The Cryo Rise Kick is one of Gill's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-HKick


Executed by pressing back and Heavy Kick, Gill spins and delivers a high spin kick with his left foot. As his foot leaves the ground, it is encase in a block of ice. The ice then disappears during the move's recovery.

Tactics Edit


This move is one of Gill's anti-air attacks. While its has a 9-frame startup, it his a high hitbox to stop close jump-ins or cross-up attempts. It also inflicts more stun, compared to his other unique attacks. However, it is -7 on block. Additionally, the range for this move is deceptively short. Unless Gill is right in front of his them, Cryo Rise Kick can whiff a grounded opponent and leave him vulnerable for a punish. However, cancelling this move into V-Trigger makes this attack safe on block. Gill is also +3 on hit with this attack, allowing him to cancel into Crouching Light Kick for a small combo. In addition, he can cancel Cryo Rise Kick into his special attacks such as such as Light Pyrokinesis/Cryokinesis, Pyro/Cryo Cyber Lariat, or his Critical Art.

This move is also one of Gill's Anti-Type-Support attacks. If Gill hits his opponent with Cryo Rise Kick while they are in a fiery state, then the properties of this move are changed, triggering a Retribution hit. Not only does this attack inflicts more damage and stun, but it also puts him at +13 on hit. With this huge frame advantage, Gill can perform Crouching Heavy Punch to put his opponent in a juggle state for even more damage. If Gill scores a Retribution hit on an airborne opponent, then he is rewarded with more juggle potential for bigger combos and positional advantage.

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