The Crack Kick (クラックキック, Kurakku Kikku) is one of Cody's Unique Attacks, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-Right + Arcade-Button-HKick



Crack Kick in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by pressing forward and heavy kick, Cody turns and jump kicks the opponent in the chest, knocking the opponent into the air if it connects.

The attack is often used as part of his Dead End Irony Super Combo.


If countered, Cody won't fall to the ground after getting hit, and will instead recover by flipping in mid-air or before touching the ground. This is usually used as a low-attack-counter that can also possibly approach-stuff other attacks if spaced correctly.


The attack is based both on Cody's jumping attack in the original Final Fight and his special attack in the same game. However, it also bears a striking resemblance to Joe's trademark kick from the original Street Fighter.


Cody Crack Kick

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