City in Chaos is a stage in Street Fighter V.


The stage is set in New York, during the aftermath of one of the Black Moons' electromagnetic pulses, which cut off electricity to the city. Alex is in the background (when he is not selected by the player), fixing his car and observing the fight.

The left and right edges of the stage can cause special cinematic knockouts if the final blow is landed at the corners. On the left side, the character crashes through the "Hot Dog" sign and slams back-first into the railing, sending the hot dog piece up in the air. It then finally lands on their head. Should another round begin afterwards, the character will start the round with the hot dog piece on their head, which can be knocked off during the fight.

If the right side zone is triggered on a non-deciding round, the character crashes through the glass doors and into the bank, where the match will continue. If the next knockout happens on the right corner when inside the bank, the character gets tossed into the vault, where it closes and locks them inside.

There is a Christmas version of City in Chaos called Frosty Blvd, which was released as part of the 2016 Holiday Content DLC. This version of the stage includes a winter theme with a 'Happy Holidays' greeting on the left side of the stage. There appears to be a snow-making machine as well, with a gigantic Christmas Tree and Santa's sled are also seen in the background. This was most likely inspired by Sean's stage in Street Fighter III: New Generation.

Trivia Edit

  • When the character is launched into the vault, they actually clip through the floor to an extent. This is because the player is never meant to see the character once the vault seals.

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