Cryokinesis (クリオキネシス, Kuriokineshisu) is one of Gill's special attacks in the Street Fighter III series.

Street Fighter III series Quarter circle forward+Punch
(while facing left)
Street Fighter V Quarter circle backward+Punch

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch while facing left, the attack sees Gill shoot a ball of ice. The angle the fireball travels at is determined by the punch button pressed. The Light version fires it horizontally. Medium Cryokinesis sends it at roughly a 30° angle, while the Heavy version fires it at roughly a 60° angle. The Heavy version, however, does not make contact with grounded opponents.[1] The ice ball hits twice; this means it goes through most regular projectiles and cancels out most EX projectiles. It freezes the opponent momentarily on hit.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Gill blasting his opponent with Cyrokinesis.

If the input is made while Gill is facing right, he will instead use Pyrokinesis. As of Street Fighter V, however, Cryokinesis now has a new input separate from Pyrokinesis. Both moves can be performed, regardless of which direction Gill is facing. Additionally, pressing two punch buttons performs the EX Cryokinesis. Similar to the regular version, the punch buttons pressed determine the projectile's trajectory. Pressing Light and Medium Punch simultaneously shoots the ice ball horizontally. Pressing Light and Heavy Punch sends the projectile at about 30°. Finally, pressing Medium and Heavy Punch launches the ice ball at about 60°. The Light version is mainly used in the neutral game, keeping his opponent at a distance and on their heels. Because the ice ball travels slower than the fireball, Gill can stay behind the projectile as he walks toward his opponent. This forces them to defend against two things at once; Gill's advancement and the oncoming ice ball. While the Heavy version doesn't hit a grounded opponent, it is used for juggle combos.

While Pyrokinesis travels across the screen faster and inflicts more damage, Cyrokinesis deals more stun to the opponent. The EX version not only hits the opponent twice, but it also puts them in a icy state on hit. While in this debuffed state, the opponent's stun gauge becomes frozen. For visual representation, her opponent's entire body turns faded white. Additionally, their stun gauge remains frozen until they land a hit on Gill. This plays to his advantage on offense and defense. As long as Gill maintains pressure and keeps her opponent blocking, he can make it difficult for them to unfreeze their stun gauge. On the other hand, having a frozen stun gauge puts her opponent in a position to be aggressive to return their stun gauge to normal, leading them to make mistakes.

If his opponent is stunned in this icy state, they become frozen. Unlike normal stuns, his opponent gradually loses health gradually until the stun is broken. As with normal stuns, it can be mashed out of to reduce the effect. Additionally, Gill can trigger a Retribution hit if he hits them with an Anti-Type fire attack. This not only results in a knockdown, but it puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing Gill to cancel into any of his special moves for additional damage and stun. It can also be cancelled into his Critical Art.

When Gill's second V-Trigger is active, the properties of the ice ball are slightly changed. While the speed and damage output remain the same, hitting the opponent with Cryokinesis while Ice of Doom is active automatically puts them in a icy state. Performing this move during Gill's second V-Trigger only costs him a tenth of his V-Meter.

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