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Ryu preparing to launch his second Critical Art Denjin Hadoken.

Critical Arts (クリティカルアーツ Kuritikaru Ātsu?) are special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V.


Critical Arts are similar in usage and requirements to Super Combos, providing an attack that deals a large amount of damage while also requiring and emptying a full Critical Gauge. Critical Arts are the only moves that can KO a blocking opponent via chip damage. Critical Arts also have more leniency applied to them in terms of Damage Scaling, as no matter how many hits in a combo before the CA is activated, it will not do any less than 50% of it's normal damage.

Ryu, Guile, Necalli and Seth have Critical Arts that change in appearance and/or properties when their respective V-Triggers are in effect. Akuma, Kage and Dan also have a second Critical Art, The first two can only available during their Dohatsu Shoten and Rikudo Osatsu V-Triggers, and Dan is the only one who can do it without any preconditions.

List of Critical Arts[]

Character Critical Art
Abigail Abigail Special: Abigail swipes at his opponent with an overhand slap, and then shoves their head into the ceiling. He proceeds to repeatedly punch them as if they were a speed bag, and then tops off the move with a brutal smack that sends the opponent flying face-first into the camera, shattering the screen in the process.
Akira Kyoso Kiko Kai: Akira attacks the opponent with a palm strike; if it connects, she follows up with a blow to their chin. She is then joined by Daigo and delivers a barrage of powerful hits in tandem with him. The two end their assault with a joint Kiko Kai.
Akuma Sekia Kuretsuha: Akuma channels an incredible amount of ki into his palm and drives it into the ground, striking the opponent with an exploding pillar of fierce energy.
Shun Goku Satsu: If Dohatsu Shoten is activated, Akuma will hover towards his opponent as if using Ashura Senku. If he connects with the opponent, the screen will turn dark as Akuma unleashes 30 devastating punches. When the assault ends, Akuma will stand with his back towards the screen as the kanji 神人 glow on the back of his gi.
Alex Heavy Hammer: Alex performs a Flash Chop that spins his opponent around on hit. Alex follows up with a leaping Power Bomb, rolling over his opponent upon impact. With his opponent still on his shoulder, Alex launches into the air and dives diagonally downwards with a crucifix variant of his Power Bomb, slamming his opponent into the ground headfirst.
Balrog Gigaton Blow: Balrog will hold up his left or right arm (depending on the direction he is facing) before unleashing an extremely powerful version of Dash Straight that sends the opponent flying diagonally backward.
Birdie Skip To My Chain: Birdie lunges forward and attempts to strike the opponent with a headbutt. If successful, he wraps his foe in his chains and performs two "jump-ropes" with them, smiling, before winding up and slamming them headfirst into the ground.
Blanka Dynamic Rolling: Blanka slashes the opponent, making them fall to the ground, follows with a bouncing Rolling Attack three times, making the opponent bounce at the third strike, and then charges ups, rolling at the falling opponent.
Cammy Cross Stinger Assault: Cammy leaps backwards into the air and performs a Cannon Strike. If successful, Cammy launches the opponent into the air and strikes them with several aerial kicks, finishing with a multi-hitting Spiral Arrow.
Chun-Li Hoyokusen: Chun-Li lunges forward and delivers a kick to her opponent. If the initial hit connects, she then delivers a barrage of Hyakuretsukyakus with her other leg. She spins, takes one final step forward and delivers a Tenkuukyaku, which knocks the opponent into the air.
Cody Criminal Punisher: Cody stretches out his neck before winding his fist low to the ground. Cody then delivers a powerful uppercut that generates a giant tornado.
Dan Hissho Buraiken: Dan rushes towards his opponents first. Once the rush is hit, Dan performs a barrage of strikes to his opponent, finishing with a 2-hit Koryuken. If the Critical Art results in a knockout, Dan strikes a pose after connecting with the Koryuken.
Legendary Taunt: Dan performs a series of taunts that includes two consecutive forward and backward rolls, flexing his bicep, and ending with a slow-motion jump through the air. On landing, Dan displays his signature pose, giving the two thumbs-up with a glint in his smile. After the full animation finishes, Dan will receive five times as much damage from all attacks.
Dhalsim Yoga Sunburst: Dhalsim breathes in, making his belly enlarge. He then spits out a slow-moving giant ball of flame vertically into the air that arcs and hits the opponent.
E. Honda Kamigashima: E. Honda stuns his opponent with a Flying Headbutt. He then slaps both of his hands together in a traditional manner before proceeding to rapidly and viciously slapping his opponent's chest with Hundred Hand Slaps. The last slap lands heavily onto his opponent's face, knocking them to the ground.
