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"Come on!"
—Cody (Final Fight Revenge)

"Heh heh heh... OK!"
—Cody (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Well now, let's see if we can't do somethin' about my boredom.
(さーて 少しは退屈しのぎになる相手かな Saate Sukoshi wa taikutsu shinogi ni naru aite ka na?)
—Cody (Street Fighter IV series)

"Desk work just isn't my thing, ya know... looks like I can have a little fun now!
(デスクワークは性に合わなくてねぇ。少しは楽しめそうだな。 Desukuwāku wa sei ni awanakute nē. Sukoshi wa tanoshime-sōda na.?)
—Cody (Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition)

Cody Travers (コーディー・トラバース Kōdī Torabāsu?) is a video game character who debuted in the beat-em-up series Final Fight before appearing as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with Street Fighter Alpha 3. He was initially a reckless vigilante who fought to survive the harsh slums of Metro City since he was a kid, having gone through a lot, even being imprisoned for his 'good deeds' and trumped-up charges from his enemies. He has since then become the city's new mayor.[7]



Before being arrested, Cody was clean-shaven, and his outfit consisted of blue jeans, white sneakers, a white t-shirt and white bandages wrapped around his wrists as well as the lower half of his hands. In some artwork as well as the fan-made short film, he wears a hoodie and joggers that are both grey.

Cody's hair is dirty blond in the original game, its sequel and in Mighty Final Fight, and light blond in all of his Street Fighter appearances, including the comics and the American television series. However, the official artwork for Final Fight suggests that Cody was always intended to be light blond. If that is the case, then his Final Fight sprites may have been subjected to a coloring error on the developers' part.

As a jailbird, he had facial stubble and handcuffs which were linked by a long chain. The hand bandages are white and cover the hands completely, leaving only the fingers exposed. The t-shirt and the jeans were replaced by an old-fashioned prison jumpsuit with white and blue stripes. He keep the white sneakers, though. Unlike most convicts, Cody does not mind being in his prison apparel but, as seen in his Street Fighter Alpha 3 taunt, he can easily remove the handcuffs. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, his jailbird outfit returns as his nostalgia costume, and his original outfit returns as his "Final Fight" costume.

In Final Fight: Streetwise, he wears his original outfit with an orange prison shirt over the t-shirt.

Some of the official artwork for Final Fight implied that Cody has always worn Adidas Superstars, but it was his Street Fighter Alpha 3 sprite that fully confirmed this idea. Guy wears Nikes, which may be a reference to the competition between the two sports brands in real life.

In his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile artwork, Cody wears an orange prison outfit with the sleeves tied on his waist as well as a white tank top. He wears his white sneakers from his outfit in Final Fight.

In Street Fighter V, Cody, as a mayor, has a drastically altered appearance; his hair is now slicked back and wears a businessman attire, including a purple formal vest with brown upper outlines, a light blue and white pinstriped long sleeve button-up shirt with the sleeves folded into cuffs and a red neck tie with brown and white linings on the collar, as well as black formal pinstripe pants with a gray belt around his waist which he had holstered his combat knife and black shoes. He notably no longer wears handcuffs or his iconic adidas shelltop sneakers that were part of outfit in Final Fight, Final Fight: Streetwise, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Super Street Fighter IV . His appearance is similar to Eagle, though without the mustache and the dinner-suit.

Alternate Costumes[]

Cody's first downloadable costume in Super Street Fighter IV is a more stylized take on his attire from Final Fight, with the t-shirt being replaced with a white tank top with black trims. He also has tattoos, jewelry, and hand accessories, none of which were featured in his Final Fight design.


Cody's 1st alternate costume for Super Street Fighter IV.

His second downloadable costume is a modern prison uniform, which is orange and replaces the sneakers with black sandals.

In Street Fighter X Tekken, Cody also has two DLC costumes: a police uniform similar to that of Edi. E's worn over his default, and a Swap Costume based on Paul Phoenix.

In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Cody's story costume is based off Haggar's outfit in the Final Fight series. He wore green baggy pants with a brown belt rapped around the torso. Cody isn't able to fit the pants, so his costume reveals his blue boxers that have a cow graphic on them that only reveals the head of the cow (a reference to Holstein - a cow sprite that could be obtained as a bonus item in several classic Capcom arcade games). Cody's battle costume is a white tuxedo, with a black bow tie and a rose, black formal pants and dark brown loafers. Like other returning characters, Cody's nostalgia costume returns from Super Street Fighter IV which can also be toggled to reveal a tank top underneath it with the upper-half of his prison uniform tied by the sleeves at his waist in a similar fashion his to Shadaloo C.R.I profile picture. His nostalgia costume features a mistake in that his shoes are mis-colored with a black top, black stripes and black sole instead of white, blue, white like his Final Fight & Prison outfits. Cody's Final Fight attire also makes an appearance in Street Fighter V: Arcade Editon which can also be toggled to show some wear-and-tear. Another mistake is found with his wrist bandages being blue despite most artwork features them as white.


Cody Travers was inspired by the similarly-named Tom Cody, the main protagonist of the 1984 film Streets of Fire.[8] Both are formidable street brawlers that are good with knives, and wage war on the local gang in an attempt to rescue their love interests along the way; in the end, they both walk out on the girl.


