"Scatter. (死ね。 Shine.?)"
—Gill, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Cyro Cyber Lariat, Light)
"Die. (Die.?)"
—Gill, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Cyro Cyber Lariat, Medium)
"Submerge. (沈め。 Shizume.?)"
—Gill, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Cyro Cyber Lariat, Hard)

The Cyber Lariat (サイバーラリアット) is one of Gill's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III games.

Street Fighter III series Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Punch
Street Fighter V (Pyro) Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick
Street Fighter V (Cryo) Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick


Executed by a Shoryuken motion? and pressing punch, Gill performs an elemental lariat. The elemental properties of the attack depend on the direction Gill is facing; it will have fire properties if facing left and ice properties if facing right.


In Street Fighter V, each elemental versions of the move are separated into two different inputs and are executed in the same way regardless of the direction in which Gill is facing. Pyro Cyber Lariat is executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch. He rushes forward and performs a clothesline with his right arm. Cyro Cyber Lariat's inputs are performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing punch. Gill slides forward and performs a lariat with his left arm.


The attack hits twice; once at the very start of the move and once when Gill sweeps his fist in front of himself. The first hit has such a hitbox that it will usually miss standing opponents unless extremely close; it is more successful as an anti-air.[1] The attack is extremely fast and hard to parry. At times, the player can even do this move several times as a combo (the player can do more Cyber Lariats with ice).


In Street Fighter V, Cyber Lariat is Gill's primary combo ender. It results in a knockdown on hit. The strength of the punch button dressed determines the move's startup frames and range. The Light version has the fastest startup, but has the shortest range. Medium Cyber Lariat has a slightly longer startup, but travels about 3/4 of the screen. The Heavy version has the longest startup, but travels about fullscreen. The EX version has the same startup frames and range as the Medium version.

While Pyro and Cryo Cyber Lariat share similar properties, there are significant differences between the two attacks. Pyro Cyber Lariat inflicts more damage, while Cyro Cyber Lariat deals more stun. If Gill has his opponent close to stun, it is best to finish combos with the ice version. However, if Gill is looking to deal optimal damage, ending combos with the fire version is recommended.

The EX version of this attack is very unsafe on block. In return, hitting the opponent with EX Pyro Cyber Lariat put them in a fiery state. During this debuffed state, the opponent loses a small amount of gray health. If Gill hits his opponent with EX Cryo Cyber Lariat, then they are put in an icy state. Their stun meter becomes frozen, until they manage to hit Gill with one of their own attacks. Additionally, stunning the opponent while in an icy state leaves them frozen on wake-up, which inflicts a small amount of damage while recovering.

While in a fiery or icy debuffed state, Gill can trigger a Retribution hit if he hits them with an Anti-Type attack that is opposite to the state that they are in. For example, a Retribution hit is triggered if Gill hits his opponent with a fire attack if they are in an icy state, and vice versa. This not only results in a knockdown, but it puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing Gill to cancel into any of his special moves for additional damage and stun. It can also be cancelled into his Critical Art.

When Gill's V-Trigger is active, the properties of the Cyber Lariat are slightly changed, depending on which V-Trigger is selected. Gill's first V-Trigger amplifies his Pyro Cyber Lariat, while his second V-Trigger enhances his Cryo Cyber Lariat. While the speed and damage output remain the same, hitting the opponent puts them in the debuffed state that's relative to their V-Trigger.





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