Rose special canceling in Super Street Fighter IV.

Canceling is a gameplay mechanic common in fighting games, including the Street Fighter series.

Description[edit | edit source]

A cancel is the act of interrupting (or canceling) the animation of an attack. Cancels are mostly used to set up combos; usually, a normal or special attack is canceled into another special attack. Cancels can often open up opportunities for combos that would normally be impossible otherwise.

Canceling is performed by attacking; while the attack is performed, the player must input the next attack. If done quickly enough, the character will stop, or cancel, their current attack and perform the input attack.

Types of Cancels[edit | edit source]

Example of a Super Jump Cancel.

Canceling is possible in all games since Street Fighter II; as with combos, they were an exploit discovered by players and were later introduced as an actual gameplay mechanic. Since the Street Fighter III series, it is possible for players to cancel a normal or special attack into a Super Art or Super Combo.

Different types of cancels are possible, depending on the game and its mechanics.

  • Super Cancel: It is possible for players to cancel into their Super Combo from most normal's and special attacks, (Example, Hien-Kasumi Suzaku)
  • Focus Attack Cancel: Players can cancel certain moves into a Focus Attack, and can also cancel the Focus Attack by dashing forwards or backwards.
  • Super Charge Cancel: Attacks that can be special, jump, or super jump canceled can be canceled into a character's designated Super Charge attack (e.g. Raida) then dash forward or backwards similarly to Focus Attacks.
  • Jump Cancel: Some attacks such as Ibuki's crouching HP can be jumped out of by holding up after the attack connects. The pre-jump frames can be cancelled into special attacks, ultra combos, or Focus Attacks.
  • Super Jump Cancel: Similar to Jump Cancels the user needs to press down then up when their attacks connect. Super Jumps tend to be rare in the series. Attacks that can be Super Jump cancelled tend to already be special cancel able.
  • Ultra Cancel: Like Super Jumps these are rare, in IV these are exclusive to Dan during his Legendary Taunt, and Dee Jay, during his own Super.
  • Guard Cancel: In select games players can cancel their guard. There is usually a cost of "meter" of sorts.
  • Kara-Cancel: A name used for the technique of cancelling the startup of one move with another to transfer the properties of the initial attack, such as invincibility or range.
  • V-Trigger Cancel: In Street Fighter V, characters can cancel into their V-Trigger. If they have a V-Skill that is an attack (E.G. Tenrai) they can V-Trigger from that too.
  • Rapid Cancel: A mechanic that allows some attacks to be canceled into each other or others. They also can be between light attacks such as Ibuki being able to rapid cancel her crouching light kick into her crouching light punch in SFV. Target Combos work very similarly.
  • Switch Cancel: A mechanic in Street Fighter X Tekken that allows a partner switch mid hit. This can be done as long as the opponent is in hitstun.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ibuki and C. Viper are usually mistaken to have the Ultra Cancel ability due to professional players being able to use Hashinsho and Burst Time seemingly at will. These are enabled by Jump Cancels and Super Jump Cancels rather than Ultra Cancels.

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