that the case was covered up. Despite the evidence they've collected, Cammy is dismayed that they're right back where they started; and that they are treated as the enemy instead of the actual threat.

Super Street Fighter IV Original Video Animation[]


Cammy in Super Street Fighter IV OVA.

While an attack occurs in the Heavens World amusement park, Cammy arrives on the scene with Guile and Chun-Li. An officer tells them that they believe the men inside the building are former SIN operatives; much to Cammy's suspicions. When a powerful explosion detonates in the amusement park, Cammy is shocked to discover how much power resonated from the blast. The three enter the building, only to find a lot of people who didn't make it out. Guile orders Chun-Li to go on ahead, while he and Cammy lead the evacuation.

Chun-Li later confronts Juri, only to be easily beaten and defeated. Before Juri can finish the Interpol agent off, her left eye malfunctions; as well as Cammy and Guile arriving. Juri escapes, leaving them alone with the injured Chun-Li. After assessing the damage, Cammy informs Guile that the Interpol agent needs a doctor. Chun-Li reports to Cammy that there is a woman and a child still out there. After Cammy promises to her partner she'll take care of things, Chun-Li loses consciousness.

Back at the hospital, Cammy believes that the woman who attacked Chun-Li is affiliated with SIN. Still, she doubts that the organization are capable of wielding such power. The next morning, Guile and Cammy finds the injured Chun-Li awake and back at work; which Cammy finally understands the urgent request for a laptop. While Guile cracks a joke, Cammy commends Chun-Li for her efforts and for being injured in the line of duty. They soon discover that the mysterious woman is heading toward a research lab. Guile and Cammy set off in pursuit, while Chun-Li stays behind.

On their way toward the lab, Chun-Li relays information to Guile and Cammy regarding Juri Han, including her unfortunate past and the fact that she lost her left eye. She then recalls that her eye was glowing during the fight. Cammy then wonders if SIN has given her a new eye. When Guile lands the jet, Cammy immediately leaps out of the aircraft and goes after Juri, who had just taken out Juli and Juni. Before Cammy can strike, Juri uses Juni as a shield to stop her attack. Juri mocks Cammy, stating that the former Doll had killed tons of people yet she believes that she's gone straight. Juri then tosses Juli's body to Cammy. Even though she caught her, Juri delivers a jumping side kick into Juli's midsection. The force of the impact knocks Cammy to the ground, sending her skidding on the icy canvas. Before Juri can deliver the final blow, Guile intervenes.

While Guile takes on Juri, Cammy brings Juni and Juli to a safe place, promising to come back for them. She reenters the fight and states that Juri's left eye generates a form of artificial ki energy that can potentially consume her since it's too dangerous. Despite her warning, Juri activates her left eye, granting even more power. A single attack incapacitates Guile and destroys an aircraft behind him. Cammy rushes to his aid, but Guile orders her to go after Juri.

Meanwhile, Juri has collected all of the Dolls and board them on a separate plane. Cammy runs after the aircraft and climbs aboard as it ascends. She confronts Juri and the two fight. Regardless of her speed and determination, the power of Juri's left eye made her no match for Cammy. She easily catches her Cannon Strike and delivers a fierce elbow into her solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her. Even though she is victorious, Juri decides to send Cammy a parting gift. She shoves the dolly that Juni is laying on top of into Cammy, causing the two to fall out of the plane. Luckily, a nearby mountaintop and a mound of snow breaks their fall. Still, Cammy vows that she will never forgive Juri.

Super/Ultra Street Fighter IV[]

Juni falls into a coma, and Colonel Wolfman informs her that S.I.N. has recently built a dam in India, cutting off the water supply to a nearby village where Dhalsim lives. Surveillance photos reveal S.I.N. operatives in the area bearing Shadaloo's insignia.[21]


Cammy in her prologue in Street Fighter IV.

Dispatched to investigate, Cammy then enters the recently announced S.I.N tournament, where she swears to get revenge on Juri for the dolls who she considers her "sisters." She does encounter Juri again, although the winner of the rematch remains unknown. Later during the tournament, she infiltrates the S.I.N dam base. When she does, she discovers computer files on a "BLECE Project" in the process. While reading the files, Crimson Viper surprises her and holds her at gunpoint, wanting the BLECE files for herself. Not wanting the data to be used to hurt anyone, Cammy deletes the files instead, and Viper puts away her weapon and escapes, lamenting years of investigation wasted.[22]

During her infiltration of the base she encounters Decapre, who collapses while raving about how she hates Cammy and her face. Bison appears and informs Cammy that Decapre is dying, but that a bargain could be made. Cammy allows Bison to take Decapre in exchange for saving her life.[23]

When Cammy informs Colonel Wolfman of her failure to retrieve the files, Wolfman informs her that he's already aware, and congratulates her on a job well done.

Cammy returns home and soon Juni wakes from her coma with some amnesia. Cammy greets her comfortably and promises to help Juni recover.[24]

Street Fighter V[]

Cammy appears as a playable character in Street Fighter V.[25] She was confirmed, along with Birdie, on June 15 at the E3 2015.

Character Story[]

Three years later, Cammy remembers her encounter with Decapre, who angrily attacked her due to her strong hatred. Then, she also remembers that she had hurt everyone in the past and now wants to protect. She is later contacted by her superior, informing her that Shadaloo is on the move.

As she travels through India, she encounters Birdie. After defeating him, he recognizes Cammy as one of Bison's dolls from the time that he was a Shadaloo member as the police arrive. Birdie escapes, which Cammy fails to.


Cammy attacked by F.A.N.G in her Street Fighter V Character Story.

Arriving at the Shadaloo base, she is attacked by F.A.N.G, who seeks to terminate her due to defecting from Shadaloo. During their battle, Cammy asks him about Decapre's whereabouts, then soon changes her question to be about all of Bison's dolls. F.A.N.G mocks Cammy over her desire to protect the dolls and then alludes to Cammy's history as a killer. Before she can press further, however, she is swarmed by Shadaloo soldiers as F.A.N.G mentions "Operation C.H.A.I.N.S." and warns her that if she interferes, he will kill her with no mercy, causing Cammy to flee.

When Cammy returns to London, she is reunited with Juni, noticing she has permission to go out. As the two are talking about cats, they are cornered by Shadaloo. Vega attacks her when Juni begins to recognize the claw that Vega wields is much like Decapre's, and Cammy is forced to fight Vega while protecting Juni. After defeating Vega, he falls back, noticing Cammy's dangerous actions. Juni worries for Cammy as she remembers how F.A.N.G told her about the operation. Cammy decides to stop Shadaloo and to save her fellow dolls. Juni encourages her and tells her to come back after she saves them. As Cammy leaves the scene, Juri is revealed to have been observing the whole event while spying on her.

A Shadow Falls[]


Cammy saves Chun-Li.

In Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls, Cammy makes her first appearance toward the end of Act One. After easily defeating Chun-Li, M. Bison charges his hand with Psycho Power, ready to finish her off. However, before M. Bison can unleash the final blow, Cammy rushes in and manages to save Chun-Li by tackling her out of harm's way. Chun-Li opens her eyes and is relieved to see Cammy had come to her rescue. Along with Guile, Cammy helps Chun-Li escape. F.A.N.G is about to go after them, but M. Bison lets them leave, smirking arrogantly as the scene fades out.


Cammy tells Guile and Chun-Li about the chess pieces.

That night, the three reconvene at another devastated part of the city, with some cars on fire. She informs Guile that she has been after Shadaloo ever since the Black Moons appeared, also confirming that they are involved in New York's destruction. Cammy briefly chastises Chun-Li, who's still injured, for completely losing her head in the earlier fight. According to her information, the control keys for the Black Moons were stolen from Shadaloo, so they can't activate all of them. Cammy wonders if the control keys were stolen by someone who betrayed Bison, or if a spy infiltrated Shadaloo. Guile and Chun-Li mention it might be connected to the earlier-referenced hackers incident; which involved hackers of varying ages, genders, and nationalities all going missing around the same time prior to the Black Moons appearing. Cammy questions if the missing hackers were coerced to build the Black Moons for Shadaloo.


Cammy, Chun-Li, and Guile are confronted by Charlie Nash.

