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"I am the strongest woman in the world!"
—Chun-Li (Street Fighter II)

"Are you ready? (準備はいい? Junbi wa ii??)"
—Chun-Li (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike])

"You ready for this? (覚悟はいいわね? Kakugo wa ii wa ne??)"
—Chun-Li (Street Fighter IV series)

"Seems you've got what it takes. For the moment."
—Chun-Li (Street Fighter × Tekken)

"Want to see my Kung-Fu? I'll show you.
(私のクンフー、 見せてあげる! Watashi no kunfū, misete ageru!?)
—Chun-Li (Street Fighter V)

"Ready? Then show me."
—Chun-Li (Street Fighter 6)

Chun-Li (春麗 or チュンリー Shunrei or Chunrī?, Simplified Chinese: 春丽 chūnlì), also known as the Martial Arts Master (格闘技マスター Kakutōgi masutā?, Simplified Chinese: 武术大师)[12] is the tritagonist and main female protagonist of the Street Fighter series, originally debuting in Street Fighter II. The first female fighter in the series, she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who relentlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of M. Bison. She later retires, becoming a Kung Fu teacher & caretaker of Li-Fen.



Chun-Li was designed by Akira "Akiman" Yasuda. According to Akiman, Chun-Li was modeled after Tao from Shotaro Ishinomori's Genma Wars: Harmagedon movie, which was the #1 box office anime movie of 1983.[13] Chun-Li originally had big, wide legged pants and had a front and back apron. Akiman changed it because she didn't look "very sexy" and the design lacked visual impact and personality. Around the 11th hour, he experimented with her outfit choices. Finally, he decided to give her bare legs and a bodycon dress, making her look more like a professional wrestler. This became the finalized design for Chun-Li.

She shares similarities to Tong Pooh, from Capcom's Strider franchise.[14] The Street Fighter III: New Generation Secret File appears to make a nod to this fact, showing a picture of Tong Pooh in a TV while wondering if it'd be the "next Chun-Li".


Chun-Li's name is Mandarin for "spring beauty" (春 chūn, "spring"; 麗 , "beautiful"). It is properly romanized as chūnlì in pinyin and pronounced "Chuen-lee", despite westerners commonly pronouncing it as "Chuhn-lee". The Japanese on'yomi rendering of the name is Shunrei.

Older official sources from the early 90's indicate Chung was Chun-Li's surname, although it is worth noting this could very well not be the case anymore. In the live-action Street Fighter movie, Chun-Li was given the surname Zang/Xiang, but Capcom has not officially recognized it. Several Japanese drama CDs and novels created based on the series have given her surname as both "Feng" (?) and "Wang" (?), though these are also not officially recognized by Capcom.


Chun-Li's appearance has differed several times in the Street Fighter series, as well as in official art and cameos she has made in other works. She is known for her very muscular thighs.



Chun-Li in her outfit worn in the Street Fighter II

Chun-Li wears a qipao, a Chinese dress imported over from Manchuria that became popular among girls during the early 20th century. Her outfit is modified to allow a far wider range of movement than a normal qipao. She also wears white combat/boxing boots of varying height (around calf-length in games such as the Street Fighter II series and older vs. Capcom titles, or around knee-high in games based around her 3rd Strike sprite) and a blue leotard with dark brown sheer pantyhose and a blue thong underneath with her qipao. Her qipao is blue with golden accents with a white waistband embroidered with a dragon pattern, a detail only seen in her Street Fighter II art before being officially added in Street Fighter V. She was originally supposed to wear a peach-colored qipao, as seen in her in-game profile and ending in the original Street Fighter II. Large spiked bracelets, whose ring is black steel and spikes are white/chrome polished steel are worn on both arms. According to supplementary materials, she wears the qipao in honor of her late mother, who passed away in her early childhood and whose only photo showed her in a qipao similar to her daughter's. The spiked metal bracelets she is known to wear are made of iron, and weigh approximately 7-10 kg (15-22 lbs) each. Chun-Li also wears them to help tone and exercise her body; the qipao is fitted with weights to help build body strength and finesse, while her bracelets are for the purpose of balancing her body when performing her kicking moves, including helping stabilize her center of gravity during a Hyakuretsukyaku and limit her during supers such as the Senretsukyaku to avoid overexerting her muscles. The spikes are also used for the purpose of intimidation. [15]

Chun-Li (XvSF Alpha)

Chun-Li in her outfit worn in the Alpha series

During the period covered in Street Fighter Alpha, she wore an embroidered vest, unitard and athletic shoes, as well as studded wristbands. It is somewhat unclear why she chose to stop using this outfit and switch to the qipao in subsequent Street Fighter games; materials state that this was worn during her days as an active detective for comfort.[15] In the Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation movie, her vest has changed to red instead of blue. Her Alpha costume became her "Nostalgia" costume in Street Fighter V.

In Street Fighter II V, Chun-Li has seen wearing casual outfits throughout the episodes, including a red sleeveless v-neck qipao with a blue obi and it's ribbons are hanging loose at the right side, red Chinese pants, black Chinese shoes, her hair is tied in a high ponytail adorned with a long blue laced ribbon and a yellow formal sleeveless short dress adorned with orange lined ribbons (which resembles a skirt at the back), pink panties underneath and yellow open toed flats. When she was brainwashed, she wore her primary outfit but with minor changes, the color of her qipao is light blue with white accents, the front and back skirt are short instead of long, her brown pantyhose is replaced with blue kneepads and her hair is let loose.


Chun-Li's Alternate Costume in Street Fighter IV

In Street Fighter IV, Chun-Li's alternate outfit consists of a black sleeveless evening gown with gold accents at the bottom. She wears a black and gold sash held by a red rope-like belt. The outfit is completed with red shoes, gold earrings and black and gold bracelets. The outfit resembles the clothes she wore in one of the episodes in the cartoon series.

In various official art, she has also been shown in her police outfit, as well as (presumably) her favorite casual attire: a varsity-style jacket, T-shirt, jeans and white tennis shoes. It has been shown in some official art that when wearing her casual attire she also wears her Alpha wristbands.

In Street Fighter V, her first alternate costume is the sleeveless evening gown from Street Fighter IV and her hair is now loose. Her second is her police uniform, which is also paired with white featureless boots akin to her prior signature ones. In all of her costumes, she's shown with bright lipstick and enchanting eyeshadow around her eyes.

She gains new alterations of her main outfit and her police uniform; Her main outfit is similar to the one she wore in Street Fighter II V but in a sleeveless modified qipao with gold decorations and she wears black thigh-high socks and sneakers instead of kneepads and boots.

Her police uniform is her disguise form in Pocket Fighter as color of her outfit is indigo and her top now shows her midriff with the black mini vest and the sign "Police" on front and her pants and boots are black. She no longer wears a beret and her hair is tied in unadorned ox-horns.

Altogether, Chun-Li has the most costumes in Street Fighter V, excluding the Easter-Egg variations, marketing costumes, and player-exclusive costumes.

  • Default: Chun-Li's iconic blue qipao with golden accents, white combat boots, brown leggings, and spiked bracelets.
    • The Red Bull version of this costume is grayish-white.The Red Bull logo is embroidered on her chest
    • The Suzaku/Crimson color of this costume was exclusively awarded to FGC Player YamadaTaro for winning the RAGE Master League in 2017[16]. This version is red with gold accents, and red boots with no leggings underneath.
  • Story: Chun-Li's police officer uniform when she was a rookie cop, with a light-blue collared uniform shirt, blue pants, white boots, and utility belt with a speaker microphone clipped to the top of her shirt.
  • Battle: Chun-Li's dress returns with some modifications, including her hair let down, a red tassel clipping her gold sash wrapped around her waist, white flat shoes, and white and gold spiked bracelets.
  • Swimsuit: The first of Chun-Li's swimsuit costumes. She wears a cascade-blue two piece, with jade bracelets on her wrists, and sunglasses on her head. Her ponytail hairstyle is held up with a long gold pin. Chun-Li wears heavy-heeled beach sandals, with an ocean-blue and gold pareo wrapping around her waist.
    • The Easter Egg version of this costume removes the pareo
  • B-Girl: The B-Girl costume has Chun-Li wearing a dark mink coat over a crimson-red bikini top that matches her hair, which is tied in a long ponytail. Chun-Li's beige pants has the SFV logo on her buttcheek, with dark heels on the bottom.
    • The Easter Egg version loses the mink coat
  • CPT: A scarlet cut dress, with brown leggings, and heels.Her hair is tied in a pony tail. And she wears a feather boa on her shoulders.
    • The Easter Egg version removes the feather boa
  • School Uniform: Chun-Li's school uniform consists of a white jacket with gold accents, a blue knee-length skirt with gold trim, brown leggings, and black heels. Chun-Li has her hair tied up in pigtails, held up with a gold headband with a flower. She completes the look with glasses on her face.
    • The Easter Egg version has Chun-Li's hair let down.
  • Professional: Chun-Li's officewear included a dark blazer over a white blouse. Underneath her gray skirt are dark leggings and black stilettos. Chun-Li wears her hair in a bun, and wears framed glasses.
    • The Easter Egg version loses the blazer, and her hair is let down in a long pony tail.
  • Vacation: The second of Chun-Li's swimsuit costumes. Chun-Li has her hair tied in ox horns with blue ribbons, with a blue flower in her hair. Chun-Li's two-piece base color is ocean blue, with sand-color accents. Her waist is wrapped with a shorter pareo that matches her bikini. Finally, blue, open-toed, flat sandals are worn on her feet.
    • The Easter Egg version loses the pareo, revealing a full two-piece swimsuit for Chun-Li.
  • Pajamas: Chun-Li's pajama costume starts with croc-like shoes on her feet, and a pink apron wrapping around her short pink shorts. The top is of a Chinese lingerie.
    • The Easter Egg version removes the apron.
  • Undercover Cop: Another version of Chun-Li's police officer uniforms. She wears a grey hoodie underneath a tight, purple, leather jacket. Chun-Li wears her hair in a ponytail. She keeps a sidearm holstered to the hip of her jeans, with sneakers on the bottom.
    • The Easter Egg version removes both the leather jacket and hoodie, leaving her only in a sleeveless crop top.
  • Nostalgia: Chun-Li's Alpha costume is renamed Nostalgia. She retains most of her Alpha look with the blue leotard, blue vest, and athletic shoes. The big difference is that she wears a pair of dark blue finger-less sparing gloves on her hands.
    • The Easter Egg version removes the embroidered vest, finger-less gloves, and hair ribbons and has a yellow jacket tied around her waist.
    • The Onitsuka Tiger version gives Chun-Li a different version of her shoes with the Onitsuka Tiger wording on the outer thigh of her unitard.
  • Special Forces: Another police-themed costume, Chun-Li is decked out with tactical gear on most of her body, including a tactical visor on her head, a bullet-proof vest covering her chest over an indigo collared shirt, and pads on her elbows, thighs, knees, and shins, and finally finger-less gloves.
    • The Easter Egg version removes the bulletproof vest.
  • Training: Training almost combines the look of the Battle Dress, the style of her Default, with a touch of sporty as seen with her sparring gloves, as well as athletic shoes, over her leggings covered with leg pads.The pattern of her Default nearly matches the one on her training, with a darker blue base and gold accents.
    • The Easter Egg version has Chun-Li's hair let down
  • Covert Operations: Another take on Chun-Li's Battle costume, with a more elegant flair to it, the the gold designs bringing out more than the base black. She wears more accessories on her arms, and a boa rests on Chun-Li's arms during combat. And her shoes are of open-toed heels instead of flats.
    • The Easter Egg version loses the boa
  • Wedding: One of the many costumes designed by Akiman. Chun-Li's wedding costume has been outfitted to allow the use of her legs while kicking. A garter is worn around Chun-Li's left thigh. It comes complete with two flower veils worn on her ox horn hairstyle, long gloves, and white heels.
    • The Easter Egg version removes the veil
  • June: Chun-Li wears the costume of June Lin Milliam of Capcom's Star Gladiator series.
    • Perhaps an Easter Egg of its own, Chun-Li once wore her outfit and mimicked June minus the hair in Pocket Fighter. In Street Fighter V, her appearance keeps the hair and changes the color of her irises from brown to green, giving her the hapa/half-Asian half-Caucasian look that is prominent on June's appearance. The Easter Egg version for Chun-Li's outfit changes her hair from June's style back to Chun-Li's signature ox horn style, without the ox horn bun covers and instead with an extension.
  • Morrigan: The classic look of one of Darkstalkers' most famous characters.
    • The Easter Egg version removes the bat wings on her head, and lets her hair fall loosely.
  • Track Suit: An athletic tracksuit that everyone in the Street Fighter cast has. Chun-Li's default color has her sporting blue pants, with white strap-on shoes. Chun-Li's jacket his zipped up half way to see her white undershirt and midriff. She also has the sleeves rolled up, and sweatbands on her wrists.
  • BCRF: A specialty, limited-time, costume (along with Ryu) in which all proceeds from the sales go straight to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The pink base color, pink ribbons Chun-Li wears in her hair. a large jacket with the chest cut out with straps dangling from her arms and her belt buckles, leg guards over dark tights, and athletic shoes. White is the alternate color with accents on the pink ribbons and straps.

