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For the game, see Cannon Spike (game).The Cannon Spike (キャノンスパイク Kyanon Supaiku?), also known as the Thrust Kick, is a special attack performed by Cammy, Juni and Juli. It was introduced in the Super Street Fighter II games.
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Street Fighter 6
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"From a low stance, kick upward while rising into the air. It is invincible against jumping attacks, making it useful as an anti-air attack."
Street Fighter 6
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Cannon Spike in Street Fighter V.

Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing kick (or pressing forward and Special Attack for Modern Control), the user launches in the air leg-first for a singular, powerful strike that often overpowers any aerial strike. Upon impact (whether hit or block), they flip backward a relatively safe distance, though some games increase the length of their recovery animation to increase chance of retaliation. The angle is determined by the kick button pressed. The Light version has the fastest startup and goes almost straight up. The Heavy version travels more forward and up. The Medium version's angle is somewhere in between.

Thrust Kick

Cannon Spike/Thrust Kick, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

The EX Special version introduced in the SFIV series has even less startup time, covers a longer horizontal distance and is completely invulnerable. In Street Fighter V, it has the fastest startup compared to the normal versions, making Cammy invincible in at the start of the move.

Also in Street Fighter V, the move can be enhanced while her first V-Trigger is active. Performing this attack allows Cammy to rise into the air and kick her opponent five times while alternating her feet, similar to Chun-Li's Tenshokyaku.

In Street Fighter 6, Cammy gains an addition amplified version of her Heavy Cannon Spike. By holding the Heavy Kick button, Cammy rotates her hips to briefly charge up her attack before delivering a high thrust kick that launches the opponent in the air. After the first kick successfully hits the opponent, Cammy follows up by performing an upward angled Spiral Arrow to pass through the opponent before landing on the other side of the stage.


In Ultra Street Fighter IV, a successful hit of the EX Cannon Spike can be optionally followed in air by a quick Cannon Strike, in a similar fashion of how T. Hawk can chain EX Tomahawk Buster into EX Condor Dive. The same can be done in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, where Cammy can link her Delta Drive V-Trigger Cannon Spike into V-Trigger Cannon Strike.


Cannon Spike is Cammy's main anti-air tool. This move is great for catching jump-ins. It is also a solid combo ender, doing more damage compared to Spiral Arrow. Players have to choose the right version of Cannon Spike for the right situation.


Cammy's Cannon Spike

The Light version is mainly used against neutral jumps and potential cross-up scenarios. The Medium version is used against deep jump-ins, where the Heavy version may miss. The Heavy version is an excellent tool against deeper jump-ins. The EX version is Cammy's go-to reversal. Because she is invincible for the beginning of the move, players can use the EX version to escape pressure and create space.

Finally, Cammy's V-Trigger version makes Cammy invincible in the beginning of the move. It is also a good combo ender, linking from V-Trigger Spiral Arrow. However, Cammy players should not throw this move out indiscriminately. All versions of this move are extremely unsafe on block. If the opponent successfully blocks it, Cammy becomes vulnerable for punishes and high damaging combos.

In Street Fighter 6, Cannon Spike returns as Cammy's anti-air attack and her most damaging special move. It is mainly used to end combos. While Cannon Spike creates separation between Cammy and her opponent, she can immediately Drive Rush after the move to quickly close the distance and follow up with a meaty Crouching Heavy Punch to reapply pressure. Similar to her EX version, her OD Cannon Spike hits the opponent multiple times, and allows Cammy to perform a side switch. This is an effective way to escape the corner, while still inflicting decent damage to the opponent. When Heavy Kick is held to perform this move, Cammy can also perform an OD Spiral Arrow without spending any meter. While it has a lengthy 24-frame startup, she can cancel into this version from Standing Heavy Punch at close range. She can also cancel the held Heavy Kick version into Delta Red Assault.


  • In the 1994 Street Fighter movie, Cammy can be heard yelling "Thrust Kick!" while fighting soldiers near the end of the film, though she's doing a standard kick at the time.
  • A multi-directional shooter arcade game named Cannon Spike (known as Gunspike in Japan) was released in 2000. Cammy and Charlie are two of the playable characters in the game.
  • The Cannon Spike appears as Cammy's unique emote in Fortnite, where it can be used by any character, meaning that besides her, it can also be performed by Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Sakura and Blanka in that game.




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