Example of a character ending. El Fuerte's Street Fighter IV ending.

Character Endings are cutscenes that happens when a player finishes the game (usually Arcade Mode). Each character has his/her own special ending when they complete said game made.

Street Fighter

Ryu: Sagat ends up saying that Ryu had outlasted the best and saying that Ryu is the best Street fighter in the world as a large text appears scrolling down talking about other fighters that will knock him from the top.

Ken: Same ending.

Street Fighter II series


At the Award Ceremony, Sagat has taken third place, and M. Bison second. But the champion's spot is empty, much to the wonder of the crowd. As it turns out, Ryu has no need for ceremony, and is already on his way to seek out a new challenge.

Ryu (HD Remix): Ryu sits down near to a tree and says, I am not fully potentialed yet as he asks and walks.


After Ken defeats M. Bison, Eliza runs in, saying she came so they could be together again. Ken holds Eliza, and then then the scene switches to them in the same poses on their wedding day.


Having defeated M. Bison and avenged the death of her father, Chun-Li tells her father's grave that he can now rest in peace, while she goes back to her normal life.

In Super Street Fighter II, the player is given the option to choose if Chun-Li will return to a normal life, or continue her role as a detective.

E. Honda

E. Honda's victory has proven what can be done when body and mind are in harmony. But he tells his disciples he has no intention of letting his discipline slack just because he won.


After Zangief defeats M. Bison, Gorbachev arrives by helicopter to tell him he has done his country proud. They then celebrate in the "appropriate fashion" by doing a Hopak dance together.


After Blanka defeats M. Bison, a woman runs up to him, asking if he's her long lost son, Jimmy. Blanka doesn't recognize her, but the woman recognizes the anklet he's wearing. The two hug, with Blanka calling the woman "Mommy."


After defeating M. Bison, Guile grabs him and asks him if he remembered what happened in Cambodia with him and Charlie Nash. Bison confirms that he does remember, complimenting Guile on no longer being the runt he was then, then tells Guile to kill him quickly. Before he can, however, Guile's wife and daughter run up and tell him not to kill Bison, as it won't bring Charlie back. Guile ultimately spares Bison and returns to live a peaceful life with his family.


After defeating M. Bison, Dhalsim decides to return to his family after being gone for so long. Three years later, Dhalsim's son is asking him about a picture hanging on the wall, and Dhalsim explains that was "a past life" of his.


Balrog wins the World Tournament and becomes the strongest in the world. He would go on to a life of riches and fame after that.


After his victory in the World Tournament, Vega returns to his mansion, praising his own strength and beauty to the point that he was considered the world's biggest narcissist.


Sagat has reclaimed his title as the Strongest in the World, but he knows now that Ryu is a true threat to him. He vows not to underestimate Ryu again, and swears that the next time they battle, it will be to the death.

M. Bison

M. Bison's victory has removed all opposition to his rule. The world would soon be wrapped in his darkness. The King of Chaos, M. Bison... will anyone ever be able to defeat him?

T. Hawk

After defeating M. Bison, T. Hawk asks him why he drove his people from their homeland. Bison answers simply that he can take whatever he wants. After dealing with Bison, Hawk returns to his ruined home land and vows to rebuild it.

Fei Long

After Fei Long defeats M. Bison, a movie director walks up to him, amazed by his performance and offering to turn him into a movie star. Fei Long declines, instead deciding to focus his efforts on training himself.

Dee Jay

Fighting in the World Tournament and defeating M. Bison finally gave Dee Jay the song inspiration he was searching for. He went on to create a new style of song that made him a superstar and had him performing in front of packed houses everywhere he toured.


After defeating M. Bison before he could do the same to her she asks him about her past. M. Bison states she had an accident that Bison himself tried to prevent that lead to Cammy losing her memory. Cammy then is convinced by Delta Red he isn't telling the truth and they go home on a helicopter.

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Street Fighter Alpha series

Street Fighter III series


Second Impact Third Strike


Second Impact

Ibuki lays on the grass, remembering the events she has gone through against Gill being acompanied by her per Don-Chan. She then senses someone coming, that someone turning out to be Sarai. Sarai scolds Ibuki for what she did and for putting holes in her textbook and chases Ibuki, ending the scene.

3rd Strike

Ibuki is shown going into her dream University, where she meets a current student who gets her to join his club. There she recalls all the activities the club does at a regular basis. She then starts to notice what is happening and just as she is cluing in her club instructor turns out to be another ninja and holds her neck at kunai point and makes fun of her for how gullible she still is. The scene ends with Ibuki stating she didn't sign up for this.

Street Fighter IV series

Street Fighter X Tekken

SFXT Ibuki After Story

SFXT Ibuki After Story

An example of an afterstory.

In Street Fighter X Tekken all teams (as well as Akuma and Ogre individually) have endings that play as long as the team was selected. In Ogre or Akuma's case, if Akuma or Ogre are selected with a different character (IE Akuma with Zangief or Ogre with Jack-X) their own story will play and they will get a unique cutscene against the boss character of the other franchise. In the case both Akuma and Ogre are selected, the point (first) character takes precedence.

After an Arcade Mode, the point character of a team gets their own afterstory. A brief summary of what happened after they defeated their final enemy and went back to their normal lives.

Street Fighter V

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  • The SFII games semi-retconned in the CPS1 to CPSII transition, such as Chun-Li having a second possible outcome, or the former bosses getting brand new individual introductions.
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 endings tend to retcon or completely contradict the previous game, meaning usually this game's events are the ones that are "canon".
  • Street Figther II: Special Champion Edition doesn't show character endings when beaten on an easier difficulty. Rather it displays a generic screen[1] challenging the player to play on a higher difficulty.


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Street Fighter

Street Fighter II series

Street Fighter Alpha series

Street Fighter III series

Street Fighter IV series

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Street Fighter X Tekken


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