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Cosmic Elevator is a stage that appears in Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV. The latter game places the stage in South America, at the same location as Inland Jungle within the Brazilian rainforest.


The stage is an space elevator with several monitors and panels showing technical information of the elevator and outer space, some of them displaying the messages "For your own safety, please listen to the safety instructions, and read the safety information." and "There is no need to be concerned about turbulence. Even strong turbulence is normal and does not harm the elevator.". The battle starts on Earth, with the elevator about to start going up. Mech-Zangief runs to get inside before the doors close, but doesn't make it in time and hits the door, falling. As the stage starts moving up, Mech Zangief jumps and holds the elevator, banging the glass. Once the elevator reaches about 20000 meters, it will turn around and Mech Zangief will lose his grip, falling. Two space shuttles are seen flying up during the elevator's ascend. On the top (36000 meters), three astronauts can be seen floating outside, one of them taking photos of the fight, and Mech Zangief is seen flying. Depending of the elevator's height at the end of the round, in the start of the next round it will have advanced to 17700 meters or to the top.

In the PlayStation Vita version, the elevator starts on the top and is slowly descending. Mech-Zangief is holding the elevator and knocking the window. After a short time, a Jack will appear near Mech-Zangief and hold the elevator. The two robots will glare at each other and start fighting, accidentally releasing the elevator and floating away. During the battle, the two robots will occasionally appears fighting or doing the Cossack dance above a flying saucer.



Off Camera SceneryEdit


  • For some odd reason, when Zangief fights on this stage in Street Fighter X Tekken, his cybernetic version can be seen in the background. However, it could be a clone or a robot resembling him.
    • In Ultra Street Fighter IV, when Zangief is selected, his Mech version no longer appears, because Zangief has an alternate costume of Mech-Zangief.
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