In Final Fight, Cody is depicted as being a combative, reckless but ultimately positive and good-natured man, having a powerful sense of justice and love for his girlfriend, Jessica. However, in his Street Fighter appearances, after breaking up with Jessica, losing touch with his friends and spending several years in prison, Cody has become extremely aloof, apathetic, doubtful and at times, snarky. He remains pugnacious as ever, occasionally breaking out of prison just to fight and relieve his boredom, and often maintains his generally dismissive air - a major exception being when he finds an opponent that can entertain him.

He interprets his imprisonment as punishment for his ultimately good deeds, and even admits that the idea of achieving any constructive goal (such as overcoming rivals or taking care of family) is lost on him. Cody harbors some internal resentment towards the outside world, musing that he fought solely for the sake of Metro City but ended up imprisoned for it. According to his ending in the Street Fighter IV games, he feels at home in prison. Despite this, and as certain dialogue indicates, while Cody appears to have given up on fighting crime, he still retains his old sense of justice and an enduring (albeit subdued and exhausted) desire to oppose evil. In particular, his win quote against M. Bison shows that his true feelings come through when he confronts great evil ("I don't consider myself a good guy anymore, but I had to take you down!"), although he immediately tries to hide it. Cody also gives his respect to people who need to do business. This is shown in his win quote against T. Hawk, in which he tells him to not let him stand in the way of what he has to do and then wishes him good luck ("Don't let me stand in your way if you got stuff to do. Good luck!").

During the events of Street Fighter V, his behavior has somewhat changed as the Mayor of Metro City, showing his confidence in fighting his opponents and having more spunk in his step. While his laid-back demeanor is still present and he still misses his simple street fighting days, he has a more positive outlook and secretly enjoys his new position. Similar to Makoto in her rival quote against Fei Long in Super Street Fighter IV, Cody happily laughs after defeating G to gain more popularity in their local government of Metro City for his victory indicating that he fought him on his open challenge between the mayor and the president, and similarly, he jokes that after defeating Gill (to whom he referred to as a god), he has seemingly done it all by defeating everybody he's encountered. He still has a snark though, much like Guile tells Ibuki to go back to school, Cody tells the ninja schoolgirl to stay at school to avoid delinquency, hinting about his time in the slammers and Guy's past prior to meeting Zeku.




Marlowe is the one who usually pulls Cody in line when his nostalgia for fighting gets the better of him, and she won't hesitate to scold him if needed. Despite all that, they have a healthy professional relationship, and she is the one who keeps Cody's schedules and tasks in order.


Being a distant comrade at arms against Mad Gear and a close friend from way back, Lucia is one of Cody's more enthusiastic allies, unlike the strict Marlowe and the stern Haggar, as a police officer. She apparently never lost faith in Cody even when he got convicted, having experienced being wrongly accused herself.


Mike Haggar[]

When Haggar met Cody, he didn't exactly approve of him. Seeing him more as a troublemaker than anything. Most likely, this initial doubt only grew when Cody started dating Jessica. However, during the events of the first Final Fight, Haggar warmed up to the idea of Cody being a good guy and came to respect him as a man, ultimately approving Cody dating his daughter, mostly because he would also risk his life to rescue her. Cody was often annoyed by his lecturing though. However, after his return to Metro City, Cody started getting into trouble more and more. This made his relationship with Haggar turn sour again.[9]

Despite this, Haggar never lost hope of him one day becoming the great man he once found when they fought the Mad Gear Gang together.[10] With this in mind, Haggar once again tried to help Cody out of his bad habits and miserable life. This eventually would end with Cody being elected to be his successor as Mayor of Metro City.[10] While Haggar knew he wouldn't like the job at first, he completely believed Cody was the right man for the job, as he knew his sense of justice was much greater than his internal demons.[10]

As for Cody himself, he still rolls his eyes on his naggings, especially from his proxy Marlowe, but ultimately and instinctively finds the right path himself. Also, in the character relationship chart for Final Fight, it reveals that Cody admires Haggar and greatly looks up to him.[11] After becoming mayor, Haggar still helps Cody out from the sidelines by fielding Lucia to his aid in cleaning up the city, figuratively and literally. Cody repays this trust by continuing Haggar's policies and reforms in Metro City.


Much like Ryu and Ken, Cody and Guy were originally best buddies and friendly rivals. When Guy moved to Metro City, Cody let him stay at the gym. They would have match-ups often and Guy would teach Cody a couple of moves from time to time, including the Double Kick desperation move which drains their life gauges.[12][13] Guy is also the only old friend Cody has associated with since he went to jail. In the Arcade Mode of Street Fighter Alpha 3, after defeating Guy, Cody concludes that "some things never change", most likely referencing one (or more) of his and Guy's past duels; based on their rival dialogue in both Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Super Street Fighter IV, Cody tends to have the upper hand. Despite their frequent battles, the two have no problem teaming up to achieve a common goal, and Cody even implies at least once that he enjoys doing so.

It is implied that he hasn't seen Guy for a while since being released and being elected to office.


Cody may not be familiar with Zeku, but seems to be aware that he was Guy's master. By the time Cody is elected as the new Metro City mayor in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Cody encounters him, who then offers his service of a new unnamed ninja clan he built, but Cody declines after challenging the old master, knowing he can't have shady work in his position.

