Critical Combo Attack (突進及び致死連続打撃(仮) Tosshin Oyobi Chishi Renzoku Dageki (Kari)?, Charging as well as Rapid Lethal Strikes (Assumed Name)") is Q's first Super Art in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch
3rd Strike Super Gauge Information[1]
No. of Stocks 2
No. of EX Specials 4



Q using the Critical Combo Attack on Oro in 3rd Strike.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch, the attack is a series of three Dashing Straights followed by a Dashing Leg Attack and a final Dashing Straight that bounces the foe off the wall.


The attack has invincibility frames near the start, and so can pass through projectiles if timed correctly. It can also be used to juggle, but does little damage in this case.[1]


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