The Crime Throw is one of Cody's throws in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Back)



Cody delivering a knee strike to Cammy's midsection during Crime Throw.

Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) and pushing backwards near an opponent. Cody first grabs his opponent by the collar with one hand. He uses his other hand to grab their shoulder. Cody delivers two knee strikes into his opponent's midsection. After the second knee strike, he turns the other way and crouches down to one knee. With one hand grabbing his opponent's collar and another hand on their waist, Cody pulls the opponent over his shoulder, flipping them over and causing them to land on their back. If no directional input or button is pressed after the throw, Cody crosses his arms and poses for several moments before dropping back to his stance.


Crime Throw

Cody tossing Cammy over his shoulder using Crime Throw.

This move is good for putting his opponent back in the corner. It also inflicts more damage and stun than his forward throw. Crime Throw is good tool to use if his opponent is close to stun. If Cody can pressure his opponent with his strong normals and Zonk Knuckle, he can use this move to break through their defenses. However, he won't be in position to reapply pressure due to the spacing of his back throw. Despite the separation, Cody can still zone out his opponent with projectiles, including his Tornado Sweep.

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