In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li's ox-horns hairstyle is now unadorned and her bangs are already slicked. Her primary outfit has been updated but minor changes. Her qipao now resembles a cheongsam with a pale blue as the primary color, with and the right short sleeve of her dress, as well as her leggings, being her signature blue. Design patters of the sky, clouds, birds, and water run all along her dress. With the sky blue being the main color on the outside of her outfit, gold serves as the primary color for the inside of Chun-Li's cheongsam, almost inverting the outside colors of the Chinese dress. Chun-Li replaces the pantyhose and boots with blue leggings and black Chinese toe shoes. Her leggings and her flats resembling the same leggings and flats worn by her anime counterpart in Street Fighter II V as her primary outfit.

Her second outfit in SF6 is a slightly modified version of her classic one.

In Chun-Li's third outfit, her hair is styled in a trendy Korean half-up topknot, with see-through bangs and loose strands cascading down. Two carved jade hoop earrings adorned her ears. She sports a white turtleneck backless sports bra with Pankou knots (frog fasteners) on the neck and a tasteful slit adorned with black opaque lace, offering a glimpse of her cleavage. To cover her body, she wears a sleeveless duster vest that is light and semi-transparent. The vest's color transitions from white at the top to beige at the bottom, incorporating white curvy patterns. It features a large slit starting from the upper back, allowing it to gracefully flow as she moves. For the lower half, Chun-Li opts for gray sweatpants. They are equipped with side buttons that run the full length of the legs, giving her the option to undo them at the waist[17]. A white waistband holds a knotted string adorned with two stylized orange aglets, similar to those on her loose wristbands. Completing the ensemble, Chun-Li wears turquoise breathable walking shoes.


Chun-Li's signature hairstyle is called "ox horns", a typical style in which Chinese children dress their hair; depictions of girls in Chinese paintings frequently show girls in ox horns.

During the Alpha series, she chose to wear them unadorned, while in the remaining games, she uses silk brocades and ribbons to cover them, colored white to signify the mourning of her father. These silk brocades and ribbons that cover them are sometimes called bao.

In Street Fighter IV, when wearing her alternate costume, she wears her ox horns unadorned, just like in her Alpha appearance, only this time it's held by red ropes with golden balls at the tip, and it's not braided. This style of ox-horns is also called as odango in Japanese.

In Street Fighter II V, Chun-Li wore her hair up in one in a bun or sometimes in a ponytail. Later, when Bison brainwashed her, Chun-Li's hair was let loose.

In Street Fighter V, Chun-Li lets loose her ox horn hair style, and lets her hair down when she wears her Battle costume.

In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li retains her ox-horn hair style, but now her buns are unadorned and her bangs are more kempt and out of the way of her forehead. In World Tour Mode, Chun-Li reveals that she loves to have variety with her hair style. She loved to let it grow out in the past. But when she isn't wearing her hair in ox-horn fashion, she likes to let it down, braid it, or tie it up in different ways.


Chun-Li is a resourceful and dedicated officer of the law with a strong sense of justice that rivals that of her father, as she strongly believes in protecting the innocent and saving the lives of others.

She is a highly disciplined, seasoned, and courageous woman, and is often the voice of reason. As an official of Interpol, she takes her work as a cop with pride (showing pride at what she does when she saves another), outside of her duty as a cop, she has an elegant, sweet, and feminine personality.

Chun-Li, however, is not without her flaws, as she has shown to get very competitive with criminals in Street Fighter media, and does not take kindly to those who insult her pride as a cop. There are also times she is shown to have a fairly rash side to her personality, as shown in her ending of Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. As pointed out by Nash and Guile, Chun-Li tends to let her emotions get the best of her while on duty, this has at least on one occasion almost caused her demise at the hands of Bison. As shown in her story mode and in A Shadow Falls, Chun-Li has been told this and she has promised not to do it again while it keeps happening.

Because of her devotion to justice, she often becomes allies and friends with other soldiers and cops. Additionally, she has shown great resilience and determination in pursuing intense crime organizations, such as Shadaloo.

In her Street Fighter V arcade ending, a surprising trait was revealed that Chun-Li is inept at cooking, (averting her usual femininity like Lucia, but not to the point when the food becomes humorously bad like the latter) to the point of burning her food while following cooking instruction and Li-Fen having to take over with what remains of the ingredients.

Chun-Li displays her kind and caring, almost motherly, traits in her Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike arcade ending. After rescuing Li-Fen, she goes on to teach Kung Fu to children. Chun-Li was inspired by all the people she's met on her journeys, and has made it her new goal to teach her new students about strength and beauty, as well as to help shape their future.

In Street Fighter 6, she maintains the same elegant and caring personality. Because she's taking a break from work, and she has Li-Fen to take care of, she isn't as headstrong to rush into dangerous situations like she used to be when she was in the past. But whenever a fight does come her way, she won't hesitate to defend herself or those she cares about.

She is a little stricter with Li-Fen this time around, now that she's older and often times spends way too much time on her computer, but deep down, Chun-Li still very much cares for her. She treats her like a little sister, although she admits she's young enough to be her daughter. It took some time for her to open up to her after being rescued from Shadaloo and taken in by Chun-Li. But ever since, the are rarely seen apart. Chun-Li loves spending time with Li-Fen, whether it be shopping, going to get sweets, or even just teaching kung fu, her motherly personality shines even more so than ever.

Chun-Li is also very encouraging and endearing to the Player. In addition to being one of the Masters you learn martial arts from, Chun-Li also encourages players to experience the many cuisines that the city and world has to offer. In addition, she teaches that solely focusing on martial arts can lead to inflexibility in mind and body, and that single-minded dedication is key for self-improvement. Chun-Li also encourages to take breaks from fighting from time-to-time, saying that a change of pace can do good for you.

Chun-Li's legs are her unmistakable trademark, and not only her source of power in her fighting, but also a source of pride in herself, her kung fu, and her strength. When Chun-Li asks the player what they think of them will result in different reactions from Chun-Li. Calling them "Inspirational" will get gratitude out of Chun-Li, and she'll be okay if you stared at them longer. Calling them "Thick" however will get Chun-Li flustered, and she'll threaten to teach you a lesson.

Chun-Li expresses delight the further the Player masters her martial art in World Tour mode. The Player reminds Chun-Li of her past self when she was training. She also compliments you as you progress in your journey of seeking strength, and even considers asking you to assist with her kung fu classes. Regardless where the Player's journey takes them, Chun-Li is delight to meet and train them, and is excited to continue fighting for the future.


According to Akira Nishitani, Chun-Li was said to be inspired by the character Tao, from the 1983 Katsuhiro Otomo anime film Harmagedon: Genma Wars, in search of inspiration for a female fighter for Street Fighter II. Chun-Li's inclusion as a female fighter amidst a world tournament was considered to be a pivot towards entertainment as opposed to Street Fighter's more plain and realistic tone. As he figured out the character's fighting style, the nationality of China for the character stuck. Akiman during developing Chun-Li was said to have given her trademark robust and muscular thighs, which was said to emphasize Chun-Li's drive to show her determination to push herself to her physical limits to fight on even ground and match the male dominated cast in strength, while composer Yoko Shimamura reveals was also done out of his personal taste for women. Akiman originally envisioned Chun-Li with pants, but this would later traded for tights as her appearance was further established. Eri Nakamura would later design Chun-Li's Street Fighter Alpha attire, which helped to further detail her developed upper body physique, and would be further basis for her character models in Street Fighter EX.

One of Chun-Li's moves in concept was said to be a backflipping attack, which was regarded by many playtesters to be "broken". This move was supposed to have made it into the final release, but was cut due to lack of time to program it back into the game. During development of Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Yoshinori Ono witnessed the development of Chun-Li's sprite as artists began to expand the width of her thighs, which were said to "border on gigantism" at times, but agreed that their thickness helped to add in greater detail to her character.

Being a professional police officer and international agent of Interpol also appears to evoke inspiration from the 1987 Charles Bronson action movie Assassination, and to the character Charlotte "Cha-Lee" Chang, as portrayed by actress Jan Gan Boyd, who was the sidekick and on-off romantic partner of Charles' lead role Jay Killian as members of the Secret Service. Perhaps of note, the establishing portion of the movie shows Charlotte in a traditional blue qipao in a scene with Jay.

Character Relationships

Chun-Li arguably has the most notable interaction with the other cast. She is friendly and sometimes acting as mentor/motherly to most of the characters that ally with good. However, she is critical and impatient to those that ally with evil, such as Shadoloo, S.I.N., and Secret Society.




Chun-Li & Cammy fighting together in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Cammy and Chun-Li are close friends and usually stay in contact with each other. They mention each others' names frequently and usually team up with Guile when it comes to fighting Shadaloo. Chun-Li is also the one whom Cammy normally asks about "normal" life, such as when she asks Chun-Li about whether the bond between Laura and Sean can be considered a typical sibling relationship. She also consults Cammy about why Ken was fighting for his family instead of staying behind and protecting them. Chun-Li states that there are some that cannot be avoided, especially when you must protect someone, similar to how her father protected her in her youth.

In Street Fighter x Tekken, Chun-Li and Cammy are partners. The two of them worked together to discover the secrets of the Pandora Box, as well as investigate why Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu are attempting to secure it.


Gen is her father's old friend. They first encountered one another in Street Fighter Alpha 2.[18][11] He was the person that hinted at Bison killing her father. However, in SFIV, he didn't want to give her more answers. She tries to force him to tell her, but is unable. She is currently unaware of what seems to be his death at Akuma's hands during the events of A Shadow Falls.


"Neither of us must give up until the day Shadaloo falls."

Her longtime friend and partner Despite their opposite attitudes, they are very similar in their way of thinking and life philosophies. Both of them share a mutual hatred for M. Bison. Their resolve is to avenge the deaths of the people that M. Bison killed, Dorai and Charlie.

The Ties That Bind-Guile Chun-Li

Both them and Cammy often portray in story as the first to team up when evil comes.

Their relationship is that of close friends. Often, it was portrayed in movies and games that they were close allies who would always have each other back and be the first to turn when asking for help. At the end of Chun-Li arcade story mode, she confides to Guile that she wants to continue being a cop, working as an INTERPOL agent. To this end, Guile just smiled and seemed to already expect that of her.

Based on their win-quotes, their relationship can be seen as older brother/younger sister, with Guile thinking Chun-Li is too amateur and should leave everything to the army. He also acts as her senior, much to Chun-Li's annoyance. However, if one of them loses the fight when fighting each other, they both will ask if something is bothering them due to them not being themselves.


Chun-Li and Ryu share mutual respect towards each other as fighters. Years after A Shadow Falls, they remain close friends. Chun-Li even took Ryu shopping in Japan to help him buy some new clothes so his usual attire won’t cause any commotions at airports, as seen in Ryu’s World Tour Mode.

Ken Masters

"I guess married life softened you up!"

Much like Ryu, Chun-Li also holds mutual respect towards Ken, and remains close friends many years after A Shadow Falls. When a terrorist group known as Amnesia targets Ken through framing him for the crime he did not commit, and knowing that Ken is still vulnerable like the last time when his wife Eliza Masters was secretly being kidnapped by S.I.N. years ago back in The Ties That Bind event, Chun-Li tries to find a way to clear his name.

Based on their win quotes to each other, they portray themselves as close, caring friends and love to have friendly banter with each other. Chun-Li often asks Ken about his family and how they are doing, while also teasing him about being a softie once he becomes a dad. In turn, Ken inquires about her life as a cop and teases her to be less of a workaholic, take a vacation, and start being a regular girl like she wants to in the II ending.

In SF6, their relationship became tense a little because Ken was framed for a crime he didn't commit, and Chun-Li was one of the people who knew that. Chun-Li still offers to help Ken in any way she can with her Interpol agent and Li-Fen white-hat hacking skills. But Ken decided to settle the problem by himself and didn't want Chun-Li to interfere with his business unless it was required for an investigation.


Karin and Chun-Li are good friends. In a win quote against her, Karin states that some of her moves were inspired by Chun-Li. In A Shadow Falls, Karin enlists Chun-Li as well as Ken, Dhalsim, and Zangief to find the pieces of the black moons. Both work together to destroy Shadaloo and take down M. Bison; Karin commanding the fighters outside the base to hold them off, while Chun-Li, Guile, and Ryu all infiltrate and confront M. Bison.

Fei Long

To be added


Chun-Li first meets Li-Fen during an infiltration of the Shadaloo base, tough Li-Fen knew who Chun-Li was prior since she held the Shadaloo keys: the Merope. Chun-Li offered Li-Fen to escort her out of the Shadaloo base, but Li-Fen takes off, stating she still has something left to do.

Later, Chun-Li would discover that Li-Fen was forced to activate the "Descent Program" after shutting down the black moons. But she had to retreat with the rest of the fighters before she could do anything to save her.

