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Cannon Spike, known as Gunspike (ガンスパイク Gansupaiku?) in Japanese arcades, is a multi-directional shooter arcade game released in 2000 by Psikyo and in 2001 for the Sega Dreamcast by Capcom. It uses Capcom-designed characters and runs on Sega's Naomi Hardware. Cannon Spike is similar to games like Smash TV and Capcom's Commando, although with primary focus on boss fighting.

"Cannon Spike" is the name of a trademark attack performed by Cammy, one of three characters from the Street Fighter series and one of the main characters of this title.


The game's playable characters, all of whom come from a range of Capcom games, include:

  • Arthur - Instead of the typical tiny knight from the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, Arthur fights from inside a giant golden robot armed with a gunlance.


In its arcade incarnation, the game is played using a joystick and three buttons; Shoot, Mark (used to lock onto a targeted enemy), and Attack (a close-range strike, usually more powerful or with greater knock-back compared to ordinary shooting).

In addition to these basic commands, each character also has a ranged Special attack (unleashed by pressing Shoot and Attack simultaneously), a close-range Special (Mark and Attack simultaneously), and a Super Special (all three buttons simultaneously). The use of the Super Special requires a Special Token, occasionally dropped by a defeated enemy and always dropped by a defeated ally in two-player mode.


  • Vega's "Fallen Balrog" form (or a design similar to it) can be seen in a variant cover for issue #11 of UDON's Street Fighter Unlimited.
  • In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, one of Cammy's costumes is her Cannon Spike outfit. Her win-quotes against certain opponents (such as Charlie Nash and Vega) while wearing this outfit have several references to this game. The same also goes for Nash.


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