Captain Commando (キャプテンコマンドー Kyaputen Komandō?) is a 1991 science fiction side-scrolling beat 'em up game developed and published by Capcom, originally released as an arcade game before being ported to several other platforms.

Set in the crime-ridden future of Metro City, a superhero named Captain Commando, assisted by his three faithful Commando Companions, rise up to protect the Earth from a gang of super-powered criminals.

Story Edit

It is the year 2026. The world is filled with crime. Captain Commando and his three faithful Commando companions rise up to erase this crime from Planet Earth and from all the Galaxy. But the futuristic criminals they have to fight are endowed with a secret, hidden, evil power. Many of them are Super Criminals, with abilities beyond that of ordinary mortals. The leader of all Super Criminals is Scumocide (known as Genocide in Japan).

Gameplay Edit

Captain Commando follows the same gameplay established in Capcom's previous beat-'em-up Final Fight. The arcade version allows up to two, three, or even four players simultaneously depending on the game's settings. The player can select between any of the four "commandos" (Mack, Captain Commando, Ginzu, or Baby-Head) as their character, with each player controlling a different character. The player's objective as usual is to move towards the end of each stage, defeat every adversary who gets in their way while avoiding any traps that they may throw at the player's way before eventually fighting the boss awaiting at the final area of each stage. The game consists of a total of nine stages.

The control configuration is exactly like Final Fight, with an eight-way joystick for moving the character left or right, as well as towards or away from the background, along with two action buttons for attacking and jumping. The player can perform numerous combination of attacks while standing or jumping, including grabbing the enemy, as well as a special attack by pressing the attack and jump simultaneously that will drain a portion of the player's vitality. An addition to the controls is the ability to dash by pushing the joystick left or right twice. The player can perform a running attack or even a running jump attack.

Like in Final Fight, the player can pick up health-restoring food items hidden inside barrels and other destructible objects to restore their vitality, as well as other bonus items to increase their score. Weapons also can be picked up, such as three different types of firearms, as well as shurikens that can only be used by Ginzu. Players also can ride certain robots by dismounting their riders and then jumping over the robot. The robots has their own vitality gauge and if they sustains enough damage, it will be destroyed. There are three types of robots in the game: a punching robot, a flame-throwing robot, and a freezing robot. Unlike Final Fight, weapons can be carried when the player makes the transition to a new area until the stage is completed.


Commando TeamEdit

The four playable characters:


  • Dolg
  • Shturm Jr. - He is the Stage 2 Boss in the Museum, a animal-like person with orange skin and green hair. Called Shtrom Jr. in the game.
  • Yamato - The boss of stage 3, the Ninja House. He has a rivalry with Ginzu and fights with many ninjas by his side. His full name is given as Yamato Mikagura in the manga.
  • Monster - The boss of stage 4, Circus. He's a man transformed into a bulky monster by Dr. T. W.
  • Dr. T. W. - The boss of stage 5, Seaport. After the defeat of Monster, he tries to escape on a speed boat. His full name is Dr. Tea Water.
  • Druk - He is the Stage 6 boss, together with Shturm in the Aquarium. He's like Shturm Jr., but with pink skin and yellow hair.
  • Shturm - He is the Stage 6 boss, along with Druk in the Aquarium. He's like Shturm Jr., but with blue skin and red hair. Could be Shturm Jr.'s father. Called Shtrom in the game.
  • Blood - The boss of stage 7, Underground Base. A hulking, shirtless man whose arms appear to be stitched onto his body.
  • Doppel - The boss of stage 8, Spaceship. A fat man in a green suit that imitates the player's appearance and moves. His name is derived from "Doppelgänger".
  • Scumocide (Genocide in Japan) - The main antagonist, and the Level 9 boss in planet Callisto. Scumocide is the leader of the Super Criminals. He attacks with the combined powers of fire and ice.


  • Wooky - A enemy with green clothes. Some of them ride robots.
  • Eddy - Same as Wooky, but with purple clothes and improved attacks.
  • Dick - Same as Wooky, but with blue clothes and equipped with weapons. They don't appear in the SNES version.
  • Carol and Brenda
  • Skip and Sonie - Thugs with knives. Skip uses a yellow jacket and Sonie a red jacket.
  • Samson and Organo - Violent enemies with low intelligence. Samson has blue clothes and Organo red clothes.
  • Marbin - A small, bald man that spits fire.
  • Mardia - A muscular, red haired female that attacks by projecting gobs of green slime.
  • Kojiro - Ninja with red clothes that attacks with punches and kickes. His name is based on Kojirō Sasaki.
  • Sasuke - Ninja with green clothes that attacks with his sword. His name is based on Sasuke Sarutobi.
  • Hanzo - Ninja with blue clothes that attacks with shurikens. His name is based on Hanzō Hattori.
  • Musashi - A large samurai with a sword. His name is based on Musashi Miyamoto.
  • Z - Silver alien-like enemy that attacks with long claws.

Trivia Edit

  • Captain Commando is generally assumed to take place in the future of the Street Fighter universe due to its numerous references to Final Fight, such as being set in Metro City and Ginzu being mentioned to have been trained in Bushinryu. However, in Yuta Homura's profile on the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute states he can clear a game of Captain Commando with Mack the Knife in a single credit on the arcade, which draws this into question.[1]


  1. Yuta Homura's Street Fighter V website profile

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