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Custom Combo (カスタムコンボ Kasutamu Konbo?) is a gameplay element introduced in and exclusive to the Street Fighter Alpha series. This mechanic is known as an Original Combo in Japan, as seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2. It also appears in Capcom vs. SNK 2 as a move exclusive to the A-Groove.

Appearance Input
Street Fighter Alpha series 2 punch buttons + Kick or 2 kick buttons + Punch


Ken fighting Zangief in Custom Combo mode in Street Fighter Alpha 3

The Custom Combo system was introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 2 to make up for the limited Chain Combo system in said game. It returned in SFA2 Gold and every version of Street Fighter Alpha 3. The Custom Combo can be done with any character, but requires at least a level one or higher Super Combo Gauge.

When two punches and a kick or two kicks and a punch are pressed, a noise will emit and the character will do a small action to indicate the successful start of a Custom Combo. The character will then begin to move faster and leave purple shadows behind whenever the character moves. The character will also begin moving slowly forward by his/herself.

Once activated, the player will have a limited time to approach a foe and launch any series of attacks they wish. The attacks done will be done much faster than in regular gameplay, and easily done in succession. In addition, any special attacks can also be done much faster and without any recoil or charge time (if needed). Lastly, characters hit with "knock down" attacks can still be immediately attacked afterwards, provided they do not fall to the ground. Skilled players can figure out ways of making lengthy combos that cannot be escaped normally.

However, the Custom Combo system does have drawbacks. Above all, if the character is attacked while doing a Custom Combo, it is ended immediately and the Super Combo Gauge will be completely emptied (in Street Fighter Alpha 3, the gauge will empty only 50%). The Custom Combo is of notably short length, usually only a few seconds, and the length depends solely on how much the Super Combo Gauge is filled before activation. Moreover, as of Street Fighter Alpha 2, blocking during this state is impossible.


Despite being exclusive to the Alpha series, a few "Custom Combo" attacks have appeared in the series since its introduction.

Street Fighter Alpha series[]

Rose has a Super Combo named Soul Illusion, which greatly enhances her combo chaining capability and also leaves afterimages as she moves, acting very similarly to the Custom Combo fashion.

Street Fighter III series[]

Yun and Yang both have Super Arts (Genei Jin and Seiei Enbu, respectively) that cause them to leave behind afterimages, and their attack attributes changed temporarily, which cause more stun damage, making combos easier to string together.

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001[]

Characters using the A-Groove can perform custom combos that leave behind afterimages once their meter is completely full.

Street Fighter IV series[]

Juri's Feng Shui Engine Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV causes the Revenge Gauge to become a timer and allows Juri to chain together more combos than she normally could.

Street Fighter EX series[]

Custom Combos do not appear in the EX series, but Street Fighter EX2 features a very similar mechanic known as Excel.

Final Fight Revenge[]

The Custom Combo appears as a Super Combo exclusive to Guy, Cody and Damnd. It is performed with Half-circle backward + Punch (Light punch in Damnd's case).


  • Ibuki is the only character to have an afterimage mechanic (in her case when she Dashes or performs other specific actions) but doesn't have any sort of custom combo mechanic available to her.