As Chun-Li recovers, Cammy then pulls out a package another Interpol agent had tried to send to Chun-Li before attacked by Shadaloo. Taking the package, Chun-Li opens it, and Guile recognizes it as being "the same" as one that he has in his pocket. Just then, they notice the mutilated-and-stitched-together form of Charlie Nash walking ominously towards them. Rashid and his butler Azam cheerfully emerge from the other side. As Guile confronts Charlie, Rashid steps forward and introduces himself, engaging Chun-Li with intent to take the piece. Cammy tries to help, but Azam intervenes. After Rashid defeats Chun-Li's and takes her piece, he and Azam leave via mini-tornado. Cammy shields her face from the debris as the two escape.


Cammy explaining about the control pieces.

Later, Cammy arrives at the Kanzuki Estate. According to Karin's resources, she and Shibasaki were able to acquire a master list of the people that pieces were sent to, as well as who else may have access to that list. Cammy shares the information she's gathered as well, stating that the Black Moons were created by Shadaloo using by the hackers they supposedly kidnapped. She believes that the pieces were made by hackers. Cammy reports that Guile is been in contact with a spy who infiltrated Shadaloo in hopes of acquiring more information.


Cammy confronts Decapre.

Cammy and Karin are soon confronted by März and Decapre along with Shadaloo soldiers. As Karin subdues März, Cammy defeats the Shadloo soldiers and Decapre. Before she can attempt to help her the Doll, Decapre's head begins to hurt. As Cammy looks on with concern, Decapre regains her strength and springs back to the top of the rooftop. By the time Cammy can give chase, Decapre escapes from the facility. While she successfully stopped Shadaloo from obtaining the control pieces, Cammy gazes at the ground; feeling guilty that she couldn't save Decapre.


Chun-Li and Cammy discussing personal issues.

As everyone is gathered to get the missing chess pieces, Cammy aids Chun-Li and Ken to go to Brazil. Before departing, she and Chun-Li watch as Ken plays with his son, Mel. Cammy thinks that Ken shouldn't have to come along with them, stating that he should stay and protect his family. Chun-Li argues that there are some battles aren't he can't avoid, especially when he has someone to protect; just like her father. Cammy apologizes to Chun-Li for reminding her of her father's passing. However, the concept of 'family' confuses her, since she does not have one. Karin soon arrives and informs Cammy and Chun-Li that the others have left.


Cammy observes a 'typical' brother-sister relationship.

In Brazil, Cammy arrives with Chun-Li after Ken rescues Sean Matsuda from F.A.N.G. Ken tells Sean that they are looking for one of the pieces and asks Sean if they can have it, which he agrees. But as he retrieves the piece, Cammy spots a Shadaloo guard's body flying toward Sean. Ken and Chun-Li kick the guard's body out of harm's way, just as Laura arrives. Cammy watches interestingly at the Matsuda siblings as Laura greets her brother with submission holds, Cammy asks Chun-Li whether the bond between the Matsuda siblings is considered to be a typical relationship between siblings.


Cammy ready to fight Decapre.

After Laura fights Ken and decides to join the others in the fight, they are confronted by Decapre who is under control of Psycho Power. Cammy realizes Decapre has been controlled, recalling the doll's pain. Mental images of a Decapre infused with Psycho Power and suffering tremendously with one of the Black Moons nearby appear before Cammy's eyes as she tries to figure out the cause of the Doll's immense pain. Before Laura can volunteer to take on Decapre, Cammy intervenes and steps in her place to fight Decapre to be certain if she is an enemy or not. Cammy manages to defeat Decapre who finally lost consciousness.


Cammy kicking away a police officer.

Unfortunately, Sean returns with the police, who have arrive to arrest Decapre. Chun-Li, who also has experience in law enforcement, suggests to Cammy that it's best to let the local authorities handle Decapre. Cammy gazes at Decapre which reveals a flashback between her and Decapre to be separated when they are little as she heard Decapre's voice who calls her as her sister. When the police orders Cammy to give them Decapre, her protective nature of the Dolls kicks in, causing Cammy to knock down a police officer. One of the officers fires his gun at Cammy for retaliation, but Cammy quickly carries Decapre out of harms way. Determined to save her, Cammy fights and defeats the officer.


Cammy carries Decapre as she and Juri escape.

Before another officer can shoot her, Juri arrives to knock the policemen aside with her motorbike. She offers Cammy a ride, stating that she can repay her with Decapre. Juri removes Decapre's mask, exposing her burned face to everyone. Juri laughs at how Cammy's desire to nurture the Dolls have turned her and Decapre into fugitives. As a fugitive and to her own chagrin, Cammy knows that she must think quickly, and therefore decides to go with Juri. Carrying Decapre, she hops onto the motorbike. As Cammy and Juri ride away from Chun-li and the others, Vega watches with a stalker's amusement, obsessed with his own (probably personally assigned) mission of subjugating Cammy, bringing her to Shadoloo, and then perhaps possessing Cammy as a reward.


Decapre strangling Cammy.

Once they arrive at Union Station, Cammy notices Decapre is awakening in pain. Psycho Power consumes the Doll, causing her to strangle Cammy. As Decapre continues to choke her out, Juri criticizes Cammy for sacrificing everything to save her. Cammy mounts on top of Decapre to contain her. However, Decapre continues to relentlessly punch Cammy in the face. Juri recommends to kill her instead since she's beyond saving. Just when Decapre is about to hit her with her infused daggers, Cammy catches the attack and knocks her out with a hard punch to the face. Juri laughs on while Cammy gazes at the unconscious Decapre with remorse.


Vega vs. Cammy.

Suddenly, Vega arrives and confronts Cammy, who gets up from Decapre so she can fight him. Vega notices the unconscious Doll and chuckles, much to the chagrin of Cammy. Vega claims that Decapre may be an 'ugly' Doll, but she still has a role to play. He then attacks her. As Cammy defends herself, Vega is impressed at how Cammy's beauty is brought out with conflicts of her past memories, believing that such things were lost. Vega fights Cammy, wanting to see this new beauty of hers.

After defeating Cammy, he flatters over her. But Vega's obsession with Cammy is interrupted by Juri, who calls him a pervert. Juri claims that Cammy belongs to her since she picked her up first; Vega accuses Juri of lacking delicacy, which Juri expresses no concern. The two fight each other as Cammy wakes up. Seeing Vega is standing close to Decapre, Cammy quickly kicks Vega's mask off of his face, causing him to retreat. Upon seeing Cammy coming to Decapre's defense, he leaves.


Cammy listening to the voicemail.

Cammy briefly stays on Helen's side for Decapre's sake. She overhears a voice message from Li-Fen, stating that she has a way to a command to stop the Black Moons. When Charlie admits that he is unable to defeat Bison, Helen becomes upset, desperately demanding that he must kill him. Helen reminds Charlie that he doesn't have much time left, which he acknowledges before leaving.


Cammy confronts Juli.

Later on, Cammy arrives in the final assault against Shadaloo. To her horrible shock, she finds all of the Dolls are controlled by F.A.N.G. Cammy confronts Juli, who has become infused with Psycho Power. She spots Cammy and rushes toward her in a fit of rage and fury. The two fight and eventually Cammy defeats Juli, knocking her unconscious.


Vega about to finish off Cammy.

As Cammy approaches her motionless body, Vega appears and attacks her again. Cammy drops in her stance as Vega expresses his appreciation of her eyes and his dark desire to fill them with despair. Despite her best effort, she is no match for Vega. He manages to hit her stomach with his claw. Vega demands that she surrender to him so that he can 'see more beauty', and leaps in for the kill.


Decapre saves Cammy.

Before he can finish her, Cammy is saved by Decapre, who blocks Vega's claw. Never one to express alarm, Vega is nonetheless impressed that she is finally free from control. Suddenly, Juri arrives, almost crashing her motorbike into the group. The vehicle slides off into the background and explodes, while Juri challenges Vega, since she apparently believes that 'everyone is having a lot of fun'. Cammy glances at Decapre, wondering why she has saved her. Juri is truthful in claiming that Decapre wants to help her, but also feeling a bit of jealousy. Vega attacks Juri and the two of them fight.


Cammy watches the destruction of the Shadaloo Base.

Meanwhile, Cammy and Decapre are surrounded by the remaining Dolls. They prepare to fight their 'sisters' who are still controlled by F.A.N.G. When confronted by Rashid, the device that controls the Dolls is destroyed during their fight. After Cammy and Decapre defeat the other Dolls, Cammy notices that the Psycho Power surrounding them has disappeared. As the Dolls awaken, Shadaloo guards try to seize Cammy, but because the Dolls have broken free from the mind control, they are able to ward them off. The 'sisters' are thus reunited.

Cammy is last seen with Juri and the other Dolls watching Shadaloo's destruction.