Jessica Haggar[]

Jessica and Cody had a long-standing relationship since childhood, deeply infatuated with each other; they were already dating prior to the events of Final Fight. However, Cody's changed attitude, imprisonment and Jessica's departure to Europe led to a bitter breakup. Despite assumptions that their relationship was irreparable after Cody's incarceration, his Street Fighter V arcade ending suggests otherwise. There's no indication of lingering resentment from Cody towards Jessica; in fact, he still values her friendship. This is evidenced by Cody keeping a picture of them together, alongside Mike and Guy, on his desk, albeit with some personal graffiti.


Edi. E[]

Edi is a corrupt cop who formerly tries to frame him for additional crimes and the man who usually takes him back to prison when he escapes. Being an enemy from way back, Cody likely has no problem putting him in his place by kicking him out. It's currently unknown where Edi is by the time his enemy is now his superior.

Rolento F. Schugerg[]

Rolento's "Street Fighter Alpha 3" profile states that he remembers Cody who was once his enemy and plans to recruit him in his militia after hearing and learning about Cody's escape from jail. However, Rolento became genuinely outraged to see Cody's fall from grace and that the disappointed Rolento had soon cancelled his mission with Cody, moving on to bigger missions alongside his best friend and comrade Sodom. Like Guy, it's likely Rolento's unaware, but presumably relieved if he did, of Cody's current position as of SFV, indicating he respected Cody both as an enemy and as a potential comrade.


A former member of Mad Gear, Poison is an old enemy of Cody's, alongside with Roxy, who has a crush on him, though Cody has stated numerous times that he's not into her. As of SFV, they've moved on and are more focused on their careers, and a lot less animosity, going as far as Cody acknowledging her as a handler and not a gangster. Cody has also shown interest in joining her stable after his term.


Abigail is an old adversary of Cody via the former's past involvement as a member of Mad Gear. Cody confronts him when he parks illegally and defeats him. Unlike other foes, Cody expects him to reform and contribute to the city. Surprisingly, Abigail expresses genuine interest in aiding Metro City and Cody, despite his occasionally unconventional ideas.



Cody has practiced boxing and martial arts since he was 9, he has a girlfriend who has been his "sweetheart since childhood", Jessica. Cody also took care of his younger brother Kyle, being something of a father figure to him.

Final Fight[]

SFV Cody SF1 Arcade Ending

Cody confronting Belger and saving Jessica.

In the original Final Fight, Cody teams up with his best friend/rival Guy and the Mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar, to save Jessica (Haggar's daughter) from Belger, the leader of the Mad Gear gang. Cody takes on many of Mad Gear's worst thugs, including Damnd, the first Mad Gear Gang member to kidnap Jessica, and Edi. E, a corrupt police officer who uses a gun and police baton against Cody, making the fight very difficult to win. His penchant for fighting often leaves the others free to pursue the other bosses of Metro City.

In the end, Cody confronted Belger on the top floor of his penthouse, and after a tough battle, Cody was able to use an uppercut to knock Belger through a window, sending Belger plummeting from the top floor to his death on the street below. Cody is then celebrated as the hero of Metro City and Jessica herself wants to celebrate with Cody, but Cody tells Jessica that he can't sit still while evil continues to stalk the streets. After sharing a passionate kiss with Jessica, Cody leaves the city for parts unknown.

Final Fight Revenge[]

SecretFile21-7 Cody

Cody getting into random street fights as shown in Secret File 21.

He returned to Metro City from a year of traveling, where he learned that the Mad Gear gang is beginning to reform, and that his girlfriend Jessica has gone missing after a series of riots that occurred in the city following the destruction of Mad Gear. Hoping to prove himself that he is Jessica's hero, Cody tried once more to come to her rescue, battling many thugs along the way. Sadly, Cody wouldn't get the chance to continue his search for Jessica, as he was arrested by Edi. E for crimes that were committed by Mad Gear member Poison and the many street fights that Cody had participated in from his time.[14][9]

Jessica's whereabouts in the game are never resolved in any of the playable characters' endings. However, the design sketches for Cody from Street Fighter Zero 3, as well as the Street Fighter Zero 3 Secret File Book would establish that Haggar was able to rescue Jessica, and that she and Cody had ended their relationship on a bitter note, due to Cody being jailed for his reckless street fighting and that Jessica had decided to take a trip to study abroad in Europe.[9][15][16]Even after his arrest, Cody still continued his training.[17]

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

Cody broke out of prison after a riot ensued. During his travels, he met up with Edi. E (who is trying to recapture him), Rolento, and even Guy once more. Rolento wanted him to join his militant movement, which Cody refused after a heated argument (though it's unknown if they had actually fought). Guy, meanwhile, wanted to reform Cody and get him back on the good path, but Cody said that he was no hero and basically lived for fighting. The two then had their own battle but after the two calmed down, Guy accepted the fact that his friend had to live his own life. The two separated afterward when Guy asked if Cody would stay in Metro City, but Cody said he still had traveling to do. Guy bade him farewell, realizing that deep down inside, Cody is still a good person.

Street Fighter IV series[]

Apparently bored of prison life, Cody "casually" breaks out of prison. Telling the irritated guard that he'll be back soon enough, he ventures outside. While out, Cody sees a familiar face: his old friend and rival Guy, and the two spar. Cody's main motivation seems to be finding a way to alleviate his boredom by participating in S.I.N's tournament.