Ed Psycho Barrage: Ed unleashes a flurry of punches fused with powerful Psycho Power energy towards the opponent if it connects, and finishes the opponent off with a heavy uppercut.
F.A.N.G Shishiruirui: F.A.N.G launches the opponent into the air. F.A.N.G proceeds to flap his arms like bird wings, causing poison balls to drop below him, damaging and poisoning opponents who are not blocking.
Falke Psycho Fluegel: Falke launches opponents into the air with her staff fully charged with Psycho Power. She then vaults up to meet her opponent, whacks them sideways with her staff, then slams them down with a final overhead swing.
G Pangaea Burst: G gathers energy from the earth and concentrates it into his finger. He then fires the energy like a pistol into the ground, causing a wave of eruptions underneath his opponent.
Gill Seraphic Wing: One of the Illuminati's most jealously guarded techniques. Gill creates an orb of cryokinetic energy in front of him. If the move connects, Gill will grow six wings from his back, fly into the air, and generate several shockwaves. The end of the move will cause the opponent to crumple if they survive.
Guile Sonic Hurricane: Guile unleashes a massive Sonic Boom which whirls in place directly in front of him, dealing significant damage to any foe caught in it.
Sonic Tempest: If Solid Puncher is active, Guile instead unleashes a stronger version of the Sonic Hurricane in front of him, which can catch a foe within a wider range and do slightly more damage.
Ibuki Kachofugetsu: Ibuki performs a sliding kick. If she succeeds, she delivers another kick that launch the opponent in midair. Teleporting above them, she performs ninja katas and then delivers a Yoroitoshi-like ball on the opponent's head, exploding on the last hit, sending them to the ground.
Juri Sakkai Fuhazan: Juri removes her eyepatch and springs into the air with a twisting reverse back flip; the finishing kick launches a giant, multi-hit, medium-range projectile. It launches swiftly and surges across the field as a giant wave. While active, the projectile maintains a constant speed, but gradually loses power the further it travels before dissipating entirely.
Kage Metsu Shoryuken: Kage performs a fierce reverse-hand uppercut straight onto his opponent's jaw then charges the power of the Satsui no Hado thorough his fist as he jumps into the air with a devastating slicing motion.
Shun Goku Satsu: The most dangerous attack in the Ansatsuken form and the ultimate technique of those who embrace the Satsui no Hado, only available when the Rikudo Osatsu is active. Kage grabs his foe and blitzes them with a hail of lightning-fast punches, totaling thirty hits.
Karin Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha no Kata: Karin starts off with two palm strikes to the midsection of the opponent then jumps upwards with a knee. Of the ground, Karin spins them like a windmill then delivers a powerful palm thrust that sends them into the wall. After, she delivers her signature laugh.
Ken Guren Enjinkyaku: Ken springs towards the opponent's face with a hard kick. If it connects, he bounces off then launches himself upwards with a multi-hit flaming Tatsumaki before finishing with another kick to the face. The camera angle zooms onto the opponent's face as he delivers the final kick.
Kolin Frost Tower: Kolin slashes her opponent in the chest. As they are reeling, she crouches, and then spins twice, generating a giant icicle from the ground, trapping them within. After she spins, the icicle shatter, sending her opponent crashing onto the ground.
Laura Inazuma Spin Hold: Laura steps forward to grab her opponent. Should she connect, she jumps into the air with her foe in hand and begins spinning around violently, slamming to the ground in a burst of electricity. Laura then proceeds to slam her opponent into all four corners of the screen, continuing to spin and crackle with electricity as she does so, until finally coming to a stop with her opponent locked in a choke hold.
Lucia Hard Hit Knee: Lucia delivers a jumping knee strike, followed by a high spinning kick. Lucia then kicks her opponent into the air. She leaps toward her opponent and delivers a flurry of her fiery spin kicks. Lucia performs one more Hurricane Spinner into her opponent's midsection, causing a huge explosion.
Luke Annihilator: Luke starts with an overhead punch. If he connects with it, he runs in with two chest strikes, rapidly rushes his opponent's abdomen with punches, then finishes with an exceptionally strong punch to the side of the opponent's head, knocking them away before taunting them.
M. Bison Ultimate Psycho Crusher: Bison raises his arms and summons a radial blast of Psycho Power, which launches and suspends the opponent in the air. Bison then teleports backwards and gathers Psycho Power in his fists before rushing forward and delivering a devastating Psycho Crusher to the opponent's midsection.
Menat Nefertem: Menat throws her crystal sphere in front of her. If it connects, the opponent will be rapidly assaulted by the orb infused with Soul Power from all directions. Menat finishes by performing a high kick, launching the opponent vertically.