Street Fighter 6[]

"Member of British special forces unit Delta Red. Distinguished herself in the operation against Shadaloo, with which she shares a fated connection. Hyper-competent but somewhat moody. Currently working at HQ."
Street Fighter 6

Cammy: The Investigation Continues[]

Over the phone, Juni expresses her concern how Cammy is so focused on work that she forgets to eat among other basic needs. However, Cammy reassures her that she is not the same as before now that she has people who care about her. Saying this causes Juni to giggle. When asked about it, Juni asks about the cat charm hanging on Cammy's phone and that remembering it made her laugh. Cammy expresses her fondness of the charm and thanks Juni for the gift. After the call, Cammy still can't process that Shadaloo has been eradicated; even though Juni thinks she's being paranoid. Additionally, Cammy finds it strange how it's becoming harder to find any trace of Shadaloo's remnants. She goes around the world to investigate.

Her searches eventually lead her to Nayshall, where she meets JP. She interrogates him about any leads of Shadaloo's remnants. However, the man denies any knowledge of the criminal syndicate. As he's about to make his leave to feed his cat, his body suddenly radiates negative energy. Cammy recognizes the energy JP possesses is Psycho Power. When asked about it, JP remains silent. Cammy threatens to use force in order to get answers from him, while JP sends his apologies to his cat for prolonging her meal. The two battle and Cammy emerges victorious, even though she felt something is out of place.

Despite all this, JP escapes and Cammy returns home to recollect her thoughts. While she suspects that he knows something about Shadaloo, she's left with more questions than answers. Cammy starts doubting if she can truly put an end to the criminal organization. She then remembers Juni having tea and cakes with her; seeing her smile and remembering her words of wisdom. Cammy thanks Juni for reminding her that she is not alone in this fight. Cammy vows to succeed for the sake of her and for her Sisters.

World Tour[]

Stinging Strikes. Bullet Speed. The Silent Killer. (刺すようなストライク。 弾丸の速度。 サイレントキラー。 Sasu yōna sutoraiku. Dangan no sokudo. Sairentokirā.?)

"I did not intend to teach you how to become strong. I've simply shown you a new perspective. (強くなる方法を教えるつもりはなかった。 私は単に新しい視点を示しただけです。 Tsuyoku naru hōhō o oshieru tsumori wa nakatta. Watashi wa tan'ni atarashī shiten o shimeshita dakedesu.?)"
—Cammy's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery

In Chapter 7, after helping Alfred defeat a gang of Mad Gear Dancers, he thanks them on behalf of the Delta Red Special Forces Unit. He invites them to visit the United Kingdom to potentially meet with his commander. Upon arriving, the Avatar explores the streets in search of the officer. Unbeknownst to them, Cammy blends with the small crowd of people; scouting the Avatar. On her phone, she communicates how the Avatar is not the person they are searching for, despite their background in martial arts. The Avatar soon senses that they are being spied on. They come in contact with Cammy who briefly stares at the Avatar before disappearing into the crowd and slipping toward the corner of the street.

The Avatar meets with Cammy, who admits that she has been watching over them since they have martial art experience; a bad habit that comes with the job. The Avatar requests Cammy to teach them her moves. While initially shocked at the request, she accepts and tells the Avatar to meet her at the same place tomorrow morning. The following morning, the two of them sparred.

Cammy starts off with her back toward the Avatar, telling them not to hold back. The Avatar begins with a blindside punch to the back of Cammy's head. However, the Delta Red soldier tilts her head to the side to effortlessly avoid the initial strike. Cammy ducks underneath a backfist from her opponent and prances back to create separation. After dodging and ducking a couple of kicks from the Avatar, both fighters throw simultaneous punches at each other. Only Cammy is able to sidestep her opponent's attack and potentially land her strike; stopping inches short of their face. Cammy pushes the Avatar away and retaliates with her own spinning heel kick. The Avatar leans back to barely avoid the kick. As they go for a counterattack, Cammy finds an opening and stops another backfist just short of her opponent's jaw. Cammy shoves the Avatar back a second time. This time, the Avatar throws a hook at Cammy, using a tremendous amount of energy in their strike. Cammy backflips away from her opponent before leaping in the air and delivering a Cannon Strike, causing the Avatar to get in a guard position. However, instead of attacking, Cammy use her opponent's head as a stepping stone to skip behind them; thus ending the sparring session and evaluation. Cammy then instructs the avatar to strike with speed and precision, rather than wasting energy.

Other appearances[]

Final Fight: Streetwise[]

As mentioned above, Cammy is a bonus boss character in Final Fight: Streetwise, and can be fought through the in-game tournament section as a reward.

Crossover appearances[]

Marvel vs. Capcom games[]

Cammy is one of the playable characters in the first game of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, X-Men vs. Street Fighter. It should be noted that this was the first appearance of "Killer Bee" Cammy, as she had not yet appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. In addition to showing loyalty to Bison, her special moves also emit purple flames, though whether or not she uses Psycho Power in the MvC games is unclear. "Delta Red" Cammy, as well as the Delta Red members, appear in her ending.

She would remain absent in further entries in the series until Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, where she retained most of her playstyle from her previous appearance, as well as her design. She did not return for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds or its update Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

An unused sprite of Cammy exists in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, which was intended for one of Norimaro's animations that were cut from the final game.

Capcom vs. SNK games[]

Cammy appears as a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK and Capcom vs. SNK 2, based mostly on her Street Fighter Alpha 3 incarnation.

Cannon Spike[]

Cammy is one of the playable characters (and one of the three Street Fighter characters, the other ones being Charlie and Vega) in the multi-directional shooter game Cannon Spike (which is named, outside of Japan, after Cammy's trademark attack).

Cross series[]

Namco x Capcom[]

Cammy also appears in Namco x Capcom, first as an enemy whose mind is being controlled, and then as Chun-Li's partner.

Street Fighter × Tekken[]


Chun-Li and Cammy during their prologue in Street Fighter × Tekken.

Cammy appears as a playable character in Street Fighter × Tekken with Chun-Li as her tag partner. In their Arcade story mode, Cammy discovers that Shadaloo has begun searching the Pandora, a mysterious box that fell from space and crash-landed on Earth. However, due to her affiliation with the British secret service, she is unable to act on any of the information she has acquired. Then one day, she receives a phone call from Chun-Li, who has also been keeping tabs on Shadaloo. Chun-Li has learned that both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu are attempting to secure the box for their own purposes. Chun-Li contacts Cammy in the hopes that they can work together in order to stop the two organizations from harming any more people.

During their search, Chun-Li and Cammy notice a stark contrast between Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu. While the former tends to keep their organization within the shadows, the latter has their operations more out in the open; giving them plenty of opportunities to investigate. Cammy soon receives word from one of her colleagues that Jin Kazama is somewhere in the Antarctic. At the same time, Chun-Li learns that a Shadaloo VTOL has also been spotted in the Antarctic and tries to deduce why both organizations are converging at the same location. With a chance to put a stop to their plans, Cammy and Chun-Li head toward Antarctica.


Cammy encounters Lili.

Later on at The Half Pipe, they encounter Asuka Kazama and Lili, who serve as each others' rivals. Chun-Li spots them and asks to state their business. Before the apprehensive Asuka can answer, Lili rudely declares that their reason for being here is none of their business and demands Chun-Li and Cammy to leave (much to Asuka's shock). Believing that they are here to interfere, Lili attacks and throws a spinning kick towards the two. However Cammy blocks the kick with her own. She then uses her leg to push Lili's out of the way, causing her to stumble to the ground in front of Asuka. Cammy drops to her stance and arrogantly warns her opponents to "run on home to mommy." [26]

After defeating Asuka and Lili, Chun-Li commends their strength and acknowledges how the young are also fighting for the future. However, an apathetic Cammy is more concerned how much time they have wasted. When they arrived in Antarctica, they confront Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu; who have been under the direct influence of Pandora. Although they defeated them, Cammy and Chun-Li can see how Jin and Xiaoyu have been affected by the box's power, as well as how dangerous it can be. As they continue their investigation, Ogre appears from the ice below to begin his slaughter. Chun-Li and Cammy defeat him to end the threat.


Cammy and Chun-Li securing Pandora's Box.

With Shadaloo, the Mishima Zaibatsu, and Ogre neutralized, Cammy and Chun-Li secures Pandora from enemy hands. They study the effects of the energy from the light that unlocked from the battle they had. While Cammy's scanner indicates that the energy is harmless, she fears that the light may be dangerous, as well as how it will affect the world. However, Chun-Li reassures her partner that they are just fine, even as they are standing next to the box. She also promises that they will find a way to fix those who have been affected by the light, which gave Cammy confidence.