After defeating Seth, Guy confronts Cody again, assuming there's still a bit of good left in him, asking if he "vanquished a great evil" for the sake of what's right. While he doesn't directly deny it, Cody claims that he only did it because Seth was in his way, making Guy assume he has no intention of returning. When given the question, Cody states he'll be returning to his prison cell, where he belongs.

Street Fighter V[]

Cody makes his re-appearance in the third season of DLC fighters in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.[18][7]

Mike Haggar exonerates Cody of his crimes,[10] which leads to him being the new mayor of Metro City. Now no longer a prisoner, he finds the job tedious and boring, but he secretly finds an opportunity in his new position as mayor to finally clean Metro City of its criminal activities in person (both physically and while at his desk), just like how his immediate predecessor and himself did way back.

Character story[]

Prologue - 'Mayor's Schedule'

In a cab, Cody is sitting alongside his assistant Marlowe, who informs him on a delayed appointment. She becomes annoyed that he doesn't seem to listen to her and informs him to fix his behavior as the mayor, explaining how about the previous mayor, Mike Haggar, asked her to support Cody. Cody quickly stops the cab and sees a monster truck illegally parked, he discovers the owner is his former enemy Abigail. After getting into a fight with him, Cody informs Abigail that he illegally parked his truck and the latter immediately recognizes Cody much to his surprise. Cody tells Abigail that he wants to improve the qualities of Metro City and to make everyone smile by taking down "garbage" like Abigail.

Cody reflects about how he has gone from a vigilante, to a jailbird and now as the mayor of Metro City. He suddenly sensed someone's presence, revealed to be Zeku. Zeku informs him that he could help him manage the local government, Cody challenges him into a fight, wanting to see his skills. After defeating him, Cody turns down the offer, knowing he can't have shady work in his position. Marlowe turns up and scolds Cody for his actions in street fighting, especially since he had damaged one of the street lights during his fight with Zeku.

Other character story appearances

  • In Lucia's character story, which takes place after his own, he meets up with Lucia after his battle against Zeku. Both had a sparring match which ends with Cody losing. He is impressed of Lucia's moves and reminisces on their team up in dealing against criminal gangs.
  • In Poison's character story, he spars with Poison who was visiting the city halls and gets defeated. Cody tells her that he will hang out with her once his term as mayor is done.

Street Fighter 6[]

Cody continues Mike Haggar's anti-crime policies to make Metro City a better place.[19]

Other appearances[]

Final Fight: Streetwise[]

In the sequel to the original Final Fight, Cody has long retired from street fighting due to his knees suffering from arthritis, and instead coaches his younger brother Kyle in pit fights, but gets frustrated due to Kyle's lack of focus, which in turn stokes Cody's wish to fight once more.

Due to this, Cody started to use a new drug called "GLOW", fueling Cody's strength and relieving the pain in his knees, but getting him addicted and out of control in the process. Without telling Kyle, Cody started fighting in Vito Bracca's fight club. However, Vito finds out about his drug use, and Cody is taken by the mob enforcer known as Devin Aranoc, leaving Kyle to search all over Metro City to look for his brother with the help of Guy, Haggar and others. He finds Cody, heavily addicted under Guy's custody, but Cody breaks free once again.

Near the end, Cody fights Kyle as the Horseman of Death under the psychotic Father Bella, as revenge for Cody killing Bella's brother - Belger. When the fight is over, Bella holds Kyle at gunpoint, causing Cody to regain his senses and tackle Bella off the church, dropping along with him. After Bella dies and both Kyle and Cody are hospitalized, Cody has beaten his addiction and states (after jokingly asking Kyle for the date of their next match) that due to the massive dosage he received, his knees are feeling "better than ever".

Mighty Final Fight[]

Cody is one of the playable characters.

Cameo appearances[]

Cody and Jessica make a small stage appearance in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha 2. In the latter, if one or both characters battling on the Metro City stage are female, Cody passes them a naughty glance which results in him being slapped by an envious Jessica.

He also has a cameo appearance in Capcom Fighting Jam, in the New York stage. Cody also appear as one of the Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Crossover appearances[]

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Cody appears in Street Fighter X Tekken along with Guy as a DLC character. Approached by Guy in Metro City, Guy says he wants to stop Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu from getting their hands on the mysterious box of unknown power in Antarctica, Pandora, and that he needs Cody's help to do it. Cody sighs in response, but says he will do it, saying that the city was boring him anyway.

On the way to Antarctica, they are attacked by a psychopathic zombie-cyborg named Bryan Fury and his giant robot, Jack-X, which classifies both of them as AAA rank fighters. Bryan attacks them to weed out the competition for Pandora, despite Cody's warnings. Guy dodges Bryan's attacks, and Cody matches the enormous Jack-X robot in strength. They defeat Bryan and move on.

After their final victory against Ogre, they find Pandora in the middle of Antarctic. The wish-giving Pandora's Box senses the just wisdom and selflessness within their souls, and Pandora erases itself from existence before Cody and Guy can destroy it. Guy notes that it was all for the best, since its powers could bring untold chaos to the world, and Cody comments that it's all the same to him. As Cody leaves, Guy mentions how good it was to fight as a team again. Cody concedes and admits that it definitely was not boring. In a rare break from his usual stoicism, Guy smiles and says that's good to hear, and the two go home.

