The Condor Spire (コンドルスパイア Konduro Supaia?) is one of T. Hawk's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Punch
Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Kick



Condor Spire in action

The move is executed by performing a reverse Shoryuken motion? and pressing punch; this was changed to a Shoryuken motion? and kick button in Ultra Street Fighter IV).

Originally, the move was a jumping, double-handed overhead chop; in recent appearances, it has essentially become a horizontal version of his Condor Dive: T. Hawk spreads his arms like wings and glides over the ground in an attempt to ram the opponent, with an accompanying eagle screaming background sound effect.

The distance covered is determined by the punch button pressed (light going the least distance and heavy going the most), but no version travels very far. Increased distance leads to increased recovery time, and the light punch version is generally favored, as it is the safest if blocked. The EX Special version introduced in Super Street Fighter IV has even less recovery than light punch, goes as far as heavy punch, goes through projectiles and does more damage than the standard version.


The attack's main usefulness is to approach the opponent on foot (as opposed to his more predictable aerial approach in Condor Dive) in relative safety, as it normally glides over low attacks, and the EX Special is also immune to projectiles.

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