Cammy, along with Chun-Li, makes an appearance in the cinematic episode of the second trailer for the Vita of Street Fighter × Tekken. Lei Wulong and Christie Monteiro were attacked by Balrog and Vega, upon investigating the whereabouts of Eddy Gordo. While recovering after Balrog uppercuts him out of the overturned vehicle, a car door behind an unsuspecting Lei opens and inadvertently hits him in the back of the head. Cammy appears out of the vehicle and coldly apologies.

Chun-Li also saves Christie from Vega. Apparently, she had warned Lei that Shadaloo was coming for them, even though Lei knew it that her "love letter" made it obvious. While Christie tries to understand what Lei and Chun-Li are flirting about, Cammy shrugs. Chun-Li claims that the Mishima Zaibatsu aren't the only ones trying to get their hands on the Pandora Box. The four of them drop in their stance, ready to take on the Shadaloo generals. Outnumbered, Vega and Balrog retreat.


Lei and Christie with Cammy and Chun-Li.

Blood Brothers 2[]

Cammy, Ryu, M. Bison and Chun-Li appear in DeNA’s mobile RPG, Blood Brothers 2.[27]


Cammy shadowverse

Cammy's Leader portrait in Shadowverse.

Cammy, Chun-Li, Ryu, M. Bison, Karin, Juri, and Vega all appear as Leaders for the classes in Shadowverse. Cammy is an optional leader for Forestcraft decks.[28]

Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

Cammy is a playable character in this game. As Rita Repulsa's hold on the Morphin Grid stretches across multiverses, Cammy is among the warriors who are sucked into the Grid, pitted against those from the Power Rangers multiverse.

Live-action films[]

Street Fighter 1994 film[]

In the 1994 live-action film, Cammy is one of the members of Colonel William F. Guile's Allied Nations strike force to take down Shadaloo. Cammy's rank is Lieutenant. Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue played Cammy and reprised her role in the movie based games.


Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie[]

Cammy StreetF 2 Movie

Cammy in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

Cammy appears in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie in a scene early in the movie, where she assassinates the British Minister of Justice, Albert Sellers, after being brainwashed by Shadaloo. She is then subdued by bodyguards and taken in for questioning by Interpol. She is later shown on a Shadaloo surveillance video being interrogated by Chun-Li. By now, her brainwashing has worn off and she does not remember anything about the assassination. Bison later sends Sagat to kill both Cammy and Vega, but Cammy's fate is left unrevealed.

Like all the characters portrayed in the anime, Cammy speaks with an American accent.

Street Fighter cartoon[]

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Cammy in Street Fighter: The Animated Series.

Cammy is one of the characters who joins Guile in the fight against General M. Bison and Shadaloo. She makes her first appearance in the second episode. She briefs Guile and Escher about terrorist attack in Wuhan; ending with an elegant curtsy and a playful wink. Cammy serves as the team's pilot, transporting the Street Fighters to their destinations. In the second episode, she also accompanies Guile and his team to Wuhan, providing them transportation and air support. Later on, she assists the team in tracking Bison to stop him from detonating a reactor. She takes out the soldier operating an attack vehicle with her Cannon Drill.

Street Fighter II V[]


Cammy in Street Fighter II V.

Cammy also makes an appearance in Street Fighter II V, again with an American accent but this time as a more honorable freelance assassin rather than a Shadaloo minion. She is hired by Interpol agent Balrog (actually a spy for Bison) to assassinate Inspector Dorai (Chun-Li's father) for destroying the Ashura syndicate, a branch of Shadaloo. She is unaware that Balrog is working with Shadaloo and instead believes the Chief of Interpol, Barrack, has ordered the hit upon realizing Dorai is supposedly with Shadaloo. Cammy hangs Dorai from his balcony in Barcelona but fails to kill him and he is hospitalized.

Cammy is later informed and goes to the hospital to finish the job, but is intercepted by Fei-Long, Dorai's star pupil. Cammy and Fei-Long fight brutally and appear to be even until Fei-Long blurts out his intention to make both her and Shadaloo pay for their crimes. Realizing that she has been set up, Cammy enlists Fei-Long and Barrack's help in exposing Balrog and makes sure to beat Balrog severely before leaving him for the authorities. Following this, she flees the scene, vowing to fight Shadaloo her own way.


Cammy makes a cameo appearance in the 2012 Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph. In the first trailer of the film, Cammy can be seen for a brief second at Game Central Station in the right-hand corner of the screen. Later in the actual film as the bad guys head off to Game Central Station, Cammy can be seen chatting with Chun-Li for a couple of seconds as they pass by the villains. Her outfit is nearly identical to her trademark Delta Red attire, except that instead of her usual barelegged appearance with green streaks, she's wearing light green tights. This change was made, most likely to make her outfit more modest, and thus, more appropriate, for a family-friendly setting.


Cammy in her Gem Fighter bar cameo.

Cammy makes two Cameo appearances in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix in the background of some stages. In the tavern stage, Cammy is seen sitting on one of the bar stools near the waiter Dee Jay, bouncing on her posterior while the battle is going on. In another stage, a more child-like Cammy appears looking in the window of a store alongside an older looking M. Bison.


Street Fighter Alpha manga[]

Cammy is seen in the South America underground conducted by Shadaloo, in which she fights Dan Hibiki. Being viewed from a monitor, Vega reveals that she is the result of genetic manipulation and that she is superior to most fighters in every way despite her young age. Vega orders Cammy to slay Dan after the latter was weakened, but the fight is interrupted by Sodom (as the arena had rules to support multiple fighters joining any battle). After throwing Dan out of the arena, Sodom engages Cammy, easily overpowering her. During the fight, he causes injuries to her that free her from Shadaloo's control and trigger her sense of pain.

Sakura Ganbaru![]

Cammy appears in volume two of the manga. Having recently defected from Shadaloo, she fights against Gen, who was hired to kill her. Chun-Li, who was nearby with Sakura and Dan, decided to bring Gen into custody. However, Gen was able to quickly incapacitate her, Sakura then steps up to fight Gen. Near the end of their fight, Gen is close to finishing the battle for good, but stops just one moment early, by a cherry tree leaf. Cammy asked why he spared Sakura's life when he was never hesitant to kill anybody before, Gen, having found the "light", replied that he no longer held the desire to kill.

Sakura woke up twelve hours later, in the hospital, with Dan, Chun-Li, and Cammy watching over her. Having discovered a lead to Ryu's location in Russia, the group find the national hero Zangief in a cage wrestling match inside a steel mill where he has just defeated Blanka, and subsequently knocks out Dan, who jumped into the ring to avenge his friend, with one blow. Zangief recognizes Cammy, as he had trained her while she was in Shadaloo and remembering how it had played him for a fool, he decides to take out his frustrations on her. Even though she is ready to throw the match if it means restoring Zangief's honor, Sakura enters the ring for a tag match, unwilling to let Cammy get pummeled to death. Zangief accepts to take on both of them, and Sakura's drive to fight to the finish eventually gets to Cammy, resulting the fight to end in a stalemate.

Chun-Li and Cammy decide to part ways with the group there in order to resume investigation on Shadaloo, leaving Dan and Sakura to head for Thailand by themselves. Before they leave, Cammy asks Sakura to keep calling her by this name, even if she manages to remember her real name.

Cammy Gaiden[]


Cammy starting her mission in her traditional outfit.

19-years old Cammy, now working with Delta Red, is tasked to stop a hacker who has stolen all of their important data including their identities. His identity is revealed to be Alex Lewis, a hacker for a terrorist organization. Cammy infiltrates the hideout and takes the guards out with ease. Alex watches her from a monitor and compliments her skills in fighting. After the deal with the trade for his client is denied, Alex knocks him out cold with a kick as Cammy comes in. She acknowledges his skill but is caught off guard when he rushes and attacks her. Alex gives a brief speech of how Cammy acts and what she does and thinks her popularity is overrated.


Cammy breaks Alex's arm while mocking him.

He has Cammy in a wrestling hold, Alex underestimates Cammy's strength however and she breaks Alex's arm. She mocks the hacker and finishes him off with her signature move "Cannon Spike". After his defeat, Cammy could not find the missing data, but in return, she saved the cat much to her boss's annoyance. However, Cammy's assistant finds the data on the cat's collar and Cammy distressed the idea of underwear being in the data. He mentions that the data didn't have anything about Cammy liking cats which added as a benefit in getting the data back.