In his ending, Cody felt satisfied from all the fighting he did on his journey, and on the way home, he encountered a gang fight. Initially wanting to avoid it, Cody agreed to intervene once the people asked him to. After the fight, Cody comments that he feels more like his old self, remembering how it is to fight for another's sake.


Street Fighter cartoon[]

Cody makes an appearance in the Street Fighter 1995 cartoon where he is in a healthy relationship with Jessica and wears his Final Fight attire.

He had some cameos in the episode "The Medium is the Message". In the beginning of the episode he was in the mob of people chasing a boy who was accused of stealing a wallet. He was later see alongside Jessica and other Final Fight characters in the crowd watching a Street Fighter tournament. Coincidentally Guy and Sodom were among the fighters in the tournament but both of them would lose to Chun-Li, Guile and Blanka.

Cody plays a bigger role in the episode titled "Final Fight", which adapts the plot of its namesake. In this episode, Cody and Guy ally themselves with both Ryu and Ken, who aid them in fighting the Mad Gear Gang to save Jessica. Cody doesn't trust Ken due to the fact he once flirted with Jessica in front of him and Ken repeatedly teases him for it. Cody would refuse to let Ken and Ryu save Jessica on their own and decides to take matters into his own hands. Guy tries to stop him from blowing Ryu and Ken's cover but it was no use. The two would end up fighting against Rolento which ends with Guy throwing his grenades back at him and defeating him. Cody and Guy break into the Mad Gear gang's hangout which would blow Ryu and Ken's cover. Cody would kick Belger towards the window similar to what he did in the game. Belger fires a missile at Jessica and Haggar but was saved by Guy. Belger fell out of the window but while his chair hit a police van he was left dangling on a pole. Cody thanks Ken for helping him save Jessica which Ken responds "No problem as long as somebody get's the girl."


UDON comics[]

In the Street Fighter II Turbo comic book published by UDON, Cody is presented as one of the toughest fighters around. Haggar has become tired of calling in favors to keep him out of jail while Cody is simply bored of his constant lectures; this causes him to give up, deciding he can't keep Cody out of jail forever. At some point he even lost track of how many times Cody escaped and re-entered jail.

Prior to the World Warrior qualifier, he encounters former members of the Mad Gear Gang: Hugo, Rolento and Poison. Cody comments that Hugo should have brought his entire freakish family if the Mad Gears planned to stand a chance against him. Apparently intimidated, the trio does not respond.

During the qualifier itself, Cody defeats Poison, though she later leaves him cuffed to an elevator. After he manages to break free, Cody faces Ryu in order to claim the last remaining gold ticket for the competition. Ryu, wanting a fair fight, removes Cody's shackles, though Cody warns him that he is accustomed to fighting multiple foes and that, due to this fact, Ryu is already at a major disadvantage. As confirmation, Cody easily knocks Ryu unconscious. Before he manages to leave with the ticket, the Satsui no Hado takes control of Ryu, who then defeats Cody. Fortunately, Ryu comes to his senses in time to stop himself from going any further.

Cody makes a cameo as one of the inmates that Dan is giving "therapy" to, and he is among the fighters invited to Gill's Street Fighter tournament, often seen next to Guy.

Drama CD[]

Street Fighter ZERO3 Drama Album[]

Cody makes his appearance after Sakura gets thrown into her prison cell in M. Bison’s castle. He asks Sakura if she’s Japanese and jokes about how Japanese girls have changed for them to be driven to a place like this. He asks her what she’s in prison for and Sakura says that she was kidnapped, he then responds by saying that there’s a lot of bad men in the world, Sakura then told him that she fell for the trap because she wanted to meet the person she longed for.[20]

She asked Cody what he’s in for, he laughs then says that he got into a street fight who just so happened to be a member of Shadaloo.[20] Sakura gets excited over Cody being a street fighter and begins to boast how she’s a street fighter too, he laughs once more and asks for her name.

M. Bison uses his Psycho Power to speak to Sakura, he tells her that Ryu’s come to rescue her and soon he’ll be able to capture Ryu thanks to her. She tells M. Bison to stop but he laughs at her despair.[21]  Sakura begins to blame herself and comes close to crying, hearing Sakura’s voice Cody gets up and offers to break her out of prison.[22]

Sakura and Cody make their escape then run into Karin who tells Sakura that Ryu’s currently fighting M. Bison. The trio try to leave the castle but Karin forgot where the exit was, which annoys Cody but then they accidently find the room where the Psycho Drive is located in. The three sabotage the Psycho Drive which lead to a self-destruction sequence.

Cody escapes the castle alongside, Sakura, Karin & Ryu. After the explosion, Cody wonders if M. Bison is gone along with the Psycho Drive.


Fighting style[]

Cody's fighting style, officially referred as "Underworld brawling",[3][1] is street fighting in its "purest" form, in Mighty Final Fight, his style is really just Boxing fused with Karate. Proving to be a powerful opponent, even while restrained; his reason for keeping his handcuffs on is to make his fights more challenging and also because of his experience in the original Final Fight which made him capable of taking on multiple opponents at once, though he can take them off at any time. As such, Cody was formerly one of three characters (the others being Oro and Akuma) who voluntarily handicaps and restrain themselves due to their power or for a challenge. Cody is also one of the few playable characters in the Street Fighter series to utilize a weapon during fights.