Li-Fen in Street Fighter V Chun-Li's Story Prologue

Chun-Li's Arcade mode story ending in SF 5

Upon their return, Chun-Li would get the chance to rescue Li-Fen. She fights off F.A.N.G. before consoles Li-fen with an embrace. As Ryu would go for the final showdown with M. Bison, Chun-Li defeats F.A.N.G.. Chun-Li carries Li-Fen out of the Shadaloo base reaches critical destruction.

After rescuing Li-Fen from Shadaloo, Chun-Li would go on to adopt her. Though it would take some time before the young orphan would open up to her, a chance to bond came when Li-Fen found Chun-Li's old hair ribbons back when she was a rookie cop. Chun-Li tied Li-Fen's hair in her ox horn fashion as she told the story of how she used to be a reckless and headstrong individual in her early years.

After tying Li-Fen's hair, Li-Fen realizes that she's not alone in the world, and she has someone to look up to, and someone who would care for her in Chun-Li.


Chun-Li's Arcade story ending in Third Strike

Li-Fen would later be kidnapped by Urien of the Illuminati. After fighting against Urien, Chun-Li would rescue Li-Fen. She continues practicing her kung fu with more of Chun-Li's students as Chun-Li slowly transfers from policework to guardian and teacher.

In the Street Fighter 6 prequel comics, while Chun-Li is in Nayshall investigating Ken, Li-Fen helps her using her white hat hacking skills to dig up information related to the incident.

In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li reveals that she currently lives with Li-Fen. She sees her as a student, a younger sister, and a friend, though she is young enough to be her daughter. continues to hang out with Chun-Li. When she isn't assisting her in her ICPO work with her hacking skills, she's training with Chun-Li in kung fu.

A Bond With Chun Li-3

Their relationship is kind of like that of a mother and daughter.

Though Chun-Li is a little strict on Li-Fen now that she's older, she still really cares for her. She's trained Li-Fen to be stronger physically and mentally to help from her PTSD with Shadaloo. But she also loves seeing Li-Fen happy as well. When Li-Fen is happy, Chun-Li can't help but spoil her.



"If we both lost the same thing, then why are we so different?"

Juri deafting Chun-Li SSIV anime

Chun-Li and Juri first encounter in SF4 Ova

Almost mirroring Chun-Li with their use of their legs in their martial art, and having their families destroyed by M. Bison, Juri is considered to be one of Chun-Li's main rivals. Their first encounter occurred during the SSFIV OVA where Chun-Li finds Juri after she executed a former S.I.N. operative, Chun-Li and Juri square off, putting up close to an even fight, until Chun-Li is distracted by a boy whose mom was a casualty of Juri's attack. Juri gets the upperhand, blasting a kick into Chun-Li's stomach that knocks the wind out of her and sends her flying into a wall before crashing to the ground in a heap. Juri was prepared to finish her when Guile and Cammy rushed in, forcing Juri to retreat, Chun-Li would end up hospitalized for the rest of the OVA.

The two would meet again during Chun-Li's rival cutscene in SSFIV, in which Juri teases Chun-Li for having a schoolgirl crush on her. Chun-Li and Juri would clash once again. This time, Chun-Li succeeds in defeating Juri, but is unable to apprehend her.

Unlike Chun-Li's hatred for her and all criminals, Juri does not seem to hate Chun-Li as much as she does enjoy toying and mocking her, even suggesting at some point that Chun-Li has a "schoolgirl crush" on her. Chun-Li instead responding only with "One way or another, you're coming with me.".

In Project X Zone, Chun-Li believes that Juri still has some good in her. Juri would accept the offer to join the other heroes to save the universe afterwards. Given this, Juri may be the only criminal that Chun-Li doesn't hold any true contempt for. They both also share a common bond and hatred for M. Bison, whom was responsible for the loss of Chun-Li's father and Juri's parents. This makes Juri more of a rival than an enemy.

Chun-Li would meet Juri again in Street Fighter 6, Juri was stalking Chun-Li when she notices her. Juri tells Chun-Li that there is still evil lurking in the shadows, even after M. Bison's defeat and invites Chun-Li to fight her to get her to spill more info. Even though Chun-Li ends up victorious, Juri doesn't give too much information away and escapes.


M. Bison


M. Bison hits Chun-Li with a Psycho Punisher to the stomach before escaping.

"You're the one person... I will never forgive!"

M. Bison is considered to be Chun-Li's greatest enemy, as well as the main antagonist for not just her story, but the entire Street Fighter lore.

In Chun-Li's Street Fighter Alpha ending, M. Bison is the final boss in her Arcade route. After making quick work of her, M. Bison reveals to Chun-Li that he was the one who killed her father. Since then, Chun-Li has sworn to avenge her father's death, and that motivation has continued to be the driving force for her well until the fall of Shadaloo.

C. Viper

C. Viper is one of Chun-Li's rivals, mostly because she "impeded" Chun-Li's investigation on Shadaloo and S.I.N., so Chun-Li almost blew C. Viper's cover (her working for S.I.N.) and tried to take her in. It is unknown who won the battle between C. Viper and Chun-Li, but it is known that Chun-Li recovered data linking to Shadaloo and S.I.N.


"Not even traditional Chinese medicine can cure your stupidity!"

Even though Balrog has a thing for women, Chun-Li is one exception. Because he's a member of Shadaloo and one of Bison's top subordinates, Chun-Li sees Balrog as an enemy. The two would encounter during Balrog's rival cutscene, in where Chun-Li would try to bring in a resistant Balrog for questioning.


Much like Balrog, Chun-Li sees Vega as an enemy. Vega, however, enjoys her beauty and mocking her. In his SFIV rival scene with Chun-Li, he calls her a persistent wench and tries to play her mind calling himself a ghost. During Chun-Li's story In SFV, he encounters Chun-Li when she was a rookie cop investigating her father's disappearance. Chun-Li and Vega battle, trying to learn more about her father but Vega manages to escape after scratching Chun-Li's arm. Chun-Li would later encounter him after she teamed up with Nash and Guile, and after a second fight, Vega would reveal that he has information in regards to her father.


Although the terms of their meeting weren’t specified, Chun-Li’s win quote against Akuma in Street Fighter 6 shows that they have fought in the past, Chun-Li is aware of the power and threat Akuma possesses and seems to only just be able to beat him


Gill is among Chun-Li's most hated enemies and like Ryu, Chun-Li sees no difference between the Illuminati leader and that of Bison.


As the second-in-command of Shadaloo, F.A.N.G is one of Chun-Li's greatest enemies.


As stated in her respective win quote in Street Fighter V, Chun-Li mistakenly perceives Urien as a potential ally by his well-kempt appearance. She would later track him down for kidnapping Li-Fen during the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, with Chun-Li herself successfully rescuing and saving Li-Fen from Urien. On the other hand, Urien sees her as nothing more than a commoner until she proves to be pivotal in destroying Shadaloo.






Chun-Li is the original fast character in the Street Fighter series, utilizing multiple rapid attacks rather than the slow, damaging strikes of larger characters like Zangief. Her agile and swift movements are a favorite amongst game-players. It is interesting to note that in the early days of arcade fighting games, many other female characters played in a similarly speedy style, following the example set by Chun-Li. In previous games (mainly Street Fighter II) she was basically a charge character along with Guile and E. Honda but her style was changed in later games to give her a more technical feel as well as her trademark "speed" granted to the player.

Much of her basic moves involved brute force mixed with agility for a mixed fighting style in many cases, while also focusing on Chun-Li's thigh-build, giving her various types of kicking attacks. However, as the games progressed as of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Chun-Li's animations began to deviate from her original ones, and she adopts a more graceful approach to her martial arts (with some versions of her crouching stance instead making assume a lotus position of sorts).

Another notable trait of Chun-Li's was her various unique attacks that often varied from iteration to iteration, with only a few iconic ones being consistent in her arsenal. As a result, she can be regarded as a "queen of unique attacks/command normals" due to the sheer amount she's had across the series.

Fighting style

Chun-Li's fighting style is of all kinds of Chinese martial arts/Kung Fu - mostly Tai chi.



Street Fighter II concept art depicting Chun-Li's Hyakuretsukyaku

In almost every game, Chun-Li's signature move is the Hyakuretsukyaku, which was her ability to throw multiple kicks in one sitting. Its easy accessibility (bluntly pressing a kick button rapidly) has become a staple in many games. Her Spinning Bird Kick acts like Ryu's and Ken's own Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. Chun-Li can also wall-jump, meaning that pressing in the opposite direction after touching the wall during a jump will allow her to bounce off of it. While jumping, she can perform a Stomp Kick on top of her opponent's heads. Beginning with Street Fighter Alpha, this move was replaced by the Sen'enshu, which was an overhead drop kick which knocked the opponent down. This, in itself, was replaced by the Hazanshu in Street Fighter III, which was a similar move where Chun-Li flipped in the air before attacking with her overhead kick. She also regained her Spinning Bird Kick in that game.

Chun-Li Zhang - Tenshoukyaku

Chun-Li's Tenshokyaku shown in Street Fighter IV art

Her Kakukyakuraku was basically a move where she flips in the air and drop kicks her opponents on the head, causing them to fall down. This was replaced in Street Fighter III with the "Tenshin Shuu Kyaku" which requires her to jump all the way behind the opponent to attack, but also lets her combo afterward. Her trademark projectile is called the Kikoken, and has alternately been a motion attack and a charge attack depending on the game. Her Tenshokyaku enabled her to jump in the air and perform 3-4 consecutive kicks that can damage air born opponents.

Other notable moves that have appeared include the Sou Hakkei, a powerful palm strike that Chun-Li can do in her X-ISM mode in Street Fighter Alpha 3; the Reishiki Kikou Ken, a toned-down version of the Kikosho as it appeared in the Alpha games that Chun-Li can do at any time in the Marvel vs. Capcom series; and the Tenshin Embu in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, a command grab similar to Yun and Yang's Zenpou Tenshin that does no damage but leaves the opponent open to a combo.

In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Chun-Li retains most of her moves as both Kikosho and Hazan Tensho Kyaku serve as her Mighty Combos and has five disguises serve as her special attacks but one of those moves makes herself recoiled. (Eg: a summer school uniform while wielding a golf club and a love letter, a cheerleader wielding pom-poms and a baton stick, a circus performer, cosplaying as Jill Valentine in her first outfit in Resident Evil wielding heavy firearms and a traffic enforcer) One of her special attacks has to bump her opponent by sliding into the ground. She later wears a black sleeveless formal chinese qipao serving as one of her taunts. One of her Mighty Combos has her to slam the opponent with a traffic sign while disguising as a traffic enforcer to make the bikers from the Alpha games to hit and run the opponent for a heavy damage.

Super Attacks

Chun-Li's first Super Combo, the Senretsukyaku, was an extended Hyakuretsukyaku that moved Chun-Li forward and could go through fireballs. Her Kikosho, which she received in Street Fighter Alpha, was a stationary ball of energy that could hit attacks coming from above and in front. Her Hazan Tenshou Kyaku was a powered-up version of the Tenshokyaku. These moves received typical power increases in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

Her appearance in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike saw her retain only one Super Combo from before, the Kikosho, in a version that more resembled the Vs. version than the original Alpha version. The move would return to Street Fighter 6 with an airbone version of it. Her two new Super Arts were the Hoyokusen, a re-imagined Senretsukyaku that was made up of two flurries of rapid kicks followed by a final kick that sent the opponent upward; and the Tensei Ranka, an aerial flip-kick that ended with a final kick crashing straight downward. Chun-Li's Hoyokusen would later become her Critical Art in Street Fighter V, having a more cinematic effect upon landing the first hit, as well as one of her Hyper Combos for the Marvel VS Capcom series.

In Street Fighter IV, Chun-Li gains a new Ultra Combo called Hosenka. It is very much like Houyoku Sen, except instead of kicking the opponent away after the Hyakuretsukyaku, she kicks the opponent upwards and does a powered-up Spinning Bird Kick, which causes a tornado and does significant damage. She then kicks the opponent up into the air with a lot of force, landing gracefully after the opponent falls back on to the floor.

In Super Street Fighter IV, the Kikosho returns as Chun-Li's second Ultra Combo. The Kikosho animation is nearly identical to what is depicted in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

In crossover games, Chun-Li gains a Hyper Combo called Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku. Chun-Li passes through the opponent with a powerful kick. As the two are momentarily paused mid-air, the screen turns black and the kanji of the Hyper Combo's name appears on the screen, with the screen flashing afterwards.