Nash Judgement Saber: Nash dashes through the opponent, who becomes enveloped by black mist. As the mist clears, Nash appears behind them and unleashes a vertical Sonic Hurricane into his foe's head, reaching all the way to their upper body.
Necalli Ceremony of Honor: Necalli roars and lunges forward. If he connects with the opponent, he will grab them by the head and drag them across the floor of the stage before slamming them against the wall he is facing, and proceed to unleash several claw attacks.
Soul Offering: If either Torrent of Power or Eruption of Power are active, Necalli instead will perform a single fist to the gut, unleashing heaps of negative energy into the opponent.
Oro Daishinsenriki: Oro lunges forward and attempts to grab his opponent. If the move connects with the opponent, Oro tosses his opponent high into the air. He then leaps above his opponent until he is directly over them. Next, he drives his head into his opponent's back like a drill, smashing them into the ground. He flips off of them, summons a massive ball of energy with both his hands and tosses at his opponent.
Poison Love Hurricane: Poison lashes her whip at her opponent, ensnares and pulls them toward her, causing them to fall on their stomach in front of her. After placing a heel on their back, Poison rapidly whips her opponent. Lastly, she kicks her opponent squarely in the chin, knocking them upward and causing them to land back-first on the ground.
R. Mika Peach Assault: R. Mika grabs the opponent and performs a Suplex throw. Yamato Nadeshiko appears and catches the opponent in a headlock before throwing them airborne. As the opponent falls down head-first, R. Mika and Yamato run towards each other, jump and launches themselves rear end-first toward the opponent, sandwiching them between, before pulling the opponent downward similar to a brainbuster.
Rashid Altair: Rashid begins to spin fast enough to create a large tornado around him. If he hits the opponent, they will spiral to the top of the tornado, where Rashid emerges. He then delivers a rapid flurry of kicks before descending to the ground. Upon activation of this move, Rashid can briefly adjust his position left or right before the tornado disappears.
Rose Fate Aura Spark: Rose infuses her scarf with Soul Power, then uses it like a whip to strike her opponent three times. If she connects at least once without the opponent blocking, the third strike knocks them in the air. Rose then leaps toward her opponent and uses her Soul Throw to toss them to the ground on the opposite side of the stage. Finally, she gathers as much Soul Power as she can in her hands and fires a beam of purple energy down at them.
Ryu Shinku Hadoken: Ryu gathers a surge of energy and throws a highly concentrated Hadoken at his foe.
Denjin Hadoken: If Denjin Renki is active, Ryu instead throws a Denjin Hadoken at his opponent, which electrifies them on contact or will cause a guard crush on block.
Sagat Tiger Rampage: Sagat knees his opponent then delivers several kicks to their head before elbowing them into the air. Sagat winds his fist and charges it with fire before unleashing a devastating uppercut.
Sakura Sakura Rain: Sakura fires a Shinku Hadoken at the target. If the opponent is close enough, Sakura will follow up with multiple Shunpukyaku, ending with a powerful Shouoken.
Seth Tanden Destruction: Seth absorbs his opponent like a vacuum, putting them in a storm-like sphere. He then applies energy to the orb that shoots his opponent straight into the wall, causing them to bounce off and fall on their stomach.
Tanden Extreme: If Tanden Ignition is active, Seth absorbs his opponent like a vacuum, putting them in a storm-like sphere. A doppelganger appears on the other side of the orb. The two of them apply an enormous amount of energy to the sphere that shoots his opponent straight into the screen.
Urien Dominant Crush: Urien gathers a mass of energy in his hand then slams it into the ground, conjuring a deadly pillar of metallic energy around him that severely damages anyone who touches it. The full blast deals 10 total hits and overall functions similarly to the Kongo Kokuretsuzan.
Vega Bloody Rain: Vega dives into his opponent and attacks them with his claw before backflipping them into the air. He then plunges his claw into their back and flies upwards with the opponent, ending the critical art with a vertical slash, laughing maniacally. Vega gracefully falls on his feet and sadistically bows.
Zangief Bolshoi Russian Suplex: Zangief grabs his opponent. He then performs a devastating suplex that pushes the opponent into the ground until the floor breaks.
Zeku Batsuzan Gaisei: Zeku kicks his opponent into the air. He then proceeds to rapidly attack his opponent from all directions while changing between his old and young form for each hit. He finishes by slamming the opponent into the ground with his feet.



  • Critical Arts tend to be higher than Super Arts/Super Combos, but lower than Ultra Combos, in damage, though they do not get hindered by Damage Scaling nearly as much.
  • Ibuki is the only character who has one attack,Yoroitoshi, do more and less damage than her Critical Art. It does more in SFIV but less in SFXT.