Unlike informal punkers and thugs like Abigail or Birdie who both place emphasis on brute strength, heavy hits and overall high damage, Cody's street fighting style is a mix of boxing combined with his black-belt level teachings in martial arts such as karate. He is one of a very select group of characters who are "pure" street fighters whose fighting styles are a result of a mass accumulation of experience on the streets and adapting moves from watching and getting into fights rather than training from actual styles. As representative of the "purest" form of street fighting, this includes carrying on his person concealed weapons, adapting formal martial arts to formidable practical application, and knowledge of how to deal with unfair and extreme odds, including one man gang busting and handling unavoidable potentially consequence dire situations, including mortal risks.

Though referred to as "Underworld brawling", the methods he picked up while in prison may refer directly to what is known in the US as "Jailhouse Rock", being a series of on penitentiary fighting styles developed within penal institutions by inmates. Within the time of his incarceration, his tactics got dirtier; focusing a little more on power, but still retaining some level of technique. As any other prisoner, Cody had to learn how to survive, to assert his dominance in a secured space with murderers and other hardened criminals in order to hold his own. This may explain his newer set of moves, including hurling any heavy object he could get his hands on to obstruct pursuers, using his kicks to trip over or aim heavy blows on the body, and how his knife skills were used akin more like a shank. In turn, he got stronger; strong enough to punch a man-sized hole in a brick wall to join the World Warrior Tournament twice, all the while wearing handcuffs.

As of Street Fighter V, he no longer wears cuffs and may have learnt to limit his strength like Akuma, as his style appears to be more innovative and refined with his crude nature still in play. Not only does he use the iconic pipe, Dirty Coach, from Final Fight in new ways such as batting a projectile with it, he is no longer able to pick up his knife, but his knife skills have improved to the point of being able to wield it as an actual combat knife similar to other weapon users, notably Vega with his claw. He trades his technique of throwing rocks impromptu for wind gales he can project to the enemy.


In the Street Fighter games, Cody is an offense-oriented character with a diverse moveset, powerful normal attacks, and good combo capabilities. His movement speed is relatively slow, and lacks options when it comes to handling rushdowns, as many of his special moves are slow to come out.

Cody's move set is mainly based on his Final Fight appearances, similar to other characters from the game, with some 'street fighting' moves added in. Cody possess a sliding kick that can strike at various heights and can throw sand at the foe as a reversal. He can use a sucker punch that quickly travels forward, this used to be able to be used as a reversal or to avoid projectile attacks. While the attack remains, it no longer has these capabilities.

In previous versions could also pick up rocks and throw them at foes, with the ability to delay the throw in order to confuse the opponent. Has also used to have the ability to throw an uppercut that creates a tornado, which is useful against projectiles, These moves, like many others, were removed in Street Fighter V.

In the Street Fighter Alpha series, his Super Combos are Dead End Irony and Final Destruction, both of which work well at close range. Final Destruction also has unique properties based on the ISM being used, explained below. In V-ISM, Cody has a move called Yoke that can be used to dodge.

In Super Street Fighter IV, he gains an additional sucker punch that can break through Super Armor (along with the Ruffian Kick). Dead End Irony returns as his Super Combo, and works differently, starting with a Ruffian Kick that depends on the kick button used. Final Destruction returns as his first Ultra Combo, and also works differently, centering instead around a single punch. His second Ultra Combo, Last Dread Dust, allows him to strike from a further distance and nullify projectiles by kicking up sand. He follows this with a series of wrench attacks and finishes with a pipe.

In Street Fighter X Tekken, Final Destruction reappears as his Super Art, where it again works differently; it starts similarly to the Dead End Irony from Super Street Fighter IV, and the Ruffian Kick can be Supercharged into it.

In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Cody has had the majority of his moves changed or completely replaced. Cody no longer threw rocks on his opponent or unleashing a refined version of his Criminal Upper. His Zonk Knuckle instead of being a dodge attack is now a quick punch with two swings on EX version. He gains a projectile called the Tornado Sweep, where he shoots a swirling gust of wind to his opponent. Depending on the strength, the tornado will fly at different speeds and last different lengths of time before disappearing. It's also worth noting that EX Ruffian Kick hits twice, the second hit launching Cody's opponent into the air. In addition every normal attack except for Jumping Light Kick has been removed. His crouching medium punch is similar to his Alpha 3 version, which is also very similar to his final fight medium hit punch. Beyond ruffian kick, jumping light kick, crouching medium punch, and zonk knuckle Cody is effectively a different character in a mechanical sense.

His V-Skill is the Double Kick where he could land two kicks in mid-air on both sides resembling one of his old special attacks in Final Fight. This attack will cause Cody to lose some health similar to how it functioned in Final Fight. Though unlike Final Fight, this health can be recovered over time.