Street Fighter 6 has every character equipped with at least three Supers. Chun-Li's Kikosho returns as her Level 1 Super Move, with an Aerial version of her Kikosho being introduced as a new Super Art. Chun-Li's Hoyoku-sen is Chun-Li's Level 2 Super Art with Chun-Li circling her arms while lowering into a stance as seen in her Critical Art in Street Fighter V. Chun-Li's Street Fighter 6 Hoyoku-sen launches her opponent in the air after the final move, allowing for a follow up combo just like in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. And finally, Chun-Li's Level 3 Super Move, the Soten Ranka, makes its debut as her most powerful Super Art. Chun-Li circles her arms at her opponent, then kicks them in the air, followed with rapid Wing Chun punches to her opponent's stomach before kicking them away. From her Serenity Stream stance, Chun-Li leaps into the air and delivers a final Hazanshu to her opponent's back, slamming them to the ground. The Critical Art version of her Level 3 Super Art ends with her finishing her opponent with a Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku to her opponent's stomach, sending them flying into the screen before falling back to the ground.


Early Life

At the age of five, Chun-Li saw her first classical Chinese play, Peking Opera, and her first Bruce Lee movie,[19] which fascinated her and also became part of the reasons why she started practicing martial arts.[2]

She began by learning Tai Chi. However, Tai Chi was much different from the gorgeous movements she remembered from Peking Opera. Soon afterwards, her father taught her Hongquan as well as various basic exercises from then on. With that, Chun-Li’s skills in Chinese martial arts improved rapidly. Chun-Li used mostly kicks when fighting. This was something she picked up from her father, who was also said to have "legendary legs." Chun-Li continued to develop her kick attacks, embracing techniques from a variety of fighting styles, such as Chinese martial arts, capoeira, battle karate, and taekwondo, thus eventually creating her own style.[20]

Chun-Li would later become a detective at the age of eighteen[20] in hopes of finding her missing father. She later followed in her father's footsteps and become a narcotics investigator at the I.C.P.O (International Criminal Police Organization), also known as Interpol, working as the organization's anti-Shadaloo investigator. Chun-Li was known as the "black sheep of the I.C.P.O.", as she was investigating Shadaloo for the illegal sales of narcotics and weapons when said evil organization got their hold of the high-ups of Interpol.[2]

Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams

In Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams, Chun-Li attempts to arrest M. Bison for drug dealing, in which they fight shortly afterwards. M. Bison, amazed by Chun-Li's strength, beauty, and anger, invites her to join Shadaloo, in which Chun-Li promptly refuses. M. Bison reveals to Chun-Li that he's the one who killed her father, and, catching her off guard, hits her in the stomach with his Psycho Punisher before escaping. Chun-Li then wakes up in a hospital bed before being briefed on M. Bison's escape to Thailand.


M. Bison hits Chun-Li in the stomach with a Psycho Punisher before escaping in Street Fighter Alpha Warriors' Dreams

Street Fighter Alpha 2


Chun-Li seeing Bison retreat in Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2 retcons the events of Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams

Chun-Li was an Interpol investigator who had been searching for clues to the recent disappearance of her father. Getting into a friendly spar with an old teacher of hers and friend of her father, Gen, he gives her a lead into who may have killed her father—the mysterious crime syndicate Shadaloo. Finding its leader, M. Bison, she demands he tell her what happened to her father. To her surprise, Bison attacks and basically makes quick work of her, then retreats to his jet in the sky. Before he leaves, he reveals that he was responsible for her father's death, and if Chun-Li were to come after him, he'll kill her like he did with her father. Finally, the horrible truth that Chun-Li had been searching for has been revealed.

Later, at the China Branch Interpol Headquarters, Chun-Li is appointed Special Investigator of Shadaloo. With tears in her eyes (the last she swore to ever shed), Chun-Li swore vengeance.[21]

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Chun-Li Alpha 3

Chun-Li's appearance in Alpha 3

Chun-Li teamed up with a United States Air Force member, Charlie Nash, to try to track and take down Shadaloo. She then ran into someone she would not have expected at all. It was Charlie's good friend and fellow lieutenant, Guile. Telling Guile he should not get in over his head and to leave the two be, Chun-Li learns he has orders to bring Charlie back. Attempting to use force to stop him, Guile immediately appears and holds her in his arms telling her that she can't force Charlie to not make what is right and for good intentions; nonetheless, she insists that she and her partner be left alone, to which Guile replies that he will never abandon friends in need.

After eventually learning that Bison tricked the Air Force into cancelling the planned bombing of the main Shadaloo base, Chun-Li rushed over to the two soldiers to tell them they were tricked and would have to destroy the base on their own. Chun-Li with Charlie and Guile proceeded to the Shadaloo base located in Thailand to plant bombs around the base as Charlie and Guile headed inside to destroy the Psycho Drive, but Guile then came rushing out, grabbing Chun-Li and telling her Charlie had urged both of them to get away.

Meanwhile, Ryu was fighting with M. Bison. Along the way, Chun-Li saw a young girl escaping with several others (who turned out to be Cammy) and she found Ryu and escaped with him. Later Guile told her that Charlie was inside of the Shadaloo base during the explosion marking his apparent death in the process. Despite being distraught over the initial lack of evidence to prove Shadaloo's crimes, Chun-Li managed to shut down the operations of the Shadaloo evil empire.

Street Fighter II


Chun-Li praying at her father's grave after Bison's defeat.

Chun-Li received an invitation to the second World Warrior tournament, and discovered that Bison had apparently survived the Thailand base's destruction. With this, she had the clear motive of destroying Shadaloo and avenging her father once again. During the tournament, Chun-Li and her allies manage to reach Bison and engage him in combat that reaches the forest. During their fight with Bison, They managed to overpower the Shadaloo dictator with Chun-Li delivering the decisive blow to M. Bison with a powerful Kikosho that destroys part of the forest. When Guile urges Bison to surrender, Bison refuses and instead commits suicide by using all of his Psycho Power to make a huge explosion that blasted everyone away. Fortunately, it didn't kill Chun-Li and the other fighters who attempted to stop the dictator. With Bison's apparent suicide, the government exhaustively investigated Shadaloo's base and concluded that Bison and the other bosses had also died, despite no evidence being shown to prove that the cataclysm happened.

Afterwards, Chun-Li visits her father's grave, praying to him that his death had been avenged. With Chun-Li finally defeating M. Bison, it wouldn't be long until Shadaloo's eventual collapse. From there, Chun-Li would move on to be a young single girl. Though, from Super Street Fighter 2 onward, she is given a choice between the life of a single girl, or to continue being a detective.

At some point during the tournament, Chun-Li battled Ken Masters.[22]

Pre-Street Fighter IV

Chun-Li is seen moving on with her life as a young single girl, keeping herself busy by working at an eatery, or by traveling. She reminisces the memories and the fights that took place during Street Fighter II. She admits to herself that the life she expected wasn't all she'd imagined it would be. Chun-Li finds her inner strength reawakened as she finds herself back into action, presumably to continue tracking down Shadaloo's movement's, M. Bison, as well as the S.I.N. Organization.

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Pre-Super Street Fighter IV

Some time after the fall of Shadaloo, Chun-Li, Guile and Cammy are summoned to a theme park to stop the rampage of Juri (a operative from Shadaloo's weapon division S.I.N.) who is wreaking extreme havoc. While Guile and Cammy evacuate trapped civilians, Chun-Li goes ahead to look for more survivors.

Chun-Li reaches Juri just as she executes a rogue S.I.N agent. Chun-Li squares off against Juri, but is unable to land a significant strike on her. Juri grabs Chun-Li's arm before twisting it in an armlock. Chun-Li escapes by kicking Juri's leg, and retreating with an air-Kikoken, before Juri blocks with one hand. Juri takes advantage as Chun-Li is distracted by a little boy whose mother was injured by Juri's attack. Juri rushes in with a kick to Chun-Li's solar plexus, blasting her into a wall before crashing to the ground. But before Juri can execute her, she is forced to flee when Guile and Cammy arrive due to her artificial eye malfunctioning. Injured, and losing consciousness, Chun-Li mentions to Cammy about the little boy and his mother.

Chun-Li is hospitalized with multiple injuries all over her body. But upon recovery, Chun-Li is back to investigating Juri and her connections to S.I.N. on a laptop from her hospital bed. Guile and Cammy go to confront Juri while Chun-Li monitors the S.I.N. base and movements.

Guile later informs Chun-Li about their failure to apprehend Juri.

Street Fighter IV series


Chun-Li's appearance in Street Fighter IV

Donning her outfit, she returns to Interpol and teams up with Guile and Cammy to take down S.I.N. and discover what really happened to M. Bison. After she recovers from being defeated by Juri Han, she enters the new international fighting tournament to take down S.I.N once and for all. On her way, she is approached by Abel, who is searching for any leads on the Shadaloo organization. During the tournament, she also pursues Gen, who is also participating, for more answers about her father's death; Gen refuses and she is unable to force him. She then confronts C.Viper and almost blows her cover because Viper was "impeding" her investigation. Later, she encounters Juri once more, whom she tries to arrest and although she is able to defeat her, she is unable to bring her into custody.[23] Infiltrating the S.I.N. dam facility, she is trapped when Vega activates the base's self-destruct sequence. She is protected from the ensuing collapse by Gen, and is eventually rescued by Guile and Abel.

Street Fighter V

As expected, Chun-Li returns in Street Fighter V.

Character Story

The prologue unfolds after the events of A Shadow Falls, during which Chun-Li triumphantly rescues Li-Fen from the clutches of Shadaloo. In a tender moment, Li-Fen stumbles upon Chun-Li's cherished hair ribbons, relics from her days as a rookie cop. As memories flood back, Chun-Li finds herself recounting the experiences of her past, transporting both herself and Li-Fen to the Pre-Alpha era.

In a vivid flashback, Chun-Li is attempting to apprehend the elusive Vega in China. During their confrontation, Vega remarks on her impeccable kicks, drawing a connection to someone who had mastered the same martial art. Realizing he is referring to her father, Chun-Li seizes the opportunity to inquire about him, inadvertently triggering a fierce battle between them. As the intense duel unfolds, Vega manages to scratch Chun-Li on her arm before ultimately retreating.

In her relentless pursuit of Vega, Chun-Li's search takes her to Russia, following a lead that points to an area where he was reportedly sighted. Along the way, she crosses paths with Guile and Nash, who notice her desperation. Nash challenges her to a sparring match in order to assess her readiness. To her surprise, Nash emerges as the victor. Guile seizes the moment to acknowledge her determination and suggest that if she locates Vega, both he and Nash should accompany her.

Returning to China, they locate Vega, who is accompanied by a group of Shadaloo soldiers and Birdie. As Guile and Nash engage in a fierce battle against the attackers, Chun-Li once again confronts Vega. After a grueling fight, she finally manages to overpower him, intending to arrest him for further questioning. However, Vega manages to escape aboard a helicopter, vowing that their paths will cross again. He also reveals that he possesses information regarding her father's death.

Reflecting on the encounter, Chun-Li realizes the importance of not venturing alone and expresses her gratitude towards Guile and Nash for their support.

Back in the present, Chun-Li affectionately adorn Li-Fen's ox-horns with those ribbons. Li-Fen wishes to be just as strong as Chun-Li and they start training.

A Shadow Falls


Li-Fen meets Chun-Li after infiltrating the base.

In the main story, Chun-Li teams up with Guile in his investigation about the blackout in New York due to the activation of the Black Moons created by M. Bison. When she and Guile confront M. Bison along with the other Heavenly Kings, she recklessly fights against Bison over her vendetta. Chun-Li is beaten by a powered up M. Bison, thanks to the Black Moons, and he blasts Chun-Li onto the street with a powerful Psycho Blast. As Guile struggles to fight off Vega, M. Bison prepares for the finishing blow, but Cammy comes in to save her just on time. Cammy helps an injured Chun-Li retreat with Guile.

Later that evening, Cammy, Chun-Li, and Guile discussing the possible connections of the missing hackers and the connection with the Shadaloo keys. Chun-Li is still injured from her last fight with M. Bison. As she tries to get to her feet, she crumbles back to her knees, holding her midsection. Cammy delivers a package Chun-Li, containing one of the pieces. But all three are surprised with the sight of Charlie Nash. Guile goes to confront him, leaving Chun-Li and Cammy alone with Rashid and Azam. As Rashid talks, he catches Chun-Li's attention before taking on an offensive stance. Rashid fights Chun-Li for her piece. Still injured and worn out from her battle against Bison earlier, she is defeated by Rashid. The star-shaped key flies off her as she is kicked away. Rashid retreats with Chun-Li's piece before she could get to her feet.

Chun-Li is enlisted by Karin Kanzuki and find out the pieces are actually the keys to the Black Moons and to stopping Shadaloo's plan. She teams up with Ken Masters and Cammy to find Laura at Brazil. Once Ken fights off F.A.N.G, Chun-Li recognizes Sean as being part of the Matsuda Family and questions him about the piece he received, which he gave to Laura. After Ken spars with Laura and gets the piece, Decapre lingers to them and falls unconscious. The police show up to arrest Decapre. Ken and Chun-Li try to diffuse the situation, but Cammy attacks the officers to protect Decapre and escapes with Juri on her motorcycle, branding herself as well as Decapre as fugitives. As Juri rides off with Cammy and the unconscious Decapre, Ken and Laura hold off an oncoming wave of Shadaloo soldiers as Chun-Li rushes off to the Shadaloo Base.

