The Culminated Power (力の集約 Chikara no Shuuyaku?) is Necalli's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.[1]

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Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Necalli slams his hands to the ground with such power that it causes a minor earthquake, sweeping his opponent off of their feet.

Pressing either forward or back (or leaving it in neutral) determines where the earthquake will appear. By pressing back, with Medium Punch and Medium Kick together, the earthquake appears in front of Necalli. By pressing forward, with Medium Punch and Medium Kick together, the earthquake appears almost a fullscreen away from Necalli. If only Medium Punch and Medium Kick are pressed without a direction, the earthquake appears about mid-screen away from Necalli.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

This move gives Necalli a way to attack his opponent from a distance. While it doesn't travel fullscreen like most projectiles do, Necalli can control the place of this attack. Pressing forward during his V-Skill allows him to attack from long range, while pressing back gives him another close range weapon. A raw, neutral V-Skill is Necalli's mid range tool. It is important for Necalli to know when and where to use his V-Skill to surprise the opponent and attack from any distance. If he incorrectly places the earthquake, it gives his opponent time to react and punish Necalli. The explosion coming out of the ground can also nullify other projectiles.

Necalli can combo into his V-Skill from his target combo. This is Necalli's only target combo that results in decent damage and a knockdown. It also creates space between himself and his opponent, thus resetting the neutral game.

Even though the attack comes up from the ground, it is not considered a low-attack, which means his opponent can block while standing. With that, if Necalli is able to connect with this move (whether the opponent blocks or is hit), it allows him to build V-Gauge. Necalli needs to use this move so that he can quickly activate V-Trigger, where he becomes more of a threat.

Culminated Power can also be canceled into V-Trigger. While in V-Trigger, the properties of this move change as well. Necalli has a much faster startup, letting him attack his opponent much quicker before they can defend against it. Additionally, the hitbox of the earthquake increases, widening Necalli's attack range.

This move is a safe way for Necalli to build V-Gauge without having to take much damage. It gives him a way to attack from any distance. While it has a slow startup and recovery, it can surprise his opponent. It leads to a knockdown on hit, letting Necalli reset the neutral game or dash in to maintain offensive pressure.

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