Cammy finishes him and completes her Mission.

Street Fighter series by UDON[]

Killer Bee first appears sixty days after Gouken's assassination and Charlie Nash's capture. She receives orders from Shadaloo Central Headquarters to locate Ryu, who she tracks down to a restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco, and continues to follow him and report to M. Bison. That same night, she tracks Ryu, Ken, and Eliza to Ken's house, and continues to observe, listening to their conversation and realizing her target was about to leave the country. A flashback from six months prior to that time, Killer Bee is revealed to have been sent to Hong Kong to capture an agent of Interpol that had infiltrated in Shadaloo, otherwise known as Dorai.

He is swiftly apprehended by Shadaloo agents as Cammy fights his daughter Chun-Li, before escaping herself. In her next scene, Killer Bee has been captured by Rose, who had sensed in her "the potential to be human". Using her powers, she "killed" the codenamed agent Killer Bee, thus freeing her and providing her with the name "Cammy". She appears in a flashback of Charlie, who tells Chun-Li how her father was set to fight Shadaloo's 13 Dolls, only to be killed by Killer Bee. In yet another flashback, from about a year before her capture by Rose, Killer Bee is shown fighting Vega as Bison's last test of her abilities and manages to knock him down in a moment of distraction. Later in the flashback, she is seen in a restricted area, undergoing Shadaloo's Memory Algorithm Delete Program. Back to the present day, Cammy wakes up on a bench in front of the British Embassy in Rome, Italy, with a note reading: "Welcome to your new life, Cammy. Do not waste it."

Already part of Delta Red, she is shown in a mission in the border between Germany and France, where the team struggles to escort a British cabinet minister from Berlin to home. During the mission, Cammy figures something was off when a wagon from the train they were in was disengaged, and walks into a secret Shadaloo operation, capturing agent Satsuki. Later, in Lieutenant Matthew McCoy's flat in London, Cammy explains her arrival to the British Embassy back in Italy. On the occasion, she walked right into a terrorist attack and was forced to fight. By the time Delta Red arrived at the location, Cammy had handled the 30 terrorists mentioned to be in the area and was quickly enlisted in Delta Red's training. Later on, she woke up from a nightmare involving her past as assassin and the genetic experiments from which Killer Bee was born. She called Colonel Wolfman immediately, informing him of her dream, and remarking that she never had one before. Upon interrogating Satsuki by herself, she was saluted as "Commanding Doll Officer Killer Bee", and pretended to be undercover so as to win her trust.

She is given highlights of a past mission, in which she had assassinated Professor Rodmovic's team for the designs of an experimental weapon, of which the technology was being used to recuperate Bison's health, after his fight with Charlie in Japan. In a reunion in MI-6, she reports everything she learned from Satsuki, while George Ginzu gathered intelligence of Shadaloo's actions, figuring out that almost all of the organization's major cells were focusing operations in Brazil. With the help of Shadaloo agents, Satsuki escapes her cell and, later, the building, saluting Cammy for the last time while being lifted off by a helicopter. While discussing what had happened, Chun-Li came in and, upon recognizing Cammy and instinctively believing she was working undercover for Shadaloo, attacked her in a fit of rage for being involved in the skirmish that led to her father's death. After hearing Chun-Li calling her Killer Bee, Cammy tearfully apologized for what had happened. When Delta Red is shown dropping off in a dense Brazilian forest, she is seen leading the way, at some point, she is invited to a tournament by Gill as she sees it as a way to get closer to his plain due to the connection that his company has with Shadaloo since Bison's disappearance.

Super Street Fighter Vol 2: Hyper Fighting - Delta Blue[]

Within the Command Center of MI6 headquarters in London, Cammy's superior delivered urgent news. One of the key cabinet members had been kidnapped, and tensions were running high as the Prime Minister expressed his displeasure. Cammy, along with her elite unit, Delta Blue, was summoned for a critical mission—to infiltrate an underground base located in the Arctic Circle. They were given little information beyond an extrapolated building model, leaving them to unravel the mysteries that awaited.

Arriving at the designated location, Cammy, Abel, and their teammates encountered adversaries who were far too well-equipped to be mere meteorologists. However, these terrorists soon discovered that they were no match for the highly trained British operatives.

Just as Cammy approached the leader scientist's office, he unleashed Necro, a formidable opponent, to fend her off. The terrorists were holding Cammy at gunpoint. However, their momentary triumph was short-lived when Ginzu arrived in a colossal mecha, his imposing presence causing the enemies to quickly surrender. Unfortunately, before anyone could celebrate, Necro launched an electroshock attack on Ginzu, momentarily incapacitating him.

Cammy and Necro engaged in a fierce duel, their skills clashing with relentless intensity. As the battle raged on, Cammy's training and instincts kicked in. Activating a powerful electric device embedded in her gauntlet, she delivered a crushing blow, rendering Necro unconscious with a heavy elbow strike.

With the immediate threat neutralized, Delta Blue members secured the scene. Abel beckoned Cammy, urging her to investigate a disturbing discovery. Cammy followed Abel into a familiar laboratory—one she knew all too well. The sight that greeted her sent chills down her spine, reminding her of her own creation. Multiple test tubes contained cloned bodies of influential figures from around the world—the Secretary General of the United Nations, the CEO of the world's largest network, and countless others.

Cammy's mind raced with questions. Had the organization behind this sinister plot succeeded in copying these prominent individuals? The gravity of the situation weighed heavily upon her as she pondered the implications.

Elsewhere, Gill and Urien discussed the compromised situation. Urien proposed destroying the base, but Gill had other plans. He ordered that their grand scheme be set into motion, declaring that there was no longer a need for secrecy.

The story reached conclusion in Washington D.C., where the cloned Secretary General of the United Nations ended a call with Gill. Stepping forward, he prepared to meet with the President of the United States, leaving behind a lingering sense of uncertainty and foreboding.

Street Fighter Unlimited[]

Cammy and Guile engaged in a conversation through a more sophisticated encrypted connection between England and America. They were worrying about Chun-Li's disappearance and the escalating suspicious activities of the Secret Society. Cammy recalled her mission in Antarctic and her confrontation with Necro, although the latter had escaped during an escort. Guile suggested that they join forces with an ally and pay Balrog (boxer) a visit to gather more information.

The confrontation quickly escalated into a fierce battle between Ken and the formidable boxer. In the heat of the fight, an accidental blow from Ken sent Balrog crashing through a window of the high-rise building.

Cammy, always prepared for the only possible outcome of their clash, was hanging outside the skyscraper on a rappelling rope. She swiftly caught the falling Balrog, making it clear that his cooperation was crucial if he wished her to spare his life.

A humbled Balrog finally divulged the information they sought. The lead pointed Cammy, Alex, and Guile towards Spain, where Vega (Claw), was organizing a sinister and bloody event.

Upon reaching their destination, the trio discovered Chun-Li. They joined forces and engage in an intense combat in a battleground filled with clones of Twelve. When they slowly began to lose, Alex displayed remarkable and unexpected abilities, turning the tide of the fight.

Upon returning to the United States, they gathered at Alex's wrestling club, eager to learn the latest developments from the news. To their surprise, Gill unveiled himself as the supposed savior of the world. However, his intentions raised suspicions among our protagonists, leaving them questioning the true nature of his actions.

Soon, Cammy received an invitation to the fighting tournament organized by Gill. She packed her belongings, intending to delve into the mystery surrounding Gill and the Secret Society. However, before she could depart, Abel interrupted her plans, urging her to reconsider. He claimed to possess crucial information concerning her doll sister, Juni, which he believed to be a more pressing matter. This turn of events signified the conclusion of Cammy's brief appearance in this series, as she set off on a new mission in her titular Street Fighter Legends series.

Street Fighter Legends: Cammy by UDON[]

Cammy is also in a mini-series based on her and her storyline in UDON's Street Fighter comic book series. She is the fourth and latest character to feature in the Street Fighter Legends sub-series, preceded by Sakura, Chun-Li, and Ibuki.

In the series, Cammy leads the all-new special ops team "Delta Blue", as they keep England and the world safe from destructive forces. Whether its art thieves, cyber assaults, or would-be world conquerors, Cammy and Delta Blue are ready to face the enemies of freedom and justice everywhere!