In their first infiltration at Shadaloo, Chun-Li is quickly ambushed by Shadaloo soldiers. But Dhalsim teleports in and knocks out each one of them. Dhalsim hands Chun-Li a Black Moon piece as she rushes into the base, leaving Dhalsim to handle a second wave of soldiers with a Yoga Flame.

While inside, Chun-Li finds Li-Fen, one of the kidnapped hackers. Chun-Li invites the little girl to escape with her, but Li-Fen is hesitant to join her as she runs away, still having a mission she needs to fulfill.

Chun-Li meets up at the control panel with Karin as both ladies breaks down a steel door to get there. F.A.N.G catches up to them in time, but Karin holds him off long enough for Chun-Li to successfully shut down the Black Moons. F.A.N.G retreats but not before promising one last trick up his sleeve. Abel, who was working as an inside man in the Shadaloo organization, meets up with Karin and Chun-Li. Meanwhile F.A.N.G uses Li-Fen to activate the "Descent Program", in which the Black Moons will drop from orbit and explode upon impact, causing world wide destruction, chaos, and fatatlities. The "Descent Program" also triggered Psycho Power in Abel, causing him to lose control of his body in a rage.

Chun-Li and Karin escape from the base. And Zangief appears out of the sky to stop Abel, hitting him with a spinning piledrivier to knock him unconscious. Chun-Li boards the escape chopper with Karin and the rest of the fighters, including Nash, as they retreat from the Shadaloo base.

While regrouping at the Kanzuki estate, Nash and Guile seduce Abel with Nash siphoning all of the Pyscho Power out of him. Chun-Li checks on Abel as Nash, Rashid, and Azam leave back to their home base. Ryu arrives after defeating Necalli and Chun-Li is happy to see him. He joins with them to make a final assault against Shadaloo.

Upon second arrival, Chun-Li and the rest of the fighters leap out of the helicopter and descend into the Shadaloo base, where a massive brawl between Karin's forces and Shadaloo Soldiers breaks out, each of the World Warriors holding their own. Chun-Li fights of a few guards before noticing the Shadaloo Dolls joining the fight, all powered up from the Black Moons. Karin intercepts Enero as Chun-Li rushes into the heart of the base with Guile and Ryu.

As Rashid successfully aborts the Descent Program, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile find M. Bison. Before Chun-Li could rush in to battle, she notices a terrified Li-Fen, still captive. Nash is the first to fight M. Bison. But realizing that he was still too strong, Nash sacrifices himself by absorbing as much of M. Bison's excess Pyscho Power as he can in an effort to weaken the powerful Dictator before self-destructing. Chun-Li and Guile can only helplessly watch as Charlie performs his final sacrifice. She stops Guile from nearing the blast as Nash kills himself. When the dust settles, M. Bison still stand tall, stepping on Charlie's dog-tags. But Chun-Li and Guile sense that M. Bison's power had been weakened.

Shortly after, F.A.N.G appears, seemingly having survived Marz's attempt to kill him. F.A.N.G in a rage rushes over to Chun-Li, swinging his poison hands at her as she evades and parries the strikes before knocking him back with a Hakkei palm strike. F.A.N.G turns his attention to Li-Fen, but before he can kill the small child, Chun-Li saves her with a Tenshin Shushu to F.A.N.G. Chun-Li comforts Li-Fen for being brave as she hugs the trembling, terrified girl. Chun-Li looks back and sees F.A.N.G slowly recovering. She tells Ryu to take care of M. Bison while fights off F.A.N.G. Succumbed to his rage, Chun-Li easily defeats F.A.N.G as he falls unconscious.

After Ryu ultimately defeats Bison, they escape the base with Li-Fen and Guile. Chun-Li hesitates for a moment, looking back at M. Bison's cap. An expression of both relief and anxiousness bestows on her face as years of avenging her father seemingly has come to a close. But in doing so, Chun-Li and Li-Fen fall behind and sprints to catch up to them; carrying Li-Fen in her arms, and avoiding falling debris in the process. When the blast starts catching up, Ryu throws a Denjin Hadoken to stop the fires from the explosion allowing Chun-Li and Li-Fen to escape. As the Shadaloo base crumbles and burried underneath roaring lava, Chun-Li barely manages to escape the base, carrying Li-Fen on her back; Ryu and Guile right beside her.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike


Chun-Li living the life of teaching martial arts to kids.

After the events of Street Fighter V and Shadaloo's fall, Chun-Li finally makes her peace and retires from street fighting to teach martial arts to orphans while still doing police work. Urien kidnaps Li-Fen, for his scientific projects, which prompts Chun-Li to go out in the world again and find her. She challenges him once she finds him and gets Li-Fen back. She goes back to China and goes back to teaching martial arts.

Street Fighter 6

A former high-kicking ICPO agent, now promoted as a director of its special criminal intelligence division, Chun-Li looks after Li-Fen, a victim of the Black Moon Incident. With Shadaloo sundered, she now runs kung fu classes, and has become a well-loved member of the local community.[24] Upon learning that a new terrorist organization known as Amnesia begun to target Ken and framed him for the crime he did not commit, Chun-Li tries to find the evidence to clear his name.

Ever since Shadaloo's fall, Chun-Li has gained a more philosophical perspective. She now wears a white-based outfit that inherits the traditions from the series, but is elegant and easy to move in. She lives life in a calm but radiant manner.[25]

Days of the Eclipse

In Chapter 1, Chun-Li, who's undercover, and Tsujimoto follow Ken and Albert Jackson, who are on their way to a hotel. After Ken's car is attacked by a group of people wearing masks, Chun-Li and Tsujimoto take Ken and the the two drive off with the injured champion.

In Chapter 2, Chun-Li asks Ken if he remembers his car being attacked, and when he asks about his friend Albert, she says that they couldn't get to him in time. She informs him that he needs to remain in their custody, for his own safety. Ken asks why is she in Nayshall, and Chun-Li informs that she is still with Interpol, and that she's currently director of their special criminal intelligence division, who are investigating international financial crimes happening in Nayshall, and that Ken is being held as a material witness. After showing the video transmitted by Amnesia, Ken gets angry and shouts that he had nothing to do with this, but Chun-Li knocks him back and points a gun at him, telling him to calm down. She's aware that Ken is being framed and that they're currently looking for a way to prove his innocence, however because the whole world saw the video, he woudn't be safe, and so he can't leave. Ken then asks what happened to Mel, and Chun-Li is shocked that his son is here. Ken begs that he needs to call his son, however she leaves the room and makes a call, making Ken frustrated. She then calls Li-Fen, who informs her that the video looks like a deepfake and that with a full technical analysis, any expert could prove it at trial. She then adds that there are other strange anomalies besides the video, and Li-Fen mentions the online betting related to the tournament. She then asks Li-Fen for another favor to find Mel Masters, which annoys her for working way too hard, but Chun-Li promises to make it up once she get back. However she hears a sound and sees Tsujimoto knocked out and notices that Ken escaped through the window.

In Chapter 4, Li-Fen is talking to Chun-Li and explains that the more she investigates about JP, the more shady he gets, saying that he moves from one corporation/NGO to another, never staying there long, and that he's involved with infrastrucutre projects with several countries. She also mentions that his name "Johan" must be a fake name, and that he also calls himself "Jean-Philippe". Li-Fen explains that most of his projects seem legitimate, however, the moment he gets involved, things start going haywire, causing ethnic conflicts and civil wars. Chun-Li wonders if he's directly responsible and Li-Fen agrees that his hands are dirty. She reveals that she tried to dig depeer, but it's getting a bit risky, and that everything about the bussinessman on the dark web was ghosted and someone tried to reverse-hack Li-Fen. Chun-Li asks her if it's too dificult for her, but Li-Fen says she could try harder if there was something for her and asks for a new gaming mouse and to eat a big juicy steak. The two end up leaving the room and Chun-Li wonders if she can ever be normal and Li-Fen gets upset hearing this.

Arcade Mode

Chun-Li: An Agent's Day Off

Chun-Li takes a sabbatical from Interpol to teach kung fu in Metro City. She later encounters Juri trying to sneak up on her, as they both engage in combat against each other. Juri warns Chun-Li that just because M. Bison is dead, that things aren't over yet. Chun-Li is curious for answers, but Juri invites Chun-Li to get the answers out of her by beating her.

Chun-Li wins her battle, but Juri escapes without spilling any information to her. The workaholic Chun-Li is determined, even if M. Bison is dead, to uncover any evil lurking in the shadows.

Juri: Occupational Burnout

During her encounter with Juri, Chun-Li shows empathy to her long-time rival, seeing that, just like herself, she too is also a victim of M. Bison's evil deeds. Both have went on completely different paths in response, with Chun-Li following the path of justice and honor, while Juri was hellbent on vengeance and crime. Fed up with being lectured, Juri engages in combat with Chun-Li. Juri escapes, with the words of Chun-Li still resonating in her mind.


Chun-Li bumps into A.K.I., but before she could apologize, A.K.I. gives Chun-Li a warning not to return to action, for if she were to investigate A.K.I. or any of the activities of her superiors, A.K.I would not hesitate to melt Chun-Li's face right off.

World Tour

Elegance & Beauty. On Wings of Eternity. Nature's Grace. (エレガンスと美しさ。 永遠の翼に。 自然の恵み。 Eregansu to utsukushi-sa. Eien no tsubasa ni. Shizen'nomegumi.?, Simplified Chinese: 流花凉丽。羽华斗仙。蝶鸟舞羽。)

"Whether the skills you've learned will lay fallow or continue to grow... that is up to you. (学んだスキルを休ませるか、成長し続けるか...それはあなた次第です。 Mananda sukiru o yasuma seru ka, seichō shi tsudzukeru ka... Sore wa anata shidaidesu.?)"
—Chun-Li's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery

In World Tour mode, Chun-Li is the 2nd Master the player can encounter. She is located the in Hong Hu Lu Chinatown area of Metro City. Upon entering the area, the player watches Li-Fen spar with Chun-Li. Chun-Li, with her hands never leaving her backside, avoids all of Li-Fen's strikes, leaping over her final flying kick and tapping her in the back of her head with her foot as she crashes into the player. Chun-Li helps the Player up, introducing herself to him, paving the way for the Player to start Kung Fu training with Chun-Li as their master.

Though Chun-Li isn't as involved with the story as much as her pupil Li-Fen, Chun-Li does share her history and likes with the player when they achieve a certain bond level with her.

A Bond with Chun-Li: 1

Chun-Li discloses her proficiency with firearms and her fondness for skeet shooting. Her marksmanship were exceptional, as evidenced by her impressive 6th place ranking in an international shooting competition. She draws parallels between shooting and martial arts, highlighting the shared requirement of focusing on one's target and striking at the precise moment. During her time as a police officer, Chun-Li carried a sidearm but predominantly relied on her exceptional kicking abilities to resolve conflicts, utilizing her gun only for warning shots when necessary.

A Bond with Chun-Li: 2

Chun-Li reveals her love for playing the erhu, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. While she acknowledges that she is not a professional and feels hesitant about performing in public during the daytime, she extends an invitation to the Player for a private and intimate solo performance beneath the Hong Hu Lu Chinatown gazebo at night.

Playing the erhu holds deep significance for Chun-Li, evoking cherished memories and providing a sense of tranquility. It serves as a means for her to find peace of mind and connect with her emotions.

A Bond with Chun-Li: 3

When asked about her family, Chun-Li reveals that she lives with Li-Fen. While Li-Fen is both her student and friend, Chun-Li also considers her as a younger sister, although she acknowledges the significant age gap that could make her Li-Fen's mother.

Their paths crossed at a Shadaloo Base, where Chun-Li rescued Li-Fen during the downfall of Shadaloo. Unfortunately, this event left Li-Fen orphaned, without any family to care for her. In a compassionate gesture, Chun-Li welcomed Li-Fen into her own family. Initially, Li-Fen struggled with the trauma from her experiences with Shadaloo, making it difficult for her to open up. Their relationship had an awkward beginning, but Chun-Li gradually helped Li-Fen overcome her fears.

Chun-Li introduced Li-Fen to martial arts training, which not only strengthened her physically but also fostered emotional and mental growth. The once timid and reserved girl has since blossomed into a confident young woman capable of defending herself with sass and determination.

Besides Li-Fen, Chun-Li further reveals to the Player the significance of her father in her life. He was not only a respected Hong Kong police officer but also served as Chun-Li's mentor. Additionally, he was the creator of the Revolving Crane Kick, known as the Spinning Bird Kick, a technique that he passed down to Chun-Li. Now, she proudly continues this legacy by teaching the move to both Li-Fen and the Player, ensuring its continuation from one generation to the next.

A Bond with Chun-Li: 4

Towards the end, Chun-Li extends an invitation to the Player to join her and Li-Fen for a shopping excursion. Interestingly, it was Li-Fen who initially suggested including the Player in their plans. Chun-Li reveals that, apart from her involvement in programming, Li-Fen has a fondness for pandas and chocolate. (In the Street Fighter 6 prequel comics, it is also revealed that Li-Fen enjoys gaming and asks Chun-Li to buy her a gaming mouse.)