His first V-Trigger is the Side Arm where Cody relies on hitting his opponent with his combat knife multiple times with Rapid Fire while dealing a combo. His second V-Trigger is the Dirty Coach where Cody relies on hitting the opponent with his pipe. He can execute both Bean Ball and a Gentle Swing once his second V-Trigger activates. He can also throw rocks when unleashing his Gentle Swing to hit his opponent. Cody now has the ability to throw an opponent into the air and hit them with his pipe on the way down, similar to the end of his Ultra 2 in Super Street Fighter IV.

His Critical Art is the Criminal Punisher, a far more powerful version of his Criminal Upper where he unleashes a powerful giant tornado on his opponent to deal heavy damage.

Final Fight-Inspired Moves[]

Final Fight's use of weapons - a common feature in "beat 'em up" games - is referenced in Cody's fighting style. His ever-present knife even appears in any fight in the middle of the stage where at least one player is using Cody; this is also a common trait of Cody's, which nods to his home series' usage of various objects as weapons, and the knife is his best weapon in the Final Fight games, and only Cody can pick it up and use it as a melee weapon. The knife can be used for fast, damaging attacks, and can also be throw at the foe (which replaces the Bad Stone). Additionally, in Super Street Fighter IV Cody uses a wrench during his Focus Attack, and uses the wrench along with a pipe during Last Dread Dust, as shown above.

Cody's A-ISM Final Destruction is an homage to a glitch that is well-known in practically almost every beat 'em up game, known as the "infinite jab combo", in Final Fight and any specific beat 'em up game in question; a player could deliver two hits from their neutral combo string, then instantly turn around — instantly canceling the combo — and then turn back and chain the same two hits; repeated, this could act as an infinite combo attack that can repeatedly frame lock the target(s). Cody mimics the attack, and finishes with another combo of punches and a Criminal Upper. His X-ISM Final Destruction changes the Super Combo Gauge to a timer; for a short time, this replaces his moves with the original Final Fight moveset, where tapping any button repeatedly performs his normal combo from Final Fight, and all his air attacks are replaced with the Crack Kick.

The Omega Mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV marks the return of several Final Fight mechanics: the "original" Final Destruction appears in the form of a command move called Final Combination, and Cody also regains his turn-around punch, named Fake Blow. Cody also regains his invincible spinning kick in the form of Mega Crash, which uses a bar of the Super Combo Gauge (in lieu of health, as in the original game).

While almost all of Cody's Final Fight move set was present in previous entries, they weren't always very obvious; Street Fighter V brought them more to the foreground. He now has his Final Fight chain combo as a normal attack, although it has lost it's iconic Fake Blow turnaround. His jumping medium kick is now a knee drop, similar to his Final Fight jump+down air attack move. Previously this was the only move from Final Fight that Cody had no version of, although his angle jump light kick was a knee strike it didn't angle downward. In the Game Boy Advance game, Final Fight One, his Alpha 3 sprite was modified to turn his jumping light kick into a knee drop. His standing medium punch is now the lunging punch from the 3rd hit of his Final Fight chain combo. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter IV this attack was represented by Stomach Blow, a forward moving gut punch, but that attack has been removed. Cody's standing heavy punch has been replaced with the uppercut last hit of his Final Fight chain combo. Previously this uppercut had been represented by his Criminal Upper where he would spin around then perform an uppercut strong enough to cause a tornado to appear. Tornado Sweep, Cody's Badstone replacement, is a reference to his special attack in Mighty Final Fight.






Pop culture[]

Cody/Pop Culture



Stage Themes[]

Cody's theme in Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition are remixes of the opening music from the original arcade release of Final Fight.

Title Game Artist Track
Final Fight
OPENING Final Fight Manami Matsumae
Cody's Theme Final Fight Revenge Jim Wallace
Street Fighter
Stripes Street Fighter Alpha 3 Yuki Iwai
Theme of Cody -SSFIV Arrange- Super Street Fighter IV Hideyuki Fukasawa
Theme of Cody Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Daniel Lindholm
Cody Story Theme (1) Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Cody Story Theme (2) Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Cody Story Theme (Epilogue) Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition



