Ibuki and Ling Xiaoyu starting a Cross Assault.

The Cross Assault is a tag team mechanic introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Stick QCB+(Sf3 punch medium+Sf3 kick medium)


Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, the user can attack with both characters at the same time, similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and its tag team mechanics. A Cross Assault requires a full Cross Gauge in order to use. Unlike the Marvel vs. Capcom equivalent, the player only controls one character. The partner character is controlled by the CPU or a human player if the player has a partner. At the end of the Cross Assault the characters are switched.

When a player has a partner, they will instead be in control of their chosen character, not take control of the lead character. For example if the player has a partner by either PSN (PlayStation Network) online or local multiplayer and chooses Ken, while the partner uses Kazuya. If the Ken player uses Cross Assault the player will still be in control of Ken while their partner will control Kazuya, this will be true in reverse if the Kazuya player initiates Cross Assault. The player who chose Ken will still be Ken and the player who chose Kazuya will still be Kazuya regardless of the team formation.

Lastly it should be noted that while in Street X Tekken throws have cinematics, they are disabled during Cross Assault. This makes throws look more like in the Street Fighter IV series. The same applies to Command Grabs with Cinematics such as Spinning Pile Driver.

Tactics Edit

Cross Assault has multiple uses. The most immediate is that it splits both of your character's health by half. An example would be if your lead has 50% health and your partner has not taken any damage. The game will split both characters in half to make them the same percent.

Another notable benefit is that both characters get an infinite EX Meter. You can spam EX moves and cause chip damage, be warned that during Cross Assault if a Super is used the super will immediately end Cross Assault. On the same token Super Charge Supers do not end the Cross Assault. They do however still take Cross Assault time during their startup and cinematics. Cross Art is not available during Cross Assault.


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