Chun-Li reminisces about a past occasion when she bought Li-Fen a bag adorned with a panda design, which Li-Fen still cherishes and uses to this day. Witnessing Li-Fen's happiness brings immense joy to Chun-Li, prompting her to occasionally spoil Li-Fen during their shopping trips together. Shopping is an activity that Chun-Li herself thoroughly enjoys, and she finds true delight in snacking on something sweet while exploring stores alongside Li-Fen.

Crossover appearances

Over the years, Chun-Li has appeared in almost all of Capcom's fighting games. With the release of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, she became the only character besides Ryu, Ken and Akuma to appear in all three major Street Fighter incarnations (Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III).

Chun-Li is a regularly-used cameo character in Capcom games. She makes a cameo appearance in Mega Man 9 as a television news reporter during a prologue scene where Mega Man and Dr. Light are watching a breaking-news report. She appears as a boss in the semi-official crossover Street Fighter X Mega Man. Mega Man can obtain the Hyakuretsukyaku as a weapon by defeating her. She is also seen during the ending of the DLC expansion Nirvana of Asura's Wrath, apprehending a reincarnated Kalrow; the game refers to her simply as "Policewoman".


Chun-Li has appeared in all crossovers involving the series (i.e. Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom). She is a playable character in the crossover RPG Namco x Capcom, eventually pairing up with Cammy. Chun-Li was also confirmed as a playable character for Street Fighter IV on December 7, 2007. Chun-Li appears in Street Fighter vs. X-Men, Street Fighter vs. Marvel Superheroes, Marvel vs. Capcom,Marvel vs Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Project X Zone, in which she was a pair unit with Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series, and most recently in Project X Zone 2, in which she was a pair unit with Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken series. She has also made numerous appearances as playable characters in mobile games such as Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, and Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Shadow Lady

In Chun-Li's Marvel vs. Capcom ending, she is transformed into Shadow Lady, a playable boss who was easily recognized as a sprite swap for Chun-Li. Beyond the basic appearance, Shadow Lady had many unique moves in addition to Chun-Li's, due to being a cyborg. This includes transforming her hands into a spinning drill, firing rockets and zapping enemies with electricity.

Pocket Fighter

Chun-Li (SPF2)

Chun-Li in Pocket Fighter

Chun-Li hears of an escaped zoo animal. She apprehends Felicia by mistake and despite Felicia's protests, she is sent to the zoo. The next day she hears of an entertainer's (Felicia) mysterious disappearance.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Chun-Li in Marvel Vs

Chun-Li returns in the first Marvel vs. Capcom game to use 3D models. In her ending, Chun-Li is shown to have arrested the Kingpin.

Street Fighter X Tekken

She is a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken. Her partner is Cammy and their Tekken rivals are Asuka Kazama and Lili De Rochefort. When Chun-Li and Cammy hear about the Pandora's box in Antarctica and receive word that Shadaloo will be going after the box, the girls planned to head to Antarctica and stop them. After making it to Antarctica and defeating Ogre, the two witnessed the box activate and disappear.

Street Fighter × Mega Man

Chun-Li is one of the bosses of Street Fighter × Mega Man.

Rockman X DiVE

Chun-Li is the playable character released on the event Rockman X DiVE × Street Fighter V.

Blood Brothers 2

Chun-Li, Ryu and M. Bison appear in DeNA’s mobile RPG, Blood Brothers 2.[26]

Granblue Fantasy


Chun-Li in Granblue Fantasy

Chun-Li appears as a playable character in the seasonal event Granblue Fighter Ultra along with Ryu, M. Bison, and Sagat. She returns in the 2016 seasonal event Granblue Fighter V with Rashid, Karin, Necalli, and F.A.N.G. [27]


Chun-Li, Ryu, M. Bison, Karin, Juri, Vega, and Cammy all appear as Leaders for the classes in Shadowverse. Chun-Li is an optional leader for Swordcraft decks. [28]

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Chun-Li returns as a playable character.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Chun-Li is a playable character in this game. As Rita Repulsa's hold on the Morphin Grid stretches across multiverses, Chun-Li is among the warriors who are sucked into the Grid, pitted against those from the Power Rangers multiverse. In November 2019, Chun-Li joined Ryu in having a morphed form, becoming the Chun-Li Ranger. In this form, Chun-Li gains a set of new attacks. The first is the "Kasairyuu", which is a flipping heel kick. The next is the "Hyakugouka", which is a powerful version of her Lightning Kick. The following is "Phoenix Dance", where she kicks her opponent into the air then follows them, delivering a series of kicks and stomps before kicking them to the ground. The last is the "Houkouen", which is a palm strike and a heel kick before releasing a burst of energy similarly to her Kikouhou In her Super Mode, she gains the "Phoenix Palm", which is a burst of phoenix flame released similarly to her Kikoshou, and the "Senhoukyaku", which is a powerful set of Lightning Kicks.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Making her second appearance in a Power Rangers crossover, Chun-Li was added to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on May 25, 2021 alongside Ryu. Unlike Legacy Wars, Chun-Li's identity here is as the "Blue Phoenix Ranger", complementing Ryu's returning role as the "Crimson Hawk Ranger".

Live-Action Movies and Series

1994 live-action film


Chun-Li portrayed by Ming-Na Wen

Chun-Li was portrayed by Chinese-American Ming-Na Wen (who would later voice one of the Disney Princess characters Mulan in the 1998 Disney animated film of the same name) in the 1994 film. Rather than being an INTERPOL officer, however, Chun-Li Zang is depicted as a news reporter working for GNT News, in pursuit to seek revenge on M. Bison for her father's death. Other than her change of occupation, her personality and motivations remains the same.

The Legend of Chun-Li


Chun-Li portrayed by Kristin Kreuk

In October 2006, Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom announced its intention to produce another film adaptation with the storyline to focus on Chun-Li. This film will be more character-centered and story-based rather than following a "nebulous plot."[1] Also, apparently it won't be just a Street Fighter movie with Chun-Li as the main character, along the lines of Guile in the first one, but it will be an actual Chun-Li film.[1] Screenwriter Justin Marks was attached to write a script for the adaptation. Street Fighter is set for a 2008 release for the 20th anniversary of the fighting game series.[2] The film adaptation was part of Capcom's multi-platform launch for 2008 that also launched video games and a potential TV series in 2008. Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk known for Smallville stepped down from the show to accept the role of Chun-Li in the 2009 adaptation.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown

Gemma Nguyen played Chun-Li in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown.


Chun-Li was mentioned in Street Fighter: Resurrection episodes "New Challenger" and "Fight & Flight".

Street Fighter: World Warrior

Chun-Li will appear in the second season of Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist called Street Fighter: World Warrior.[29]


Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Chun-Li animated movie

Chun-Li in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Chun-Li was featured as a main character of the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. As an Interpol agent, she requests to work with Guile to investigate Bison's organization. Guile at first doesn't want to work with her, more eager to pursue Bison himself, but Chun-Li remains persistent and she teases him into openly attacking her to get the frustration out of his system and showcase her martial art abilities. She convinces Guile that it is more important to put personal feelings of revenge aside and instead be practical and focus on how to work together. The two remain essentially inseparable afterwards until Bison becomes aware of their activities.

Despite her importance to the games, Chun-Li does not meet either Ryu or Ken or participate in the final battle against Bison in this movie, as she was ambushed in her apartment by Vega, Shadaloo's top assassin. Their battle was brutal, and both fighters fought until fatigued. However, Chun-Li, before passing out from blood loss and exhaustion, defeats Vega and kicks him through the brick wall of her appartment. Guile arrived shortly after to help as she slips into a coma. A distraught Guile promised her he will bring Bison down and pursues the investigation without her, successfully tracking down Ryu minutes before Bison arrives.

Following Bison's defeat at the hands of Ryu and Ken, Interpol tracks down Shadaloo and destroys its central headquarters. Chun-Li eventually awakens from her coma, and pulls a comical and cruel prank on Guile by making it appear she has died, before surprising him with a newspaper headline announcing the downfall of Bison's operations. The two celebrate with an embrace.

In the original version, Chun-Li was given a shower scene before her fight with Vega, which has been censored to varying degrees in all American releases. The recent re-release of the film by Manga Entertainment now offers both the "uncut" UK and original JP versions of the film.

Street Fighter II V


Chun-Li's appearance in Street Fighter II V

In the 29-episode anime series, Chun-Li appears as the spirited tour guide to Ken and Ryu. Her character in this adaption is a far cry from the world's strongest woman since she is only 15 in this series, and is a Kung-Fu student under the guidance of her father, the highest-ranked police chief in Hong Kong. Chun-Li plays a sizable role in the finale when she is brainwashed by Bison's psycho power. She and Ken become something of an item during the Vega arc. She also challenges Bison to a fight and is defeated by him. Following this, she becomes one of Bison's brainwashed soldiers. It is not until after Bison is defeated by both Ryu and Ken that she regains consciousness again and reunites with the two fighters.

Street Fighter (Animated series)

Chun-Li C USA

Chun-Li's appearance in the Street Fighter TV series.

In the American Street Fighter animated series, Chun-Li was a regular character and was voiced by Donna Yamamoto. This version had a darker skin tone as compared to her other appearances. Like in the games, she seeks to avenge her father's death, who was killed by Bison and like her movie counterpart, she also works as a news reporter instead of working at INTERPOL. She first appears in the first episode "The Adventure Begins" where she meets up with Guile, Ryu and Ken in Brazil to fight against M. Bison who was causing trouble with Lucinda and some other scientists who were trying to find a cure a disease that was plaguing the area. In "The Strongest Woman in the World" we learn that Chun-Li saw her father killed by Bison when he was the only person to stay and defend their village. Chun-Li is then put with the dilemma of either allowing Bison to escape or have a nuclear plant destroy many innocent people in her home country China and is forced to let him go so the innocent people can be protected. In "Getting to Guile" Chun-Li fought off El Fideo's best men in a street fight in order to obtain some information she needed but while waiting in her hotel room for the information she was called to save Guile from Bison's mind control.

Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation


Chun-Li's appearance in Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation.

In Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, Chun-Li is still an agent working for Interpol. She recently discovers that Shadaloo has a new leader called Professor Sadler. Chun-Li decides to team up with Ryu and Ken to get information about Sadler and the disappearance of her father.

The story begins with Chun-Li encountering Ryu when she and Wallace her partner were fighting Shadaloo's henchmen. Ryu joins in to help them in their fight. Chun-Li, amazed by Ryu's strength and power, decides to seek information about him. She came across an old article on the internet about Ryu defeating Sagat the Muay Thai Emperor. Wallace then reveals to her, that Shadaloo has a new leader called Professor Sadler who is coming to Japan to hold a street fighter tournament.

Curious about this, Chun-Li decides to investigate this. Luckily, she meets with Ryu again on the streets with his long lost brother Shun. Chun-Li introduces herself as they enter an elevator inside a building heading into the tournament. Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken watch on the side lines while Shun enters the tournament to show Ryu how powerful he is. Shun's opponent was Zangief, who he got beaten up badly by. In the process, Shun reveals that he also has the Dark Hado just like Ryu. Chun-Li has never seen this kind of power before, and became very curious about this strange, evil power. Ryu runs in to stop the fight, only to be beaten up by Zangief as well. Enraged, Ryu taps into the Dark Hado and was about to unleash it on Zangief, but stops when he came to his senses, missing Zangief and blowing up the building accidentally.

Later, Shun was kidnapped by Shadaloo, Chun-Li and Wallace try stopping them, but they got away. Chun-Li tells Ryu that Shun was abducted by Shadaloo. She then carries Ryu to Interpol Headquarters to question him about Shun and the Dark Hado. Wallace wonders where Shadaloo has taken Shun.

Chun-li believes he's been taken to Sadler's lab, Ryu decides to find Shun with Chun-Li tagging along. Later, they meet with Ken to go to Sadler's second tournament for first class street fighters. While there, Ken realizes that all the winners of the tournament are secretly being lead into Sadler's hideout by his henchmen. Curious, they investigate only to find out that the street fighters are being captured to have their data extracted. In the end, they discover that Sadler's goal is to become the strongest fighter alive by collecting different types of data from street fighters from around the world. However, his main goal was to extract the Dark Hado from Ryu. Sadler sent Shun to receive any useful information about Ryu, having Shun pretend to be Ryu's long lost brother to fool him.

Though Chun-Li and Ken were beaten when they faced Sadler, Sadler met his demise at the hands of Ryu. After the ordeal was over, Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li went back to their separate ways, continuing to fight to become stronger. In the end, Chun-li still hasn't received any information about her father's disappearance.

Street Fighter (Korean animation)

In the unofficial Korean animation made by Daiwon Animation, Chun-Li appears as a supporter to the teenage protagonists Soryong Yi and Saeng Yegal.

Chun li Korean

Chun-Li as she appears in the Korean Street Fighter animation.

