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Crawling Beast is Necalli's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick



Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Necalli crouches down on all fours and spews a slime-like grounded projectile that slowly advances toward the opponent, which explodes at about halfscreen.


When performing his second V-Skill, he has low-profile frames. This is useful against other zoning characters. Necalli can use Crawling Beast to not only duck underneath his opponent's fireball, but he can also release his own at the same time. The slime-like projectile moves awfully slow and is easy to avoid. His opponent can back dash to fullscreen distance and wait for the projectile to explode, jump over it or simply block it. Despite being on the ground, it can be blocked while standing.

Necalli using his V-Skill and spewing out slime.

However, hitting the opponent with Crawling Beast builds a substantial amount of V-Meter and puts them in a crumple state. If Necalli follows-up with another attack just before his opponent falls to their knees, he gets a full combo. Otherwise, hitting his opponent when or after they drop to their knees puts them in an air reset. It is even possible for Necalli to combo into and from his second V-Skill. If he manages to stun his opponent, he can begin the combo with Crawling Beast to get more combo and damage potential.

While Necalli loses his Sacrificial Altar target combo, he gains an additional combo that's exclusive to his second V-Skill. The first two hits of this target combo results in a knockdown, allowing Necalli to safely and freely send his projectile toward his opponent. While it doesn't link midscreen, he recovers faster than his opponent even if they quick rise. This forces them to defend two things at the same time: the slow-moving projectile and Necalli's advancement. If Messenger of Chaos is used in the corner, then it the projectile combos with the first two hits, allowing him to follow-up with Medium or EX Raging Light.

When his V-Trigger is active, Crawling Beast has slightly increased range. Even though the speed of the projectile and damage output remains the same, it has significantly more juggle potential for it launches his opponent higher in to the air. If Necalli combos his opponent into the enhanced projectile, he can link into his Valiant Rebellion or Critical Art for optimal damage and corner carry.

Although Necalli's first V-Skill is faster and gives him a solid tool to deal with zoning characters while they're at a fullscreen distance, his second V-Skill gives him a slow-moving projectile which he can use to hide behind or advance toward his opponent. Crawling Beast keeps the opponent on their heels, allowing him to break through their defenses with throws or his command grab. It is essentially an improved version of Birdie's Drink Time but with more combo potential on hit.