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StreetFighter EP26

"Cammy Tell Me True" is the thirteenth and final episode in the second season as well as the final overall episode of the Street Fighter TV series.


M. Bison captures Delta Red in a brief battle and the British government are adamant about getting them back, as they know critical government secrets. Bison compiles doomsday codes, which are the launch protocols for every known nuclear bomb on Earth, and plans to not take over the world, but to destroy it. Guile and Chun-Li are given a package from Sagat, containing the secret of Cammy's past, as Sagat does not want the world to be destroyed by Bison. They infiltrate Bison's base and everyone, including a reformed Cammy, Sagat and Delta Red team up to stop Bison and destroy his computer console with one second left on the doomsday timer. Bison is seemingly killed when he is consumed by the computer. Afterwards, Cammy rejects Guile's offer to return to the team, opting to go down her own path.

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