  • Cody bears a mild resemblance to Joe from the original Street Fighter. Both are stated to be from the United States, and Cody's Crack Kick is similar to Joe's Spinning Back-Kick.
    • In both Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter: The Animated Series, Cody originally spoke with a southern-country accent. This was supposed to be one of Joe's characteristics as he is from Missouri, Capcom would later give Cody an uptown New York-accent just so he would not seem out-of-place in Metro City.
    • Cody's official artwork for Super Street Fighter IV displays a broken brick wall as well as the Street Fighter logo. In the intro for the aforementioned game, he destroys an entire brick wall with just a small rock, and the camera does a closeup on the rock right before he throws it. Both appear to be echoing the original intro of the first Street Fighter, in which the person literally breaking the wall is in fact Joe, who does it with his own fists.
    • The official Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition trailer also shows this as well.
  • Cody is one of the first characters in the franchise to utilize "actual" street fighting as their primary fighting style, despite not originating from that series; of note in this regard is that Final Fight was originally titled Street Fighter '89 and was originally a sequel to the original Street Fighter.
  • Cody's rival in Super Street Fighter IV was originally intended to be Chun-Li, but was then changed to Guy shortly before the release.[citation needed] His win quote against Chun-Li implies that she looked up to him as a hero.
    • However, it seemingly counteracts in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, when according to her win-quote, Chun-Li was still suspicious of Cody and his position as mayor, even though the latter stated to the former (in his win-quote) that he had done his time in prison.
  • Oni and E. Honda are the only characters who recognize that Cody is holding back during all his battles. Before Cody fights the former in the English version of Super Street Fighter IV's Arcade Mode, Oni implies that he might actually survive the battle if he doesn't hold back. In the Japanese version, Oni sees Cody wearing handcuffs as a sign of disrespect and makes no comment on Cody surviving the encounter.[23]
  • In the English version of Super Street Fighter IV if Cody wins in a fight against Akuma, he admits that he thought Akuma was rather weak compared to his expectations, being the only character to honestly admit being unimpressed by Akuma's strength. However in the original script Cody simply asks Akuma to go all out and makes no comment on Akuma being weaker than he expected.[24]
  • He and Rolento are the only two characters whose theme in Street Fighter IV is not their theme from their first Street Fighter Alpha appearance. His theme instead is a remixed version of the original Final Fight theme.
    • If Cody wins against Oni in Arcade Mode, he'll say that it was the most fun he's had in his life worth living, making it the only time that he admits to having fun.
    • Cody's win quotes against non-human challengers (such as Oni and Ogre) may hint that Cody thinks it is fun to fight against them.
  • On some occasions in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Edi. E (who is a boss from Final Fight) chases Cody around, trying to arrest him after a win. An even rarer occasion shows him getting kicked off the screen after this.
  • In Street Fighter Alpha 3 one of Cody's win quotes is "After waiting for so long, it feels good to do more than two moves," referencing Final Fight's limited movesets.
  • Cody's official last name or family name, Travers, was first mentioned in Final Fight: Streetwise, and it has rarely been used since then, as he's commonly referred to as just Cody. Cody's SFV: AE trailer marks one of the few instances of his last name being mentioned outside Streetwise. Since then, his family name became officially and canonically recognized while Guile still hasn't.
  • The fact that Cody has succeeded Haggar as the new Mayor of Metro City (given the fact that Haggar himself had predated former WWE wrestler and commentator Jesse Ventura's past run as the former Governor of Minnesota) has coincided with Glenn Jacobs' (or better known as WWE's Kane) mayoral campaign for Knox County, Tennessee, to which he had won in due time. As of October 2018, Jacobs is still incumbent as the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee while also continuing to wrestle for the WWE.
  • Scott, who was the blonde guy in the Street Fighter II intro looks very similar to Cody. He even wears a white t-shirt and jeans just like Cody did from Final Fight.
  • Cody shares some similarities with Billy from Double Dragon. The two of them are the main protagonists from their respective games while also having blonde hair, both have girlfriends who wore red dresses (Cody to Jessica and Billy to Marian), and both had to rescue their girlfriends from a dangerous street gang (Cody had fought against the Mad Gear Gang while Billy had fought against the Black Warriors).

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    He was once known for his skill with a knife, but as a prisoner he can't keep weapons with him anymore. He added a few underhanded tactics to his brawling style: he doesn't mind throwing sand to his opponents' eyes to blind them, for instance. He lives day by day following his whims: sometimes he wanders into town, and sends flying whoever gets on his bad side.
    Fashion Style
    The T-shirt and jeans look of the times he saved Metro City has been replaced by a one-piece prisoner uniform. It's been made of light fabric so to impede hiding weapons in it, which makes it so the outline of his developed chest muscles shows through. He has white bandages on his hands because he kept up his training even in prison. His disorderly stubble speaks of him letting himself go in his current life.
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  19. • A lively city on the east coast of America. The anti-crime policies introduced by Mr. Haggar continue to be upheld by mayor Cody Travers.
    • A vibrant city located on the East Coast of the United States. The current mayor, Cody Travers, continues Hagar's policy of focusing on cleaning up the criminal city. (アメリカ東海岸に位置する活気あふれた都市。犯罪都市の浄化に注力したハガー氏の政策を現市長コーディー・トラバースも継続。)
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    Cody: "Japanese girls sure have changed if they get thrown into a place like this. Anyway, what are you here for?" (こんなところに打ち込まれるとはジャパニーズガールも変わったねえ。それにしても何してましたので?)
    Sakura: "I didn't do anything. I was tricked." (何もしてない。おとりにされただけ。)
    Cody: "Is that so. There's a lot of bad people out there." (そうだい。世の中には悪いやつがいっぱいだから。)
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    Sakura: "You mean Ryu-san?" (リュウさんが?)
    M. Bison: "The strongest power will soon be mine." (もうじき最強の力我がに入る。)
    Sakura: "Stop!" (やめて!)
    M. Bison: (laughs)
    Sakura: "Stop!" (やめて!)
    rough translation from Street Fighter Zero 3 Drama CD.
  22. Sakura: "But how?" (どうやって?)
    Cody: "Leave it to me. Breaking out of jail is a hobby of mine." (任せとけ俺の趣味は脱獄なのさ。)
    Sakura: "Eh?"
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    Oni: "If you don't show your true power, you should be annihilated."「真の力見せぬならば、唯滅すべし Shin no chikara misenunaraba, Yui messubeshi
  24. Cody: "Boasting is fine. If you're the strongest, show me a fight that seems to be the strongest." 「能書きはいいんだよ最強なら最強らしいケンカ見せてみな」
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