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The Countersnipe (カウンタースナイプ Kauntāsunaipu?) is Cammy's Drive Reversal, introduced in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade Stick Right+Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick
(While blocking or during Drive Parry)
Modern Arcade Stick Right+Modern dl
(While blocking or during Drive Parry)



Cammy performing Countersnipe.

"Can be used after blocking an attack to quickly turn a defensive position into an offensive one."
Street Fighter 6

Executed by pressing forward plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick (or pressing forward and Drive Impact for Modern Control), Cammy gets one one hand and thrusts both her feet into her opponent's middle, blasting them back.


As a Drive Reversal, Countersnipe serves as a way for Cammy to escape offensive pressure being applied to her; similar to Alpha Counter or V-Reversal. It cost 2 bars of Drive Gauge. This move can be only be performed when Cammy is in blockstun or on a successful Drive Parry. Upon activation, Cammy is fully invincible during the startup and active frames of this move. On hit, it inflicts decent amount of provisional damage. Countersnipe can also break armor. If the opponent tries to cancel a normal into Drive Impact, Cammy can counter with her Drive Reversal and interrupt them. Contersnipe is also effective in keeping the opponent in the corner should they attempt to force their way out. However, this move is -8 on block. If the opponent has the right read and blocks Cammy's Drive Reversal, it can leave her vulnerable to a Punish Counter.