This is a page listing Cody's references in general pop culture since his debut in the original Final Fight.

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  • The Streets of Rage series, beat 'em up games created by Sega, feature a main character (Axel Stone) who closely resembles Cody. However, the character's sprite and costume colors were changed in the western version of the third installment, removing any resemblances.

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  • In his Street Fighter V character trailer, he is portrayed by former NJPW wrestler Kenny Omega. Coincidentally, the person he's talking to on the phone is WWE wrestler Xavier Woods. He even reenacts turning on the TV the same way Haggar does. This is possibly due to their involvement for EVO 2016 as competitors and it's been said that Kenny Omega is also a fan of Cody.
    • Both Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods are notable fans and players of the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Sometime during Cody Travers' return in Street Fighter V, fellow former NJPW wrestler Cody Rhodes altered his hair color from brown to blonde as a passing resemblance to Travers.

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