Signals From the Past[]


Street Fighter Legends: Cammy (Volume 1)

Cammy is the leader of the British Secret Service special operations team known as Delta Blue. Her unit consists of George Ginzu: the computer expert, Abel: the heavy weapon specialist, and former Dolls, Juli and Juni; who specialize in hand-to-hand combat and covert ops respectably. Delta Blue has been sent to subdue a terrorist group that has taken over the British Museum. As Juli rescues civilians and Ginzu disarms the bombs, Cammy and the others neutralize the threat. Cammy also spots Juni going into a robotic-like state while she's engaging with one of the targets. The gunman pulls out his weapon and aims it at the former Doll, but Cammy uses her Cannon Spike through the glass to neutralize the final target. As the police arrive, Juni returns to normal.

Back at the MI-6 Headquarters, Cammy reports to the chief about her team's mission, as well as the incident with Juni. Cammy assures that her comrade is loyal and that the mission was a success since no innocent people were hurt. However, the chief shows his concerns about Juni, as well as Cammy's past and the ties she formally has with Shadaloo. The chief also orders another round of hypnotic regression therapy for Juni; prohibiting Delta Blue from future missions until then.

After the briefing, Cammy and Abel head to the therapist office to check on Juni. On their way over, Cammy understands why the chief has been hard on her. Since four of the five members of Delta Blue were former agents of Shadaloo, putting them on the same team is a way to keep them in check. Cammy also shares about how every woman in the Doll program was given enhanced abilities and advanced training to make them emotionless killing machines.

As Cammy watches the therapy in succession, she begins to feel uncomfortable when the clinician asks the Juni about her time as M. Bison's servant. She storms into the office and ends the session. Delta Blue reunites and decides to take break to get refocused. When Juli suggests the team goes out to grab something to eat, Cammy agrees with a smile. Back at her apartment, Cammy finishes her shower. As she gets her hair ready for tonight, the words of obedience echo in her mind. Cammy gets dress up and makes her way to a pub.

Cammy is surprised that her entire team showed up. However, as the group sit in their booth in awkward silence, Cammy and Juli admit that no one has any life outside of the special ops. As Cammy orders a ginger beer and some appetizers, Juni once again reenters the robotic-like state; dropping her cup in the process. Juni shoves aside a couple of busboys and dashes out of the pub. Worried, Cammy follows her into an alley; trying to snap Juni out of her senses. When Cammy leaps over the fence and arrives at the rendezvous point, she sees Juni and Decapre facing off against Juri and C. Viper.

Damaged Dolls[]


Street Fighter Legends: Cammy Vol.2

While C. Viper is busy fighting Decapre, Juri takes on Juni. Cammy intervenes and blocks one of Juri's kicks to protect Juni. However, when Cammy tries to order Juni to run away, the former Doll responds with an elbow to the face. Juri joins in on the action as and delivers a kick that knocks both Cammy and Juni back. Juni puts Cammy in a sleeper hold, determined to incapacitate her while Juri watches on in amusement. With some fight in her, Cammy hoists Juni over her shoulders; releasing the hold and throwing her comrade into Juri. Afterwards, Decapre attacks Cammy. The leader of the Delta Blue blocks a downward knife strike from the Doll. Cammy sweeps her opponent's legs to get Depcapre to back off, simultaneously trying to get the Doll back to her senses. Still brainwashed, Decapre unleashes a flurry of attacks; which Cammy successfully evades. Leaving her with no choice, Cammy knocks out Decapre with a downward elbow strike to the cranium. Juni escapes the scuffle with Juri following behind her. Cammy tries to go after comrade, only to be stopped by the American agent. Before C. Viper can engage with Cammy, the rest of Delta Blue arrives, forcing her to surrender.

C. Viper is taken back to M-I6 Headquarters, only to be released by the chief due to her being an American agent on official CIA business. Cammy offers C. Viper and the CIA to help with M-I6 to solve the case. Unfortunately, C. Viper doesn't trust former Shadaloo agents to be on the same team as her. After the agent leaves, Cammy and Juli goes down to the detainment unit to check on Decapre.

As Cammy approaches, Decapre initiates the escape protocol. Still handcuffed, she attacks Cammy with a swift kick. She brings her up close and delivers a headbutt. Despite the struggle and request for backup from Juli, Cammy keeps Decapre under control. She delivers a knee strike to Decapre's head and throws her back into prison. The guard locks up the cell and tasers Decapre to incapacitate her. With interrogation out of the question, the team decides to run some medical tests on Decapre.

The doctor reveals that Decapre's DNA is 99.92% match with Cammy. The leader reveals that Decapre was the prototype for M. Bison's Doll program. When analyzing her nodes, Ginzu recognizes the pattern as a retrieval signal: the kind of signal used to find a lost cell phone or set off a car alarm. He hypothesizes that the signal is a command to call the Dolls back home. Juli believes that the same thing has happened to Juni since she and Decapre are both highly susceptible to hypnotic commands. Ginzu recommends some tests on the signal data to help the team get to the bottom of this mystery. Cammy agrees, not stopping until every one of the Dolls has been set free.

Mind Field[]


Street Fighter Legends: Cammy Vol.3

Before the simulation on Cammy's and Decapre's nodes commences, the leader of the Delta Blue questions if the experiment is going to work. Ginzu sarcastically, but confidently confirms that the odds are in their favor; even though Cammy doesn't find it reassuring. The computer expert calculates that since Cammy's DNA are almost an identical match to Decapre, they may be able to fool the Doll's mind, break through her mental barriers and obtain the information regarding where her Shadaloo programming is stored. Abel suggests the possibility of failure, while Juli expresses concern that the experiment may cause Cammy to relapse; especially since she has already broken free from M. Bison's control. Still, Cammy understands the risks, determined to save Juni and find the ones responsible for this. When a helmet is placed over Cammy's head, the experiment begins.

In her mind, Cammy finds herself in her Delta Blue outfit and in an open field. She comes across a secret laboratory. Suddenly, a voice orders Cammy to state her name and passcode. It is revealed to be another Cammy in her "Killer Bee" persona. Despite the revelation, Killer Bee states that she is the real Shadaloo Doll agent, while the other Cammy is an impostor. Without warning, Killer Bee attacks the real Cammy, sweeping her off her feet with her Spiral Arrow. Killer Bee claims she is the first, Bison's original specimen, and perfect in every way. As she refers the other Dolls as unnecessary, Killer Bee's face begins to crack. She screams in pain as red energy burst from her eyes.

Suddenly, Decapre appears and attacks Cammy. Each thrust and swing from her daggers appear to target Killer Bee, even though she's striking the real Cammy. Enraged, Decapre accuses Cammy of taking her place and ruining everything. She believes that she should've been M. Bison's greatest weapon. Struggling at first, Cammy uses her Cannon Spike to knock Decapre out cold. Even though she is victorious, Cammy apologies and regretfully wishes she could undo what happened to both of them.


Cammy submitting to M. Bison's commands.

As Cammy ventures deeper into the lab, she comes across an entryway with the Shadaloo insignia on the door. The computer requests Cammy to state her name and passcode, which she replies "Killer Bee" and "Immortal." After the retinal scan, the door opens up and M. Bison appears. He grabs Cammy by the neck and commands her to fulfill her destiny. The struggle forces Cammy to lose control and succumb to her former master's will.

Back at the M-I6 lab, the experiment has gone haywire. Before Ginzu can pull the plug, a brainwashed Cammy and Decapre breaks free. The two knock Abel, Juli, and Ginzu aside before exiting the lab and jumping through the window of the M-I6 Headquarters. Cammy and Decapre arrive at the rendezvous point, where F.A.N.G and some Shadaloo soldier are waiting. Delta Blue arrives shortly after in an armored car to take back their comrade. Still brainwashed, Cammy and Decapre immobilize the vehicle with a tandem shoulder tackle. Cammy punches through the window, grabs Juli by the throat and hoists her out of the car. Juli begs Cammy to snap out of it, but F.A.N.G arrogantly states that Killer Bee cannot help her.

In Cammy’s mind, the leader of the Delta Blue is on her hands and knees, appearing to be submitting to her former master. The dictator states that resistance is futile. M. Bison also reminds the former Doll's objectives. Despite his words and influence, Cammy glowers back at the dictator. Vowing to never again be a part of Shadaloo, Cammy delivers a kick to M. Bison, destroying the illusion of the dictator and setting her free from his brainwashing.

