Dr. Chang

Dr. Chang is minor character from the Final Fight series who appears in Final Fight: Streetwise, where she is a scientist who is responsible for the creation of the drug, glycolauric octanol (Glow).


After having been forced to create the drug by Father Bella, Kyle found her and tried to make her help his brother Cody, who was heavily addicted. Dr. Chang then injected GLOW into Devin Aranoc, an enemy Kyle faced earlier and thought he killed. Chang ran off, as a GLOW-induced Stiff and Kyle battle. After Kyle once again defeated the Stiff, Chang treated Kyle’s injuries, where they met up with Guy and Mike Haggar. She told him once the drug ran its course, Cody would be cured.

When the Glow Heads start rioting in Metro City, Dr. Chang said she needed to help the people in trouble and left. She ultimately ended up again working for Father Bella against her will, creating his "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", injecting them with massive amounts of GLOW. Kyle defeated two of them before entering the church sanctuary, where Dr. Chang griped how she could have done "better things" if Bella didn’t screw it up for her. She sees one positive thing in it all: the grotesque monstrosity, "Pestilence". She’s very close to it, calling it "sweetie". When Kyle threatens her, she commands Pestilence to eat him and the beast attacks. Kyle defeats Pestilence, but Dr. Chang had escaped sometime during the fight. While Kyle and Cody recuperated in the hospital from their ordeal, Kyle finds out on the news that Dr. Chang was taken in for questioning, but was released. Her fate after this is unknown.


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