Ibuki Cross Rush

Example of Cross Rush

The Cross Rush is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken.


Cross Rushes are easy-to-perform combos that launch on the fourth hit; as with regular launchers in the game, the tag partner will be swapped in automatically. They function similar to Chain Combos, and are performed similarly by using progressively stronger buttons (e.g. pressing Light, Medium, and then Heavy buttons twice).


While powerful in regards to its ease, a good amount of the damage it inflicts becomes provisional, meaning that a character on the receiving end of a Cross Rush can switch out and recover their health if combo opportunities are not taken advantage of.[1]

It has to be noted that Unique Attacks can not be chained into the Cross Rush mechanic, nor can a Cross Rush cancel into a Unique Attack.

Rules of usage Edit

Cross Rushes can only be used from a weaker attack to a stronger one. Kicks and punches can be interchanged in the sequence, LP can go into MK and that can go into HP. Any attack that was special cancel able in their non cross rush form can only be canceled into an EX Attack, Super, Cross Assault, or Cross Art when used in a cross rush. Attacks that can be jump canceled such as Ibuki's crouching HP lose the ability to do so in cross rush mode.

The only Unique Attacks that have interaction with Cross Rush are Target Combos and the Tekken Character exclusive "Tekken Chain". Single hit unique attacks such as Spin Kick can not be used to start, or be linked from any cross rushes.

Interaction with Target Combos Edit

Rufus Target Combo

Target Combos take priority over Cross Rush. Rufus's Target Combo and Cross Rush close HK look similar but have vastly different properties on hit (here the Target Combo Variant is shown)

Target Combos take priority over Cross Rush in the Input system. Many Target Combos now have directional requirements to help avoiding conflicts between the two mechanics and helping the player do the version they want. Rufus's Target Combo simply requires the player to put LK HK in a sequence to activate in Street Fighter IV but a forward input between the LK and HK was added in Street Fighter X Tekken to allow the player to choose between the two mechanics after the initial LK connects.

Ibuki Target Combo 8 CR Cancel

Ibuki's Target Combo 8 has a semi exclusive ability to interrupt an ongoing Cross Rush at the hard punch level. after the close HP Ibuki then activates the Target Combo, this is how she is able to continue hitting without going to launcher or using an EX special to get out of Cross Rush mode.

A few select Target Combos have the ability to interrupt a Cross Rush in progress. Ibuki's Target Combo 8 can interrupt a full Cross Rush sequence starting with either a light or medium at the hard punch level. This property allows the characters who have access to these kind of Target Combos to end Cross Rush's with different mechanics rather than end in launcher or an EX attack, assuming the character has a normal in the sequence that can be special canceled.

While Target Combos take priority and can take over (in some cases) from a Cross Rush sequence, the reverse is not true. Most Target Combos, except a few like Dudley's, that can end with a manual launcher with the right inputs, can not lead into a Cross Rush launch ender. Ibuki has Target Combo 9 that like Cross Rush uses LK MK HK. The Target Combo version can not be ended with launcher, nor can Cross Rush take over at the HK stage.

Tekken Chains Edit

Marduk Tekken Chain

Marduk performing a Tekken Chain on Xiaoyu

Another tactic called "Tekken Chain", also referred to as "Tekken String" also debuted in Street Fighter X Tekken. Tekken Chains are exclusive to the Tekken cast and are similar to Target Combos with some key differences. Like Target Combos Tekken Chains are pre-set sequences of inputs. Function of Tekken Chains varies from each individual sequence. Similarly to Street Fighter V's Target combos they are individually named and have more leniency than Target Combos of this era. Tekken Chains tend to have more gaps where the opponent can do an action on block compared to most Target Combos, making usage for pressure a little risky.

Marduk Tekken Chain no hit

Craig Marduk performing an entire Tekken Chain sequence without hitting his opponent

Tekken Chains do not have to connect to finish their sequence. This makes them very similar to such unique attacks as Backhand Punch and M. Bison's Hell Attack. Tekken Chains are also classified as Unique Attacks. This generally gives Tekken characters better pressure, as Tekken Chains usually have ending variations that can include high low games, and can catch backdashes. Similarly to the relationship between Unique Attacks and Cross Rush, Unique Attacks tend to not be able to be used directly into the Tekken Chain mechanic unless Cross Rush is used in between.

Interaction with Tekken Chains Edit

Asuka Tekken Chain-0

Asuka performing a combo that interchanges between Cross Rush and Tekken Chains, two things to notice are that Asuka is able to go from MP to LP and LK, and Asuka manages to end with a launcher because her Tekken Chains do not include a hard button.

Similarly to Target Combos, Tekken Chains take priority over Cross Rush in the input system. Tekken Chains that go from weaker buttons to harder ones tend to require a directional input so the player does not accidentally activate the wrong mechanic.

The biggest variation is that (when applicable due to inputs) Tekken Chains and the Cross Rush system can be used interchangeably. Asuka Kazama has a Tekken Chain that starts from a medium punch and goes to either light punch or kick, from the Tekken Chain LP she can go back into MP and repeat the Tekken Chain sequence. Most Tekken Chains do not allow the player to finish with the launcher. Care should be taken when using both mechanics interchangeably as a wrong input can mean a hard punish. The very same special canceling rules of Cross Rush apply when the combo is in the Cross Rush sequence, and Tekken Chains that are special cancel able do not have such restrictions.




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