Carlos Miyamoto (カルロス宮本 Karurosu Miyamoto?) is a main character in the Final Fight series. He first appeared in Final Fight 2 as one of the three playable characters, the other two being Maki (who also made her debut in said game) and returning Final Fight character Mike Haggar.




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Story Edit

Carlos grew up in South America studying different types of martial arts. He moved to Metro City to finish his studies and stayed with Mike Haggar for a period of time. Although Carlos had mastered many styles of fighting, he prefers to use his katana to slice and dice his enemies.

Final Fight 2Edit

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Post-Final Fight 2Edit

After the events from Final Fight 2, Carlos freeloads in Haggar's mansion and contributes to improve Metro City's security.[1]

Other appearances Edit

Street Fighter cartoon Edit

He also had an non-speaking cameo in the Street Fighter 1995 cartoon along with Maki, cheering in the stands.

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

Carlos appears in Alex's ending for Capcom Fighting Evolution, where he is seen with Jessica rooting for Mike Haggar to win a match against Alex.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Edit

Carlos can be seen in Lucia's Street Fighter V route arcade ending.


  • His last name is an homage to the famous Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto from the 16th and 17th century.

Gallery Edit

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