The Chariot Tackle is one of Urien's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

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Executed by charging backward, then pressing forward and kick, Urien rushes forward and rams his shoulder into his opponent. If two kick buttons are pressed, then Urien performs the EX version of this move; in which he performs a shoulder tackle with his opposite shoulder (in a manner similar to his brother's Cyber Lariat) and ending the move with a power lariat as the final hit that knocks his opponent to the ground with a powerful lariat after the tackle .


Chariot Tackle serves as one of Urien's main combo enders. This move usually ends damaging juggle combos, as well as give him positional advantage on wake-up. The attack can be used liberally as a poke, being fairly safe on block so long as it is used from the correct distance.[1].

Chariot Tackle

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the move's startup, recovery, distance, and damage inflicted. The Light version has the fastest startup. It is also the safest on block. However, this version has the longest recovery and covers the shortest distance. It also inflicts the least amount of damage. While the Light version does not result in a knockdown it allows him to maintain offensive pressure and keeping his opponent on their heels by mixing frametraps and throws.

The Medium version has a longer startup than the Light version. However, it inflicts more damage and has a better range. Similar to the Light version, this also doesn't result in a knockdown This version doesn't give Urien much of an advantage. He is -3 on hit and -9 on block. The most efficient time to use this version is to juggle the opponent to extend combos. The Medium version has 11 active frame and better juggling properties, making it a useful tool during Urien's V-Trigger.

The Heavy version has the longest startup, compared to the other versions. It does have better range and inflicts the most damage. This version is mainly used as a combo ender from Crouching Heavy Punch into Heavy Metallic Sphere. Unlike the Light and Medium versions, the Heavy version leads to a knockdown. Great for carrying his opponent into the corner, Urien can continue pressuring his opponent on wake-up.

The EX version hits twice and knocks down the opponent It has the fastest startup and inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. This is the only version that's safe on block. The EX version can be used to deal optimal damage and maintain positional advantage. It can be cancelled from normals for quick hit-confirms or to close the distance for ending juggle combos. Additionally, the EX version is the only version that can cancel into V-Trigger. This helps Urien perform some tricky, yet damaging combos that can help him turn the tide and secure the round.





  • Marvel Comics characters Colossus and Hulk have similar moves called "Power Tackle" and "Gamma Charge" in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


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