Capcom Wrestling Association (CWA), also known as the Capcom Professional Wrestling Association (CPWA), is a coalition wrestling federation formed in the 1980s. CWA first appeared in the Slam Masters series, which is also part of the Street Fighter series alongside the Final Fight series.


Slam Masters seriesEdit

During the boom of professional wrestling popularity in the 1980s, several wrestling organizations were created all over the world, many of them being fierce rivals. To solve their conflict, eight organizations combined to form the CWA, led by Victor Ortega, their first champion.

One day, Ortega suddenly vanished. He was considered to be the axis of the sport and his unexpected disappearance caused the CWA to enter an age of confusion and disorder. The BWA (Blood Wrestling Association), a dark underground wrestling organization, chose to take advantage of this opportunity and began moving. With "Muscle Bomber = Destiny of the Strongest" as the theme, CWA decided to hold a world tour called the "Crash Carnival" to decide the new leader of the CWA in a tournament.

After the tournament, Victor Ortega shows up and challenges the winner, leading to another tournament to decide the leader of CWA. It is unknown who won the tournaments.

Street Fighter VEdit

SFV Mika SF5 Arcade Ending

Mika's ending

In the Story Mode, Alex fights in a CWA tournament and wins. After the tournament, an exhibition match has Alex and Laura fighting against Zangief and R. Mika.

In R. Mika's ending from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, a CWA poster shows a tag team championship between Mika, Zangief, Nadeshiko, and Mike Haggar.

Street Fighter III: 2nd ImpactEdit

The CWA appears in Hugo's ending, where he and his new partner (being either Ryu, Elena, Necro, or Gill) participates in a CWA tag team tournament.

Known membersEdit


  • Alexander the Grater (シープ・ザ・ロイヤル? Sheep the Royal) - A former rugby and American football player turned wrestler from Melbourne, Australia.
  • Biff Slamkovich (アレクセイ・ザラゾフ? Aleksey Zalazof) - One-half of the "Hyper Cannons" tag team from Kiev, Ukraine. A former student of Haggar, he and Gunloc served as Hugo's opponents SFIII: 2nd Impact if his tag team partner was Ryu, Necro, or Gill. He also seems to know Zangief (name dropping him in his losing quote) and appeared at Eliza Masters's birthday party in Street Fighter Alpha 2. He is also mentioned in Street Fighter V Volcanic Edition: A Visionary Book as a part of its character chart.
  • Black Widow (ブラック・ウィドー?) - A masked wrestler from Hanover, Germany who revealed herself to be female. One-half of the "Slam Masters" tag team with Haggar that challenges Hugo if Elena is his partner in SFIII: 2nd Impact. According to Yoko Harmageddon's Japanese SFV profile, it is revealed that Yoko was forced to retire from pro wrestling years ago due to hurting her neck and waist in a match against her.
  • El Stingray (エル・スティンガー? El Stinger) - A quick and dynamic luchador from Acapulco, Mexico. According to El Fuerte's Japanese SFV profile, both luchadors were trained under the same teacher, Meteorito Jr.
  • The Great Oni (ミステリアス・ブドー? Mysterious Budo) - A kabuki-themed high-flying wrestler from Osaka, Japan who shares a strong rivalry with El Stingray.
  • Gunloc (ラッキー・コルト? Lucky Colt) - One-half of the "Hyper Cannons" tag team from Miami, Florida who trained alongside Biff at Haggar's gym. The relationship was tarnished after he got into two separate fights with both Cody and Haggar after hitting on Jessica, Cody's then girlfriend and Haggar's daughter. Like Biff, they wrestled Hugo and his male tag team partner in SFIII: 2nd Impact. In Blade's ending in the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie, the Shadaloo Trooper was revealed to be Gunloc. The ending is considered non-canon, but in Blade's SFV profile, it is heavily hinted that the two characters are one in the same. Due to English specific changes to his profile by Capcom USA, he is also rumored to be Guile's brother, something Blade's SF:TM ending outright stated. Gunloc is also mentioned in Street Fighter V Volcanic Edition: A Visionary Book as a part of its character chart.
  • King Rasta Mon ("ミッシングIQ" ゴメス? "Missing IQ" Gomes) - A savage-looking wrestler from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He currently resides in Venice Beach, California along with his monkey companion Freak and his family with whom the two grew up together with and that both Rasta and Freak share a strong brotherly bond with each other.
  • Mike "Macho" Haggar (マイク・”マチョ”・ハガー?) - The powerhouse wrestler from Metro City who would go on to be the city's mayor. His lengthy history in Street Fighter is cataloged here.
  • Titanic Tim (タイタン・ザ・グレート? Titan the Great) - An almost 8-foot tall titan of a wrestler hailing from London, England. Birdie was his rival and former tag team partner of the "500 Trillion Powers".
  • Victor Ortega (ヴィクター・オルテガ?) - The owner of the Capcom Wrestling Association and its first undefeated champion. Retiring for a time because he couldn't find any worthy opponents to do battle against, he returns in Slam Masters 2 to fight once again.


  • Harry Hicks (ハリー・ヒックス?) - A trusted American referee known for his integrity, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Jessica (ジェシカ?) - Mike Haggar's daughter who also serves as his valet. For more info, on Jessica, click here.
  • Freak (フリーク?) - Rasta's monkey companion who serves as both his assistant and manager, known for his 200 IQ, comprehension of human speech, and booking (and sometimes appearing or cheating in) his matches.