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Cruel Disaster is one of Seth's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick



Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing kick, Seth quickly spins in place before unleashing a fast, heel kick that knocks the opponent down. The EX Special version has Seth follow up with a high kick that launches them into the air which can be jump-cancelled into.


Cruel Disaster is also one of Seth's more versatile special moves. While the startup frames aren't as fast as either Hecatoncheires or Mad Cradle, it can be cancelled into most of Seth's normals and inflict decent damage. This is also his primary tool against zoning characters. The kick itself can neutralize fireballs, if timed properly. While Seth is rotating prior to the kick, he is also invincible to projectiles. The Heavy version is his best weapon for this case since it has a longer window of invincibility. This is useful for punishing fireballs up close upon reaction.

The startup, range, and damage output is determined by the strength of the kick button pressed. The Light version has the fastest startup, but the shortest range and least damage. The Heavy version has the longest startup. However, it moves Seth slightly forward to give it better range. It also inflicts the most damage. Additionally, the Heavy version has better juggle properties, allowing Seth to follow up with EX Mad Cradle for extra damage. EX Cruel Disaster has 15-frame startup and inflicts the same damage as the Heavy version. However, the EX version launches the opponent into the air, allowing Seth to jump-cancel for a follow-up attack such as Jumping Medium Punch.

Similar to his Hecatoncheires, Seth can cancel Cruel Disaster into Tanden Engine Install Art such as M. Bison's Double Knee Press, Ed's Psycho Upper, or Poison's Love Me Tender. While it requires Seth to hit his opponent with his first V-Skill and successfully absorb and use special attack once, this gives him an added layer to his offense. Depending on the character match-up and the special attack Seth is equipped with, ending combos with certain moves can make some of his unsafe moves more difficult to punish on block.

If equipped with his second V-Skill, then performing the same inputs during the dash allows Seth to deliver the Spin Pendulum; where he pirouettes and hitting his opponent multiple times before launching them upward with a follow-up kick. If his first V-Trigger is active, Seth can cancel Cruel Disaster into Cyclone Disaster; where he reappears behind his opponent and hits them with multiple pinwheel kicks to send them tumbling.



  • The origins of this attack is somewhat disputed:
    • It resembles Whirlwind Shot in both animation and sound effect. Whether or not this is intentional is uncertain.
    • It resembles normally performed Galactic Tornado of Rufus.
    • It resembles the Comet Kick of June Lin Milliam of Star Gladiator.