Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO, EO being an acronym for "Easy Operation" (named after a mode in the game), is a 2003 fighting game for the Nintendo GameCube and Xbox. It is the updated version of Capcom vs. SNK 2.

The game's storyline involves large numbers of fighters from around the world and across time coming together to battle for the title of World Champion in a series of 3-on-3 or 1-on-1 battles. During the events, two powerful fighters, Akuma and Rugal, fight each other, and one gains the power of the other, turning into either Shin Akuma or Ultimate Rugal, and battling the player's team or single character.

The game boasts a large lineup of characters from Capcom and SNK's fighting game franchises, mainly Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, and contains four console-exclusive bonus characters: Evil Ryu, Riot Iori, Shin Akuma (Shin Gouki in Japan), and Ultimate Rugal (God Rugal in Japan) powered-up versions of four regular characters. Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rugal are the boss fighters, and display tactics typical of bosses from SNK Playmore's fighting games.



Sprite Character Origin
Akuma-cvs-stance Akuma
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Sf-balrog Balrog
(M. Bison)
Street Fighter II
Sf-blanka Blanka Street Fighter II
Cammy-s1 Cammy White Super Street Fighter II
Chunli-cvs2-stance Chun-Li Street Fighter II
Dan-cvs-stance Dan Hibiki Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
Dhalsim Dhalsim Street Fighter II
Eagle-cvs2-stance Eagle Street Fighter
Ehonda-stance Edmond Honda Street Fighter II
Ryu-evil-cvs-stance Evil Ryu
(console only)
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Guile-stance Guile Street Fighter II
Ken-cvs-stance Ken Masters Street Fighter
Kyosuke-stance Kyosuke Kagami Rival Schools: United By Fate
Bison-reg-cvs-stance M. Bison
Street Fighter II
Maki-cvs2-stance Maki Genryusai Final Fight 2
Sf-morrigan Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
Sf-rolento Rolento F. Schugerg Final Fight
Ryu-cvs2-stance Ryu Street Fighter
Sagat-stance Sagat Street Fighter
Sf-sakura Sakura Kasugano Street Fighter Alpha 2
Akuma-shin-cvs2-stance Shin Akuma
(Shin Gouki)
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Vega-stancewithclaw Vega
Street Fighter II
Yun-cvs2-stanceCvs yang sprites by cvsnb-d2zy2tl Yun Street Fighter III: New Generation
(Yang also appears as a summonable character in certain special moves and super combos)
Sf-zangief Zangief Street Fighter II


Sprite Character Origin
Athenacvs2 Athena Asamiya Psycho Soldier
Benimarucvs Benimaru Nikaido The King of Fighters '94
Changcvs2Choicvs2 Chang Koehan

The King of Fighters '94

 (Choi Boungeg also appears as a summonable character in certain special moves and super combos)

Geesecvs Geese Howard Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Haohmaru-sprite3 Haohmaru Samurai Shodown
Hibiki-sprite2 Hibiki Takane The Last Blade 2
Ioricvs Iori Yagami The King of Fighters '95
Joecvsp Joe Higashi Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Kimkaphwancvs Kim Kaphwan Fatal Fury 2
Kingcvs King Art of Fighting
Kyocvs Kyo Kusanagi The King of Fighters '94
Mai-sprite1 Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury 2
Nakorurucvs Nakoruru Samurai Shodown
Wildioricvs Orochi Iori
(console only)
The King of Fighters '97
Raidencvs Raiden Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Rock-sprite1 Rock Howard Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Rugalcvs Rugal Bernstein The King of Fighters '94
Ryocvs Ryo Sakazaki Art of Fighting
Ryuhaku-sprite2 Ryuhaku Todoh Art of Fighting
Yamazakicvs Ryuji Yamazaki Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
Terrycvs Terry Bogard Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Vicecvs Vice The King of Fighters '96
Yuricvs Yuri Sakazaki Art of Fighting
Rugal-god-cvs2-stance Ultimate Rugal
(God Rugal)
(original character)



Before selecting a team, the game offers a selection of "Grooves," which change the way the game is played, as well as "AC-ism" or "GC-ism" Grooves; GC-ism simplifies the control scheme, originally designed for the GameCube gamepad, which is not intuitively designed for fighting games.

The available grooves are:

  • C-Groove: Play scheme based on the Street Fighter Alpha series: 3 Super Gauges, dash, level 2 Super canceling, counterattack, air block, tactical recovery and roll.
  • A-Groove: "Custom Combo" play scheme from Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3: 2 Super Gauges, dash, roll, counterattack, safe fall, and Custom Combo mode.
  • P-Groove: Play scheme from Street Fighter III: Parries, dash, tactical recovery, and hop. New and exclusive to CvS2:EO was Super Canceling.
  • S-Groove: Play scheme from The King of Fighters '94: Manually-chargeable Super Gauge, unlimited Supers at low life, run, dodge, counterattack, tactical recovery, and hop.
  • N-Groove: "Advanced" play scheme from The King of Fighters '97: 3 Super Gauge "stocks", MAX mode, run, roll, hop, safe fall, counterattack, and counter movement.
  • K-Groove: Play scheme amalgamated from Samurai Shodown and Garou: Mark of the Wolves: "Rage" gauge, Just Defense, run, safe fall, and hop.


Although the PS2 and Xbox versions received positive reviews, Edge reviewed the GameCube version of Capcom vs SNK 2 EO in issue 114, and, comparing this version to the original in the arcades and on the PlayStation 2, awarded the game only 3 out of 10. It was felt that the special move shortcuts diminished the impact of basic punches and kicks, destroying the game balance; no subtlety, nothing to learn, and no reward. The two player mode was especially criticized: "How can you celebrate some glorious special move victory when all it took was a single movement?".

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