Wreck-It Ralph

Chun li and zangief in wreck it ralph by cellamare-d52q9cy

In Wreck-It Ralph, next to Zangief at the Game Central Station.

In the 2012 Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph, Chun-Li makes a cameo appearance in the film, along with Ryu, Ken Masters, Zangief, M. Bison, Cammy, and Blanka. In the sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet, Chun-Li makes her cameo appearances like the rest of the characters to help Fix-It Felix Jr. and his wife Calhoun to take care of the characters from Sugar Rush after their game went unplugged due to the expensive costs of buying a new steering wheel in their arcade game which makes Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Sweetz to travel to the internet to save her game.

Comics and Manga

Street Fighter II manga

In a Street Fighter II manga published in the early 1990s (written by Masaomi Kanzaki), Chun-Li remains in her established role of an Interpol agent investigating Bison, but she constantly references and reflects a desire to earn the critical praise of Ryu as a fighter, she is also portrayed as a more emotional and light-hearted person.

As the manga progresses, she eventually participates in a tournament arranged by Shadaloo, and outlasts many of the other warriors, eventually coming up against Vega, portrayed here as her father's killer. Chun-Li defeats Vega, but as in the SFII movie, she cannot continue, and she is pulled from the tournament. Her injuries prevent her from doing much when Ryu and Bison confront one another, except call off an air-strike by Interpol as the two fight.

Chun-Li appears one final time in the closing pages of the final issue of the manga in a panel illustration depicting her arrest of a drug peddler, she remains eager to prove herself to Ryu, and sends him a letter conveying that determination.

Much like the anime SF II movie, the story stands alone from the established canon. Chun-Li's hero worship of Ryu was likely later used for the character of Sakura in the Alpha games.

Street Fighter Alpha manga

In the manga based on Street Fighter Alpha, Chun-Li is again an agent of Interpol (as she is in almost all iterations save for the live action film).

In the manga, she encounters Ryu, who has fallen from grace when he began to give in to the Satsui no Hado, and had hired himself out as a bodyguard to some drug smugglers. She winds up befriending Ryu and Birdie as well as Ken; and Chun-Li, Ken, and Ryu begin trying to deal with the Satsui No Hado, though Chun-Li plays mostly a minor role in that regard. However, the three friends encounter members of Shadaloo, and Chun-Li, at the end of the first volume of the manga, rescues Cammy from being captured (or possibly killed, the manga doesn't say which, only that losers are 'stored' somewhere) after having her hand apparently crushed or at least injured in some way by Sodom. Shadaloo in the manga is once again responsible for the death of her father, though the exact identity of the killer has yet to be revealed.

Sakura Ganbaru!

Chun-LI makes an appearance in the second volume of the manga.

Street Fighter III: Ryu Final

Although not a part of a story, Chun-LI makes a cameo appearance in the manga.

Street Fighter Gaiden

In the manga, Chun-Li has her own short story on the first volume, based on the events of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Her story begins in San Francisco, where she managed to defeat a group of drug dealers and was detaining them. Eliza stopped by and picked Chun-Li up as she was staying in the Masters residence during her investigation of a new drug created by Shadaloo called "Spider". She said Ken was away, participating in a Martial Arts tournament in Japan. Teaming up with the San Francisco Police Department, they discovered that one of the drug dealers they detained revealed the distribution routes of the drug.

Chun-Li immediately jumped at the chance to capture the distributors and headed out of the station until she met an officer named Cain Zenigaya. The two found the hideout, which was, ironically, next door to Ken's house. As they went inside the house, they had noticed that the hideout was not heavily secured. They managed to go to the basement and were suddenly ambushed. Chun-Li easily subdued the thugs and found the creators of the "Spider" drug. She called Cain for some assistance until she suddenly felt pain. Cain revealed himself as a double agent for Shadaloo, calling himself the drug ring leader named "Spider" to lure Chun-Li into a trap and kill her. Using the drug in needles, Cain also said he had memorized her fighting style and purposely brought her to the basement to limit her abilities, which Chun-Li noticed that she was having some disadvantages in the fight.

As this was going on, Eliza was watering her plants and saw Chun-Li heading inside her neighbor's home. As time passed, she began to worry and immediately went next door to check on her. She heard noises coming from the basement and went downstairs, calling for Chun-Li and found her fighting against Cain. She almost slipped as Cain directly threw his needles at her. Sensed that Eliza is in danger, Chun-Li slipped through the needles and attacked Cain with her Senretsukyaku and finished him off with Tenshoukyaku.

At the end, Ken returned home, heard what had happened and berated Chun-Li that if Eliza was in danger again, she will never step foot into his home again. Eliza, however reassured him that the incident gave her more confidence on being a wife of a martial artist, which Ken was in a state of shock.

Chun-Li also appears in Cammy's second short story on the second volume. On both volumes, Chun-Li's personality is more lively and girly in which the author apologized to fans in her notes.

Malibu Series

In the 1990s, Malibu Comics produced a short-lived series of Street Fighter comics, which featured Chun-Li as having known Ryu and Ken since at least their later teens, along with her having either a romantic involvement with or interest in Ryu. So far, it's the only comic or manga known to have shown Chun-Li with her hair down. The comic primarily focused not on Chun-Li or Ryu in particular, but rather on the reaction of several of the characters to the murder of Ken Masters. As this comic was never finished (it was cancelled after only three issues), the storyline was never resolved, and no mention was made of Chun-Li's father or of her connections to Interpol. This series was apparently produced sometime before the release of Super Street Fighter II, as none of the characters introduced in that game appeared in it.

Udon comics

Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li

Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, constructed a lavish mausoleum with an army of Terracotta warriors to solidify his rule in the afterlife. It was believed that the restless souls of the artisans buried alive imbued the Terracotta warriors, a fact Bison sought to exploit for his Psycho Drive. To acquire these mystical artifacts, Bison assigned Sagat to oversee Shadaloo's operations in Hong Kong.

One month later, Chun-Li and her fellow police officer, Po Lin, found themselves hot on the trail of two Shadaloo criminals. In a thrilling car chase, Po Lin's recklessness propelled their vehicle airborne across two buildings before colliding with the criminals'. They successfully apprehended the culprits and extracted the name of their boss—Sagat—as the head of operations.

Meanwhile, a separate group of Shadaloo goons approached the Hibiki Go dojo, demanding payment of 10,000 HKD for conducting business in Shadaloo territory. The honorable Hibiki defeated the scoundrels, but as they fled, their leader vowed revenge.

Within the Hong Kong Police Headquarters, Chun-Li and Po Lin expressed their fervent desire to take on the Shadaloo case. Their determination worried Chun-Li's father, Dorai, yet she persisted and ultimately earned his trust. In a private moment, Po Lin revealed the tragic reason behind her fiery temperament when it came to Shadaloo—she had lost her parents in a crossfire related to the organization. Driven by the desire for vengeance, Po Lin joined the police force and grew up alongside Chun-Li in a relationship combining friendship and competition.

Sagat sought out Hibiki's dojo, challenging him to a fierce battle. Though outmatched, Hibiki managed to destroy Sagat's right eye. Enraged, the kickboxer retaliated with a devastating Tiger fireball, killing Hibiki. His son, Dan, vowed to avenge his father's death once he became stronger.

Chun-Li, Po Lin, and Dorai arrived at the murder scene, hearing Sagat left with a shattered eye. When they rushed to the hospital, however, they found that Sagat had already escaped. Determined to gain an insider's perspective, Dorai visited a restaurant and requested to see the chef—an old acquaintance named Gen, a former assassin who possessed extensive knowledge of the underground.

As Dorai and Gen engaged in conversation, Gen politely declined Dorai's request for assistance, stating that he had lost his killing instinct and no longer desired to return to a life of crime. While Dorai left, Gen noticed someone trailing his friend suspiciously.

Fei Long made an appearance at the Hong Kong museum for an exhibition showcasing the Terracotta warriors. However, another individual interrupted the proceedings, accusing Fei Long of being a fraudulent martial artist. A fight ensued, capturing the attention of Dorai.

Sagat and his men intended to take advantage of the museum's security shift to replace the guards. Upon realizing Dorai's involvement, they decided to ambush and kill him. On the other hand Dorai putt together the pieces with Chun-Li and Po Lin and figured out Shadaloo's plan to steal the Terracotta statues. Unfortunately, their conversation was overheard, prompting Sagat to authorize his gunmen to open fire.

In a critical moment, Chun-Li swiftly protected her father from the hail of bullets. Nevertheless, the four gunmen proved overwhelming. It was at this dire juncture that Gen arrived, neutralizing all the gunmen with his formidable skills. Unwilling to reveal his involvement, Gen forced the lone survivor to contact Dorai and confess their intentions.

Guided by Dorai, Chun-Li and Po Lin rushed to the exhibition area only to discover that the Terracotta statues had already been stolen. They continued their pursuit of Sagat, ultimately reaching the docks. During the fight, Dorai employed his Kikosho technique against Sagat, impressing his daughter with his strength. However, Sagat managed to escape in a submarine before incapacitating Po Lin by breaking her right leg.

Inside the submarine, Sagat inadvertently touched one of the statues and experienced a vision of his future defeat at the hands of Ryu. Fearing the power these Terracotta warriors possessed, Sagat destroyed them all, subsequently reporting to Bison and falsely accusing Dorai of sabotaging their operation. Infuriated by this revelation, Bison decided it was time to take action against Dorai.

In a somber moment, Chun-Li and Dorai accompanied Po Lin to pay homage to her deceased parents. The experience caused Chun-Li to reflect on the possibility of losing her father, much like Po Lin had lost hers. Unbeknownst to them, Killer Bee watched from afar, foreshadowing Dorai's eventual kidnapping and impending death.

Street Fighter

Chun-Li, a member of Interpol's Hong Kong division, swiftly defeated a goon Guile was chasing. Recognizing their shared mission, they decided to join forces and continue their investigation into Shadaloo together.

As they followed leads, Chun-Li and Guile stumbled upon Charlie Nash, who had been brainwashed and now worked under the name "Shadow." Nash proved to be incredibly powerful, effortlessly overpowering both Chun-Li and Guile. In a desperate move, Guile threw Nash's dogtag at him, triggering a sudden memory that prevented Chun-Li from being struck by Nash's killing blow.

Nash regained his memory and revealed to Chun-Li the tragic fate of her father, Dorai. He recounted how Dorai had met his demise at the hands of the Doll agents, with Killer Bee delivering the fatal blow. The revelation left Chun-Li filled with sorrow and a burning desire for revenge against Shadaloo.

Their pursuit of justice took a dark turn when M. Bison arrived on the scene in a helicopter and fatally shot Nash with a machine gun. Chun-Li and Guile attempted to fight Bison but were quickly overpowered. Just as all hope seemed lost, Nash sacrificed himself, managing to bring Bison down from a cracked cliff.

After the incident, Chun-Li paid a visit to her father's tomb, demonstrating her powerful Kikosho. It was during this moment that Guile called out to her, reminding her that even though Bison was gone, Shadaloo still posed a threat. Chun-Li vowed to continue her fight against the crime syndicate until it ceased to exist.

True to her word, Chun-Li worked tirelessly, single-handedly shutting down more Shadaloo cells than the rest of her fellow agents combined. Her superior entrusted her with the task of investigating Fei Long. However, when she finally confronted Fei Long, it became apparent that both of them had misunderstood each other's intentions. After a fierce fight, Fei Long's assistant Ben cleared up the misunderstanding, revealing that Fei Long had been harassed by Triad goons due to his director's connections with the Triads.

Chun-Li and Fei Long decided to track down Fei Long's director, only to discover that he had already fled. Determined to get answers, Chun-Li sought out her master, Gen, who possessed extensive knowledge of the underground world. Gen informed her about the twin Empresses, Jianyu and Xiayu, who ruled and unified the major Triad groups.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Gen insisted on accompanying Chun-Li and Fei Long as they confronted the twin Doll agents. A fierce battle ensued, resulting in the trio defeating Jianyu and Xiayu. However, during the fight, Gen started coughing up blood, revealing that he had leukemia and was nearing the end of his life.

The police also discovered a secret lab at the scene, indicating that Shadaloo was developing a powerful weapon called the Psycho Drive. The components for this weapon had been obtained from various labs around the world, with the final piece being completed in Brazil.

In Interpol HQ in Brazil, Chun-Li arranged a meeting with the Delta Red members. It was during this meeting that she noticed Cammy, whom she recognized as "Killer Bee." Consumed by anger and seeking revenge for her father's death, Chun-Li impulsively attacked Cammy, initiating a fierce fight. Although Cammy initially seemed to have the upper hand, Chun-Li's determination and desire for justice empowered her, allowing her to defeat Cammy and render her unconscious.

However, Chun-Li soon discovered that Cammy was no longer under the control of Shadaloo. Realizing her mistake, Chun-Li spared Cammy's life. Instead, she directed her anger towards Shadaloo itself, acknowledging that it was the organization, not Cammy, that was responsible for her father's death. Cammy found solace when Chun-Li granted her the opportunity to pay her respects at Dorai's tomb. Moved by Chun-Li's forgiveness and determination, Cammy expressed her gratitude and pledged to join forces with Chun-Li in the fight against Shadaloo. Together, they vowed to bring an end to the criminal syndicate and honor the memory of those who had suffered at its hands.