When Cammy returns to normal, she turns the tables on F.A.N.G and attacks him. Realizing that Cammy has become a liability, he orders the soldiers to eliminate her and Delta Blue. Cammy evades the gunfire and finds cover behind the armored car with Juli. Suddenly, backup arrives in the form of C. Viper, who had been following them. Regardless of the assist, F.A.N.G escapes with the other Dolls and Abel on a plane. Because of her mental link with Decapre, Cammy deduces that F.A.N.G is heading to a secret Shadaloo base in Xinjiang, China. When C. Viper questions what he is planning, Cammy explains that they are about to execute the "Immortal Protocol", an insane idea by F.A.N.G that allows him to resurrect the dead.

Breaking Free[]


Street Fighter Legends: Cammy Vol.4

A plane hovers over the mountains of Xinjian, China. Cammy briefs her team about the upcoming mission, telling them that they are up against heavily armed Shadaloo soldiers, a couple of highly-trained assassins, a poison-wielding mad scientist, and (possibly) a resurrected, Psycho Powered dictator. With that, Cammy, C. Viper, and Delta Blue leaps out of the aircraft and skydives toward their destination; parachuting safely without being detected.

Cammy and C. Viper stealthily approached a couple of guards blocking the entrance, who are recalling what happened to one of their comrades. While C. Viper incapacitates one of the guards with her electric-gloved fist, Cammy easily takes out the second soldier with a sleeper hold. Ginzu successfully hacks the base's security system, unlocking the entrance. Aimed with her handgun, Cammy and her team infiltrates the base.

Elsewhere, F.A.N.G starts "Immortal Protocol". By combining M. Bison's genetic blueprint embedded in Decapre, Abel, and Juni, as well as using Juri's Feng Shui Engine to locate and absorb the energy signatures, he can successfully bring the evil dictator back to life. As the protocol commences, Cammy and her team knock out more guards. They can also hear strange sounds coming from deep into the base. According to Ginzu's device, the excessive amount of power gathering in the base can cause the whole mountain to explode if it's not contained.

When the team arrives at the lab, Cammy kicks open the door. The Shadaloo scientists run for cover. With their weapons out and aimed at the opposition, a fierce battle is about to begin between Delta Blue and Shadaloo. Delta Blue appears to gain the upper hand, avoiding gunfire and taking out the Shadaloo Soldiers one-by-one. After knocking out one of the guards, Cammy goes after F.A.N.G; ordering him to cease the experiment. She starts off the fight with a side kick. However, F.A.N.G evades the attack and delivers a knifehand strike; hitting Cammy in the face and knocking her to the ground. As Cammy rubs her cheek, F.A.N.G manically laughs; declaring that Killer Bee's services are no longer required.


Cammy taken out by the resurrected M. Bison.

With the successful completion of "Immortal Protocol", M. Bison finally returns. The dictator immediately goes on the attack. He reaches toward Cammy, grabs her by the neck and uses his Psycho Power to make her suffer. M. Bison then throws Cammy into a stasis tube behind him, effortlessly shattering the glass into pieces. After easily taking out both Juli and C. Viper, the dictator commands Decapre to eliminate Killer Bee. Despite her pleas, Decapre remains determined to take out Cammy and claim her place as M. Bison's most powerful weapon. Decapre soon gains the upper hand, slicing Cammy's left arm. However, before she can finish her off, M. Bison orders her to follow him; which she obeys.

As M. Bison, F.A.N.G, and Decapre exit the premises, more Shadaloo soldiers arrive and return with heavy gunfire. The injured Cammy finds cover behind a machine and assembles her team. With the base falling apart and becoming unstable, Ginzu leads Delta Blue through the maintenance tunnels as their escape route. The base explodes, but Cammy kicks down the door as Delta Blue makes their escape. The aircraft that they arrived in descends to pick them up.

On the plane, Juli and Cammy discuss the aftermath of their mission. Even though M. Bison is alive again, Cammy says that the dictator's hold on them has broken. No longer shall her mind by under Shadaloo's control for her thoughts are hers alone. In addition to bringing back Juni, they have saved Abel and Juri. As for Decapre, Cammy accepts that she has made her own choice. Cammy vows to keep fighting until the last Doll is set free, and until Shadaloo is finally destroyed. As the plane flies into the horizon, Cammy becomes optimistic about what the future will bring.

Street Fighter Masters: Cammy by UDON[]

Cammy is the third and latest character to feature in the Street Fighter Masters sub-series, preceded by Blanka and Chun-Li.

"Model Solder"

MI6 received critical intelligence regarding an impending assassination plot, and both Delta Red and Delta Blue were swiftly deployed to London's fashion show. Shadaloo had brainwashed a supermodel, aiming to eliminate an Indonesian general who posed a threat to their weapon supply chain.

Operating under the veil of uncertainty surrounding the assassin's identity, Cammy, along with fellow agents Juni and Juli, decided to infiltrate the fashion show disguised as runway models. They kept a keen eye on the attendees, ready to apprehend the brainwashed supermodel at a moment's notice.

Meanwhile, C. Viper and Juri fought against a fragile Seth clone en route to an old S.I.N base for repairs. In a twist of fate mixed with dark humor, Juri managed to crush him beneath a bus. When they realized they only had seven minutes to preserve Seth's vital brain module, Juri entered the base and connected it to a spare body, activating a female version of Seth.

The female cyborg immediately turned hostile and launched a ferocious attack against Juri, sending her crashing out of a building. The Delta Blue operatives on the site struggled to subdue the formidable opponent, realizing that their efforts were in vain. Amidst the chaos, Seth noticed Cammy on a tablet held by Ginzu, mistaking her for Bison, the one she was determined to eliminate.

Back at the fashion show, Cammy sensed something amiss, noticing suspicious activities involving an Asian model. Before she could take action, Seth burst onto the scene, triggering a fierce battle that overwhelmed Juni, Juli, and Cammy combined.

When Ginzu informed everyone that the female Seth was not the intended assassin they were seeking, Lita Luwanda, another Delta Red operative, intercepted the Asian model just as she was about to assassinate the general.

On the other side, Seth overpowered Cammy and held her perilously out of a window, threatening to end her life.

Desperate to save their comrade, Ginzu, with the information from Juri, created a holographic projection of Bison, projecting it in front of Seth. The cyborg momentarily lost focus, mistaking the hologram for her true target. She spared Cammy and lunged towards Bison, only to pass through the hologram and crash into a building across the street.

Unbeknownst to Seth, Delta Blue members Abel and McCoy had prepared an explosive trap within the neighboring building. The detonation obliterated the secret S.I.N lab along with the female Seth clone.

In the aftermath of the intense battle, Juri attempted to gain recognition and gratitude from MI6 for her help, hoping to elicit thanks from Cammy. However, the British operative swiftly cuffed Juri and sent her off to prison for causing extensive damage to valuable London properties. Juri protested and desperately reached out to Viper for help, only to discover that the CIA operative found the situation amusing and intended to enjoy her weekend first.

Street Fighter Evolution Special[]

Dee Jay stood on the illustrious stage of the InterContinental Music Awards in London and announced this year's nominees of Reggae album. However, just before he could unveil the victorious artist, Cammy abruptly appeared, determined to settle some old scores right then and there, capturing the attention of viewers across the globe.

Without hesitation, Dee Jay met Cammy's challenge head-on. As they were locked in a tight grip, Cammy's acute reflexes detected a subtle movement from a nearby cameraman. Reacting instinctively, she swiftly redirected her attention, knocking down the individual who had been holding a concealed pistol.

It became apparent to Dee Jay that the assailant was none other than a Reggae musician who had been nominated but failed to win last year. Fueled by a sense of revenge, he accused Dee Jay of embodying an archaic and stubborn mentality that prevented the progress of the genre.

Bumping fists with Cammy in a show of camaraderie amidst the chaos, Dee Jay expressed his gratitude for her intervention. Dee Jay took back the spotlight and proceeded to reveal the winner, acknowledging the evolving landscape of music while highlighting the significance of embracing both the new and the established.

Street Fighter × G.I. Joe[]

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Cammy on the cover of Street Fighter × G.I. Joe.

Cammy, along with Chun-Li and Guile are helping members of G.I. Joe after finding out that King Cobra has had some kind of an alliance with M. Bison in an effort to rule the world.

In the second issue, Cammy is matched against M. Bison, who has organized a new World Warrior tournament, sponsored by M.A.R.S. She vows to put a stop to whatever he's scheming, as well as bring him to justice, all before the eight finals are over. Later on, Cammy watches Chun-Li as she fights against Zartan, who was disguised as Dan Hibiki. When Zartan revealed himself after defeating her, Cammy is appalled that this tournament has no rules. Guile deduced that someone wanted Zartan to win the match. Cammy promises to defeat M. Bison after what he did to her.

