SFxTK cross cancel

Rufus showing his Cross Cancel (in picture form).

The Cross Cancel is a guard cancel counterattack mechanic introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken. It is similar in function to the Alpha Counter from previous games.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-Right + (Arcade-Button-HPunch + Arcade-Button-HKick)


Ibuki Alpha Counter

Ibuki using her Cross Cancel against Kazuya Mishima.

Executed by moving forward and pressing heavy punch and heavy kick while blocking, the character will use one section of the Cross Gauge to cancel their block and perform a predetermined EX Special attack as a reversal. Cross Cancels deals various damage, have different frame advantages on block and knockdown times, making some safe to Raw Tag afterward while others can be punished


Cross Cancels do not cause fatal damage. Cross Cancels can be Switch Canceled, however unlike with other attacks the hit opponent can not be Juggled. Pre-2013 patch some characters could combo out of their Cross Cancels by switch cancelling, however this was removed in the final version to date. While all Cross Counters cause hard knockdowns but have different recovery times on a per character basis. This changes the amount of options each character has after a successful Cross Counter.

Tactics Edit

Unlike the V-Reversal mechanic from Street Fighter V the Cross Cancel mechanic is less uniform and it's usefulness literally varies on a character to character basis. Chun-Li and M. Bison are usually considered to have the overall best alpha counters, Chun-Li due to hitting both sides and having an active hitboxes, while Bison has the most horizontal distance meaning tags could not be delayed to bait his Cross Cancel.

A desired property is access to safe tags, Characters like Ibuki and Jin Kazama provide 100% free safe tags from a successful cross counter. Others like Poison provide situational safeness depending on screen positioning, and lastly characters like Blanka and Craig Marduk are considered to have the worst, due to their avoidable nature, slow startup, and not providing safe tags.

It has to be noted that although many Cross Cancels look visually like attacks already established by the character, the Cross Cancel version is usually different. Ibuki's Cross Cancel looks very similar to her EX Kazakiri but it works totally different. The Alpha Counter version launches the opponent away with a hard knockdown while the EX Kazakiri version leaves the opponent grounded to allow followups.

List of Cross CancelsEdit

Named by the closest resembling attack.Edit

Street FighterEdit

Cross Cancels
Character Name
Ryu Tatsumaki
Ken Shoryuken
Akuma Goshoryuken
Ibuki Kazekiri
Rolento Patriot Circle
Poison Kissed by a Goddess
Guile Flash Kick
Abel Shoulder Tackle
M. Bison Psycho Crusher
Juri Fuhajin
Zangief Banishing Flat
Rufus Galactic Tornado
Blanka Amazon River Run
Sakura Shouoken
Dudley Jet Upper
Elena Scratch Wheel
Chun-Li Spinning Bird Kick
Cammy Cannon Spike
Dhalsim Unnamed, combines his standing HK with Yoga Flame
Sagat Tiger Uppercut
Balrog Buffalo Head
Vega Scarlet Terror
Abel Shoulder Tackle
Guy Bushin Senpukyaku
Cody Criminal Upper
Hugo Monster Lariat


Tekken Character Name
Alisa Happy Propeller
Asuka Mist Palm Thrust
Bob Giga Jacker

Mach Breaker

Christie Unnamed, resembles her crouching hard kick regular attack.
Heihachi Demon Breath
Hwoarang Sky Rocket
Jack X Rocket Upper
Jin Thrusting Uppercut
Julia 2nd hit of Hunting Tomahawk
Kazuya Rising Uppercut
King Shoulder Tackle
Kuma Grizzly Fling
Lars Lightning Screw
Law Sumersault Kick
Lei Reverse Lotus
Lili Angel Knee
Marduk Spinning Back Fist
Nina Geyser Cannon
Ogre Blazing Kick
Paul Phoenix Smasher
Raven Alter Ego
Steve Shoulder Rush
Xiaoyu (Ling) Unknown, Resembles Cyanide and Ibuki's Hammer Kick.
Yoshimitsu Unnamed.

Guest Characters Edit

Guest Character Name Attack
Toro Unnamed
Kuro Reign of Terror
Cole Amp Combo
Bad Box Art Megaman Mega Uppercut
Pac-Man Flip Kick

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  • Abel's pre-2013 Cross Cancel was Marseilles Roll, with it's functions being very similar to Kolin's Third Eye (albiet much faster without the long startups V-Reversals are known for.
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