Crime Sway is Cody's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Crime Sway (High) Arcade-Button-MPunch.png+Sf3 kick medium.png
Wrench Fist ​​​Medium punch+Medium kick>Punch
Crime Sway (Low) Down+Medium punch+Medium kick
Lumbar Sweep ​​​Down+Medium punch+Medium kick>Kick

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Cody sways to the side to avoid an attack. Pressing down with Medium Punch and Medium Kick has him perform a low sway to dodge low attacks.

By pressing punch during the standing Crime Sway, he performs Wrench Fist. Cody delivers a violent hook punch to knock his opponent back. By pressing kick, he performs Lumbar Sweep. Cody delivers a spinning sweep to knock down his opponent.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

While this move has 36 total frames, the dodge begins on the 2nd frame and ends on the 25th frame. This allows Cody to avoid getting hit by his opponent's attacks. He can use the high Crime Sway to avoid jump-in attacks or high/mid profile attacks. Unfortunately, he cannot use it against low profile attacks. However, the low Crime Sway can dodge low attacks, but not standing or jumping attacks. Choosing the right type of dodge requires anticipation and a hard read on his opponent to avoid getting hit and taking damage. Avoiding the wrong type of attack or recovering after the dodge leaves Cody vulnerable to a Counter Hit state.

The standing version is the version that is the most used since it can avoid a larger variety of attacks, including V-Reversals. After performing the dodge, Cody can follow up with Wrench Fist. It is -7 on block and it cannot be cancelled into. However, it puts the opponent in a juggle state. Cody can finish the combo with Ruffian Kick, EX Zonk Knuckle, or any of his special moves exclusive to his V-Trigger.

Pressing kick during the low Crime Sway gives Cody a safer follow-up option. The Lumbar Sweep has decent range, despite being -6 on block. If properly spaced, it can be difficult for his opponent to punish him. Cody doesn't any follow-ups after hitting his opponent with this move. However, because of its range, it is Cody's best response after avoiding fireballs.

Both of Cody's V-Skills are his main reversal option. While his first V-Skill gives him an invincible anti-air option that can also stop cross-up attempts, he does lose a small amount of gray health every time he uses it. Cody's second V-Skill does require guessing whether the opponent is about to attack high or low. However, it has more combo potential and gives him a way to punish fireballs from up close.

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