Before her match, Chun-Li warns Cammy that M. Bison is big and strong, so she has to get inside to do any damage. Guile also mentions that she needs to be faster than him to stand a chance. However, Cammy states that she will get her hands on M. Bison and make him pay in his own blood. Bison stands from his thrown and punch it to reveal a Psycho Drive. As the Dolls attach the device to his back, Bison declares that this Psycho Drive is fueled by the other combatants and keyed to his specific biosignature, designed by Destro and M.A.R.S Industries.


Cammy defeated by M. Bison.

At the start of the fight, Cammy is able to hold her. She hits Bison with her Quick Spin Knuckle and a Neck Twist, furious at how he kidnapped, brainwashed and enslaved her. But when Cammy is on sitting on Bison's shoulders, he regains the upper hand, teleporting behind Cammy and claiming that she looked like she enjoyed being enslaved. He states that since he has all of this power at his disposal, he is going to 'destroy' Cammy, rather than just beat her.

M. Bison grabs Cammy's head, lifts her up and throws her down to the ground. Before Cammy can recover, she is hit with Bison's Head Press, right on top of her face. He then grabs her by the head again with both hands, belittling Cammy for talking down to him. He finishes her off by driving the same fist straight into the opponent's stomach, similar to his Psycho Punisher. But sadly, he is far from done with Cammy. Guile, Chun-Li, and the others watch helplessly as Bison continues to beat down Cammy with punches to her face, kicks to her legs and knees to her back and chin. Destro finally stops Bison after he is short of killing Cammy, stating that he already has won. As Bison holds the unconscious Cammy up by her hair, he laughs that it is never enough.




Cammy ready to fight.

Cammy is a quick, impressive, close-range fighter. She lacks any projectile or long-reaching attacks and therefore hurls herself at the enemy relying on speed and priority. Due to her Frame Data her quick starting attacks can usually get Counter Hits. Priority such as this makes her one of the easiest characters to use in Capcom vs. SNK 2. Her original incarnation in Super Street Fighter II had trouble evading projectile attacks, so later incarnations involved reworked and additional special moves to evade them with ease. While some attacks are swift punches, her main moves utilize many kicks for mid-range normals and specials like Spiral Arrow.

She also has several throws to break through her opponent's defenses. One of her trademark grabs is the Frankensteiner, which showcases her physical strength. Even when her opponent is airborne, Cammy has an air throw or grab follow-up from her Hooligan Combination to spike them into the ground and leave them close to her. At times Cammy also has a more brutal fighting style, such as her second Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV; where she proceeds to snap her opponent's neck and apply devastating submission holds to inflict maximum damage.

Cammy's overall style revolves around sudden and rapid sweeping attacks. Her move set allows the player to attack from almost any given range, and with great agility. Her combo ability rivals that of Akuma. However, her moves are a bit awkward to execute and can make her vulnerable if blocked accordingly since her moves can put the player right in front of the opponent for an easy counterattack.

Also, Cammy's offensive power lacks mix-up, often requiring frame-traps and/or baits to open up her opponent's defenses. She can be best described as a linear character; meaning that her game plan is fairly straightforward. She lacks the 50/50 mix-ups that other characters may utilize to keep their opponent guessing. Still, Cammy relies on speed, pressuring normals, and shimmies to keep her opponent on their heels. Due to her fast offense, she is able to apply solid wake-up pressure and vortex mix-ups.

The key to Cammy's strength is to get in close and assault her opponent with her offensive tools. She becomes even more of a threat when she pressures them into the corner. Once Cammy is in range, it can be difficult for her opponent to escape. However, Cammy may struggle if her opponent successfully keeping her out of range. By using mid to long-range pokes or projectiles to keep her at a distance, Cammy won't be able to start her offense. Her bad matchups are mainly grappling characters like Zangief and Abigail. Because of her low vitality, a single command grab can deplete huge chunk of her health.

In Street Fighter 6, some of her Heavy special moves can be enhanced by holding punch or kick. Doing so slightly delays Heavy Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination but grants them properties similar to their OD versions for free. Cammy also has new followups from Hooligan Combination, including her Reverse Edge overhead axe kick and Silent Step feint, making it a much more threatening mixup tool.

Cammy's Level 1 Super Art is the Spin Drive Smasher, performing a multi-hitting Spiral Arrow before launching the opponent into a Cannon Spike. Her Level 2 Super Art is Killer Bee Spin, a powerful Cannon Strike that ends with her snapping the opponent's neck if they are grounded, or launching them for further juggles if they are airborne. Cammy's Level 3 Super Art is the Delta Red Assault, a Spiral Arrow that leads to a barrage of swift strikes that bring the opponent to their knees before Cammy finishes them off with a kick across the neck.

Overall, Cammy is a very versatile character with a great offensive game that consists of strong normals, and practical attacks that allows her to maintain pressure or to help her escape from being cornered.


Cammy fights in England in her first appearance, but her voice actresses in the games always have either American or Japanese accents. It wasn't until Street Fighter IV where she finally sports a proper English accent. She is voiced in the Marvel vs. Capcom series by Susan Hart (not to be confused with the adult film actress of the same name).

Cammy appears as one of the heroes in the 1994 movie Street Fighter. She is portrayed by the famous Australian musician Kylie Minogue. In the movie, Cammy is a British intelligence agent that is serving as Colonel Guile's intel officer and right-hand woman in the Allied Nations Army. In Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and Street Fighter II V, Cammy's accent is American and she is voiced by Debra Jean Rogers. In Street Fighter IV: The Ties that Bind, Cammy is English again and voiced by Caitlin Glass. Caitlin continues portraying Cammy in Street Fighter × Tekken and in Street Fighter V.




Pop Culture[]

Cammy/Pop Culture






  • In the Street Fighter 1995 cartoon, Cammy was depicted as Guile's love interest before being brainwashed by Bison to be his lover. This was due to her original ending in Super Street Fighter II. The animation series occurred before it was revealed that she's a clone of Bison. However, in the Japanese version, it was never mentioned that Cammy was Bison's lover.[29] In the series finale, Cammy breaks free of the brainwashing.
  • She was initially going to be in the front box cover for Super Street Fighter IV, before being replaced by Dudley near the final release; however, she is featured on the Japanese cover.
  • In Masahiko Nakahira's Sakura Ganbaru manga, Cammy was accidentally named by Sakura, who found her with a lost memory. Cammy couldn't remember her name, but Sakura called her Cammy, the name coming from a cat in her neighborhood that she reminded her of.
  • In Makoto's 3rd Strike ending, Cammy makes a cameo appearance among the fighters defeated by Makoto.
  • In Decapre's Ultra Street Fighter IV opening, a young Cammy is seen comforting a young Decapre. Oddly enough, Cammy speaks in an American accent instead of a British one, likely due to her origin story indicating she isn't actually a UK native.
  • In Street Fighter Alpha 2, M. Bison states that Cammy has the power to destroy an entire country. However, it is very possible that Cammy has not fully retained her skill after suffering from amnesia and could become considerably more powerful in the future.
  • Cammy's alternate "Horror" costume (a bee outfit, a nod to her codename "Killer Bee") in Ultra Street Fighter IV has a strong resemblance to Q-Bee from the Darkstalkers games, also made by Capcom.
  • Initially, Cammy's model in Street Fighter V had angular, European features, which were altered following complaints from Japanese commentators, who felt Cammy's new design was "aimed at foreigners" and “exceedingly ugly”.[30]
    • In addition to complaints, parts of Cammy's, R. Mika's, and Juri's bodies have been "censored" in Street Fighter V. For example, Cammy's opening scene is shown at a higher angle than before and her classic mid-fight pose has also been changed to a less revealing one. These changes have caused widespread controversy among the Street Fighter community. Many claimed that it should not have been added or was not needed, while others say it should not have been changed at all.
    • This has for a while caused a movement for the modding community to restore the censored angles in regards to Juri's jumpsuit, and R. Mika slapping her buttocks during her Critical Art.
  • Cammy and Fei Long are the first characters to have a "Shoryuken" style attack that is done with a kick rather than with a punch. In Cammy's case, this trend would continue with other female characters in the series.
  • Unused graphics of the name "Sarah" exists in Super Street Fighter II, implying that name was likely the early name for Cammy or said name would have been used for differing regions.[31]
  • Cammy wears leggings for her appearances in both Wreck-It Ralph and Fortnite, presumably to make her less sexualized.
  • The straps on her jacket in Street Fighter 6 give her a silhouette similar to the one she had when she had braids.


Stage Themes[]

See also[]


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