Street Fighter II

One day, Chun-Li single-handedly took down a group of armed criminals when she grew increasingly impatient for the backup to arrive. She then set off for Gen's restaurant.

Upon arriving, Chun-Li easily fend off Yun and Yang's ambush and commented on their performance to help them improve, before joining Gen at the table. As she was practicing martial arts with her master, Cammy arrived. When shaking hand with Cammy, Gen's experienced intuition caused him to sense something ominous about her, prompting him to pull Chun-Li aside for a private conversation.

Gen warned Chun-Li that Cammy had old blood on her hands and should not be trusted. However, Chun-Li, ever the optimist, reassured Gen that people can change and that she trusted Cammy just as much as she trusted Gen himself.

Together, Chun-Li and Cammy delved deeper into their investigation, analyzing surveillance footage from which Cammy identified two figures, Noembelu and Juli, who happened to match the descriptions of two missing persons from the Thunderfoot tribe. This breakthrough led them to Mexico.

Arriving in Mexico, Chun-Li and Cammy found themselves facing a group of robbers in a local bar. Chun-Li was about to let Cammy enjoy the fight when they were swiftly interrupted by the arrival of Thunder Hawk, a warrior with immense strength and skill. Thunder Hawk quickly dispatched the goons and shared the tragic story of Little Eagle (Noembelu) and Julia (Juli), revealing how they were kidnapped by Shadaloo.

However, before she could follow the lead and investigate Omnichemical, Chun-Li received heartbreaking news from Yun. Gen, her revered mentor, had passed away. She immediately halted her pursuit and hurried back to Hong Kong to attend Gen's funeral and pay her final respects. To her surprise, she received an invitation to a fighting tournament from the very organization she vowed to destroy.

Street Fighter II Turbo

Undeterred by the concerns of her Interpol superiors, Chun-Li made the decision to join the prestigious tournament that attracted top-level martial artists from across the world.

In the preliminary stage held in Hong Kong, Chun-Li faced a daunting challenge as she confronted simultaneously several opponents who utilized various animal styles. To make matters worse, one adversary cunningly employed a blinding dust, placing Chun-Li in a precarious situation. However, Yun and Yang were waching her match. They shouted the direction of her opponents' movements. With their assistance, Chun-Li managed to overcome the odds and emerged victorious.

She proceeded to the finals with Fei Long, who happened to be her first opponent as well. In a surprising twist, the two skilled fighters staged a convincing faux battle, with Fei Long emerging as the apparent victor. Little did others know, Chun-Li and Guile had deliberately lost their respective matches, strategizing to exploit the lax security at the Shadaloo base for a clandestine investigation.

Their plan proved successful, as they infiltrated the base and managed to free the captive members of Delta Red. Among them was Ginzu, a brilliant computer genius who cracked the code of the Psycho Drive satellite. Utilizing the newly gained knowledge, they redirected a powerful beam towards the Psycho Drive, effectively destroying Bison's secret weapon that had manipulated the minds of Ken, E. Honda, and Hawk. Just as the island began to crumble, Chun-Li heroically carried an unconscious Cammy, boarding the extraction helicopter.

In the aftermath, Chun-Li convened with her superior, assuring them that all loose ends of the Shadaloo case had been tightly secured. Her dedication and relentless pursuit of justice were enough to make her late father proud. However, Chun-Li harbored no intentions of retiring from her mission. Instead, she made a solemn vow to continue fighting for justice, ensuring that evil forces like Shadaloo would never prevail.

Street Fighter Masters: Chun-Li

Chun-Li had embarked on a new chapter of her life in Beijing, embracing a semblance of normalcy as she played with a group of children at a water park. However, her tranquility was abruptly shattered when Cammy appeared before her, delivering news that Bison was still alive.

Cammy also relayed information about a significant theft involving gold blocks worth a staggering 60 million dollars from an old Shadaloo storage facility. What made the situation even more alarming was the discovery of a unique Psycho Power signature at the crime scene.

Eager to uncover the truth, Chun-Li delved into various leads, which led her to visit a black market dealer. Although the dealer tried to deceive her, Chun-Li quickly saw through his lies. As tension mounted, a gold block inscribed with the unmistakable Shadaloo motif fell from her vest. In that moment, Chun-Li's attention shifted towards Falke, the person responsible for selling the gold block to the dealer.

Determined to get answers, Chun-Li grabbed Falke by the arm, attempting to initiate a conversation. However, she found herself unceremoniously thrown out of the shop by Falke, who swiftly fled on her motorbike. Luckily, Chun-Li had attached a tracer to Falke during their brief encounter.

Driven by an all-consuming rage to dismantle Shadaloo, Chun-Li discarded her current attire and donned her classic outfit. Ignoring Cammy's warning against acting alone, she set out on her own, focused solely on her mission. Regrettably, she brushed off a young child who had approached her with a present.

Following the tracer, Chun-Li eventually located Ed, who was transporting the stolen gold blocks. A fierce battle ensued between them, with Chun-Li emerging victorious against both Ed and Falke. Seeking answers regarding Bison's whereabouts, Chun-Li interrogated the pair, only to have Ed and Falke deny any affiliation with Shadaloo. They painted themselves as victims, claiming to be enslaved by Shadaloo's machinations. Ed even refused to turn in the gold blocks, stating that the money compensated for their past suffering.

Consumed by anger, Chun-Li continued her assault on Ed, relentlessly attacking him. Suddenly, Falke positioned herself courageously in front of her brother, ready to intercept Chun-Li's impending kick. In a moment of self-awareness, Chun-Li recognized that her hatred threatened to overpower her. So she ceased her attack and released them.

Later, Cammy commended Chun-Li for choosing the right path, emphasizing that she now had a new life and a new family upon which to focus, leaving Bison's influence behind. Touched by Cammy's words, Chun-Li allowed herself to soften, returning to her true nature. She then approached the little girl who had tried to give her a present, ready to accept the gesture of kindness, symbolizing her readiness to move forward with compassion and understanding.

Worlds Unite

Chun-Li, along with various other Capcom and SEGA characters, is set to appear in the second Sonic the Hedgehog/MegaMan crossover comic, Worlds Unite. She is the first Street Fighter character to appear after being informed by Sticks that she would be taken over by a monstrous that known as Sigma and goes to help them out.

However, at the end of the crossover, the events of this story was altered due to time being changed by Phane, making every character return back to their home world not and having no memory of Sigma nor the events of the story.

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe

Chun-Li fights against an opponent who appears to be Dan who defeats her and is later revealed to be Zartan.

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Other appearances

Street Fighter EX series


Since the storyline of Street Fighter EX is an alternate storyline, it takes place around the time that the event depicted in Street Fighter Alpha would have occurred. As such, M. Bison is very much at large, and in the process of building up his Shadaloo army.

Freshly initiated into the Interpol ranks, Chun-Li is in pursuit of M. Bison and all of the information that she can obtain about his army's whereabouts. However, many of Chun-Li's efforts are thwarted and she makes little progress in locating Bison throughout the tournament. Bison's attentions are on a particular martial artist known as Ryu.

The situation is complicated further when Chun-Li is asked to return to the second EX tournament. She does not wish to go since it seems that M. Bison is not the one hosting the tournament, but rather a strange and unusual dictator named Shadowgeist. Her department wants her to investigate his activity, but her luck pays off when M. Bison returns, upset by the audacity that Geist displays in usurping Bison's tournament. Chun-Li manages to catch M. Bison and challenges him to a fight to avenge her father's death. Unbeknownst to her, Bison's Psycho Power had been enhanced by an attempted attack from Garuda, and she challenged him while he was in an unstable state, allowing him to defeat her quickly.

She returned in the third EX tournament. This time, she was persuaded by Guile to be his partner in the search for M. Bison and Guile's missing commander, Charlie.


Street Fighter EX

"How are you my father? I am fine myself. Where I am an ordinary citizen or an investigator, I always keep your words in mind. "Help others." Today, I've fulfilled my assignment without harm. And now I wrote you this letter. Wherever you are, you'll always be my father. Your daughter, Chun-Li"

Street Fighter EX Plus α

"Father, wait for me, it seems I'll be joining you...soon..." Her wish while surpassing Bison's demonic fist was for the annihilation of Shadaloo and peace for her late father. The beautiful warrior dances today.

Street Fighter EX2

It seems as if Chun-Li'a assignment was going to be over, having captured Vega, the leader of the drug syndicate Shadaloo, avenging her father. However, she let her guard down when Vega revealed to her that he knows where her father is. "..F-father.." As she drifted away from consciouness, she could see her father's face as if it was a dream.
Chun-Li awoke in a hospital the next day with a renewed purpose.
"I won't cry anymore."

Street Fighter EX2 Plus

"All traces led to nothing..."
Chun-Li was overcome with a light feeling of exhaustion. She removed her hair clippers and shook her head left and right. Chun-Li's long black hair transformed her shadow.

Street Fighter EX3

Dear Chief:
Here are the results of my investigation.
MISSION: Obtain information surrounding the tournament.
REPORT: As we had assumed, it was General M.Bison who was head of the tournament, Unfortunately, we failed to apprehend him. However, I noticed signs that another evil organisation might exist. This would pose an entirely new threat to our investigation, I recommend that someone look into the organisation immediately.
ICPO Special Investigator, Chun-Li

Pop Culture

Chun-Li/Pop Culture


See: Chun-Li/Quotes

Stage Themes



  • Chun-Li and Ryu have made the most crossover appearances out of the entire Street Fighter roster. However Chun-Li appears in fewer Street Fighter series games than Ryu and Ken (both debuting in the game prior to her debut as well as appearing in the first two installments of the Street Fighter III series, Chun-Li not appearing until the third installment, except for a cameo appearance in Ryu's stage).
  • Chun-Li is one of the six characters in the Street Fighter IV series to have two rivals. Her second rival is Juri.
  • According to an interview, Chun-Li's daily training regimen (at least during SFII) includes 7000 squat repetitions and bench pressing 150 kg. As a result her daily training, she takes pride in her foot moves. The spectacular active rumor is she's the target of Japan's female pro wrestling world scouts.[19]
  • She's a narcotics investigator during the SFII series, an Interpol officer during SFA1 and SFA2, and an anti-Shadaloo special criminal investigator during SFA3 (she was promoted to that position in her SFA1 ending, although that ending is non-canon but it's the position she seems to have during SFA3). The narcotics division is a special division within Interpol.[20]
  • From an interview with Eri-pyon, credited to Chun Li's Zero (Alpha) series design, she wears Adidas TRX sneakers.[20]
  • Chun-Li wanted to learn martial arts at the age of five because she saw a Bruce Lee movie, and is mentioned to be an avid Bruce Lee fan, with posters of him in her room and also having the same philosophies.[19]
    • The fact that Fei Long resembles Bruce Lee and how that would affect Chun-Li's viewpoint of Fei Long has never been mentioned.
  • Chun-Li is an only child.[30]
  • Chun-Li's stage throughout the renditions of Street Fighter II has changed from morning to afternoon and later to dusk.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, there is a running gag about Chun-Li's age when she faces certain female Tekken characters, e.g. Alisa and Xiaoyu, who comment about her age in their win quotes. Her win quote towards Nina also implies that Chun-Li is too embarrassed to speak of her age.
  • In Street Fighter II V, Chun-Li is only two years younger than Ryu and Ken, while her official birth date has her as four years younger.
  • Akira Yasuda always believed that Chun-Li has a partner, and says she will be dating and thinking about getting married one day. He recalls drawing Chun-Li going on a date in her Super Street Fighter II ending.[31] The last costume he made for Chun-Li in Street Fighter V was her in a wedding dress.[32]
  • During the development of Street Fighter II, one of the game's designers, Yoshiki Okamoto, originally wanted Chun-Li's health bar to be shorter than the other fighters' due to his belief that women are less stronger, but another team designer didn't want to do that so they both came to an agreement to not make her health bar shorter.[33]
    • The concept of fighters having different amounts of health would be further refined during later games.
  • Despite always seen with her hair tied in oxhorns, Chun-Li loves to have variety with her hair. Sometimes letting it down naturally, and other times braiding it or tying it in different styles.
    • Juri usually keeps her hair tied into a pair of horns, which mirrors Chun-Li's ox horns.
  • Chun-Li always carried a sidearm during her days as a cop. But only used it for warning shots, as her kicks would solve conflicts faster and more efficiently than her firearm could. But even into Chun-Li's older years, and even rarely firing a bullet, her skills as a marksman have always been top-notch. She enjoys skeet shooting as a sport, and even placed 6th in an international shooting competition.
  • Chun-Li loves sweets, crepes and fruit are among her favorites.
  • Chun-Li loves to play the erhu, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. It puts her mind at ease and draws a lot of personal memories.





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