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The Crimson Crawdad (クリムゾン・クロウダッド Kurimuzon Kuroudaddo?) is a male character who appears in the 1995 animated television series, Street Fighter. He is one of the few non-video game characters in the franchise who was given a profile in the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute's character guide.[1]


Crimson Crawdad is a strong fighter with a strong local love. Late at night, he is the champion of a fighting tournament held in a warehouse. As his name suggests, he loves rising and eating crawdads. He is a bit self-conscious, but he fights to attract the audience.


Crimson Crawdad appears in the episode The Adventure Begins fighting against Guile in a warehouse and is defeated.

Fighting style[]

Crimson Crawdad is good with high-speed projectiles (Speed varies for Low, Mid, and High attacks), with his Crimson Grip (← charge → + P) being a low projectile that forces knockdown.